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There is no substitute for visual evidence! O&O Investigations, Inc. has the experience and talent to obtain the results you desire. O&O Investigations, Inc. conducts private investigations in Corona as well as the entire state of California. All of our investigators are highly professional, knowledgeable and effective.  Our main focus is providing the best surveillance services in Corona. However, we also provide in-depth research services and assets searches for residents in the city of Corona.  In order to provide the best surveillance results, we invest thousands of dollars each year into researching new technology and developing unique in-house technology. We know that every case is unique and we treat it that way.

We are not your average private investigative firm. Our California surveillance investigators are experts in conducting surveillance in Corona, in that they are extremely knowledgeable with respect to the city of Corona.  Despite our investigators’ vast knowledge, we ensure that those investigators performing surveillance in Corona are not residents of Corona to guarantee anonymity and discretion.

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Our Corona private investigators are experts in domestic and personal injury surveillance. We are prepared to successfully and expertly work long-term cases. Further, have relationships with many of the attorneys Corona and have had experience working with attorneys on our cases. Ultimately, it is our goal is to get you and/or your attorney the evidence to win your case! The following are some of the methods we utilize to obtain his evidence are: unmanned cameras, motion detection cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, unique radio communication to document and gather vital information for your case.



We often employ cost effective and creative methods to guarantee are client’s happiness. One of our most utilized tactics is unmanned surveillance. Our established familiarity with the city of Corona provides us with access to countless locations to install these cameras. As such, we have the ability to setup unmanned cameras without them being discovered. Please note, unmanned surveillance is an extremely cost effective method of surveillance, as 5 – 10 days of unmanned surveillance is financially equivalent to 1 full day of manned surveillance.




If you need a private investigator to assist you with a discreet, confidential private investigation please fill out an “Assign A Case” Form. Our private investigators are committed to providing affordable and reliable services in Corona, which are then reported in a timely and accountable manner. Contact us today to begin your case.



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Corona is a beautiful city located in Riverside County California, with its neighboring cities being Norco, Riverside & Anaheim Hills. Corona was founded during the peak of Southern California’s citrus boom in the late 1800’s. Corona is located at the upper end of the Santa Ana River and is the only pass through the Santa Ana Mountains. Named after its circular street layout, it was referred to as ‘The Circle City’. Being located right around the 15, 91 & 60 makes Corona a fairly easily accessible and commute friendly city.
The city of Corona was once claimed to be ” Lemon Capital of the world”. After developing its water company, it was made an official city in the late 1800’s. With surplus water supply surrounding the area, it made the city of Corona an ideal location to take advantage of the citrus cash crop.
The city of Corona has become more and popular due its location being just South-East of both Orange and Los Angeles counties. Known for its slower and more widespread lifestyle, Corona is an acquired location because of its quiet ranches, farms, dairies & Citrus groves.
Not only was the city of Corona desirable because of its landscapes, but also because its real estate were much lower than those of the surrounding Orange and Los Angeles counties.
Corona is well known for its year round harvest friendly weather because the temperatures rarely get below freezing during the winters and has perfectly high temperatures during the summer seasons.
The city of Corona made a few attempts to seclude itself from Riverside county because the city’s government officials were un-happy with its services and how they were being handled. To date, it was never successful though and is still considered a part of Riverside County.
Corona is generally known to be an above average income community, ranging from middle class suburban neighborhoods to upper class mansions in the hills of the city.
The city of Coronas demographics are almost split in half between Hispanic and Caucasian, with other nationalities taking up only a small percentage of its residents.
The growing city of Corona has also become home to some huge names in business such as a musical instrument manufacturer, Fender and the 5th largest pharmaceutical company in the United States, Watson Pharmaceuticals. Although the city of Corona is a pretty laid back community, it is still a community none the less and still requires special attention from time to time.
The city of Corona and surrounding Riverside county cities have great government services from their Fire Department, Police force, lawyers & highly talented and trained teams of Private Investigators. Corona is still considered a community in development, therefore it is very important that the city of have highly educated, enforced and trained lawyers, Private Investigators and law officials. Lawyers and Private Investigators are highly demanded for many different occasions, such as immoral government official behavior, family law cases, stalkers, thieves and much more.
The city of Corona has a great team of law officials. This is not because they do not believe in their community. They provide these services because; in a growing and developing community it is extremely important to make sure your city is safe and strictly enforced.

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