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We strive to have the best private investigation firm in Downey and that is what we have achieved over the course of many years.. We have one focus, and one focus only: surveillance and research services surrounding Downey surveillance, and this is what we are the best at. Every single year we make the decision to invest thousands of dollars into the research of technology and then develop in-house technology not yet available to others in order to maintain our place as the most reliable firm in Downey. Then we use the technology to provide surveillance services that aren’t available from anyone else. Some of these unique technologies include: unique radio communication, unmanned cameras, motion detection cameras, unmanned cameras, and even unmanned aerial surveillance. We are firm believers that every case is different, and so each case deserves to be treated as such.


Our California Surveillance investigators go above and beyond when it comes to conducting Downey surveillance. We are far from the average private investigation firm, or even surveillance firm, and have grown past that level. Our Downey surveillance team knows Downey inside and out, but the investigators don’t reside within Downey’s city borders for the efficiency of your case. This is because we are able to perceive the requirement for great discretion and want to eliminate the chance of our investigator accidentally running into a familiar face, or worst case scenario, having any personal knowledge or acquaintance with the subject you wish to have investigated. This is all dedicated to conducting your case smoothly, to get you the evidence needed for a winning case.



private investigator in Downey



Our squad operating as Downey’s private investigators have become masters when it comes to anything related to domestic surveillance. Some of our surveillance can even lasts up to a few months, in the interest of securing your results.. We have also become aquatinted with many of the attorneys in the region and know how to work with the attorneys in Downey. Our one purpose is to get you and your attorney all the evidence necessary for a successful, winning case!



We try to use more creative methods in order to save you time and money. Our single most employed  tactic is unmanned surveillance. We are able to place many unmanned cameras for surveillance around Downey. In case you were curious about the pricing, 5 – 10 days of unmanned surveillance is the same price as a full day of normal surveillance.




O&O Investigations INC provides many private investigations in Downey, as well as any other city in California. If you find that you require a private investigator to assist you with a discreet and confidential private investigation please fill out one of our Private Investigator “Assign a case” forms. Our private investigators are completely committed to ensuring affordable, genuine service in Downey. We make sure all and any results are reported in a timely, accountable manner. To begin your case contact us today. We hope to hear from you soon. CA License #28111.


private investigator in Downey



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Downey is an outstanding city located in the southeast portion of enormous Los Angeles County in the state of California. Historically speaking, Downey is an immensely important city because of the fact that it is now known to be the original birthplace of the famous Apollo space program, from the Russian Space Race. Downey was originally inhabited by the ethnic group, the Tongva. The Spanish later came and removed the Tongva, and decided to call them Gabrielino instead of of Tongva. Downey was then later settled by John Gately Downey, who was the youngest Californian governor ever. He decided to name the city after himself, his last name and the city name both being Downey. John Downey was an Irish settler who was convinced that Southern California, specifically the region of, Downey is where the farming of his delicious oranges could flourish. This endeavor later led to John Downey making sure that the state’s biggest cash crop was oranges. Later in 1956 the city of Downey was officially incorporated into the United States, but it wasn’t until 1964 that Downey instituted an official charter form of government. This government also meant the beginning of a system of law, which opened up many new job opportunities to the city of Downey such as: lawyers, police officers, private investigators, judges, and politicians.
As of recently, Downey is usually known as the hometown of Richard Carpenter, and Karen Carpenter, famous actors. Downey has also been known for less outstanding things, such as the first ever Taco Bell fast food restaurant, which was officially open for business in the March of 1962. Then from Downey, it branched out and infected the rest of the country. In the year 2010, the census stated that Downey had a vastly large population of about one hundred and eleven thousand people. This makes Downey the eleventh largest city in Los Angeles County and the fifty-third largest city in California.
Downey does in fact have its very public own police force, the Downey Police Department. The Downey Chief of Police is Chief Carl Charles. Chief Carl Charles is very qualified, and has a bachelor of arts degree in sociology that he received from the well-known California State University. He is also qualified as a leader, and is even a graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute. Rather than letting his credentials speak for him, Chief of Police Charles also does a great job in managing and operating the Downey Police Department. He makes many smart choices, including his decisions to include private investigators in some of the many Downey investigations. He enlists the help of said private investigators, in order to assist the one hundred and twenty-four sworn officers who go above and beyond in order to protect and serve the over one hundred and ten thousand residents of a 13 mile radius in Downey. However, there isn’t enough officers for all that tremendous amount of area. Chief of Police Charles makes sure that each officer patrols the same areas generally in order to make sure that the officer knows the area quite well, which can help private investigators in a case.
The private investigator sector of Downey is also quite large and expansive. The companies range from O&O Investigations, to the Kale Investigation Agency, to Excell Investigations, Morgan Turner Freeman Investigations, ISC Investigations, the Kale Investigation Agency, Paramount Investigative Services, JPL Process Service, J R Investigations, Hover View Investigations Inc, and many-many more companies that can offer private investigators and their services. The best of these most likely being the company: O&O Investigations.
Although O&O Investigations is set up in Claremont, they do service the nearby Downey area. They can provide many different private investigator services including: simple surveillance, cargo theft, theft recovery, pre-surveillance, unmanned surveillance, gps tracking, interventions, litigation support, hostile termination, and stalker investigations. The private investigators from O&O Investigators who serve the Downey area can perform tasks outside of criminal and civil investigations though. These Downey private investigators can also work cases involving: child custody, divorce fraud, financial fraud, cheating spouses, deep personal backgrounds, and business backgrounds. As you can see, the private investigators at O&O Investigators are highly qualified, and skilled in a great number of different skills that can be beneficial in a great variety of different cases in the Downey area. Basically, these private investigators specialize in 5 different categories, and everything else falls under those categories. The categories being: criminal cases, civil cases, domestic cases, research services, and litigation support. This is all due to the great work of the founder, and lead private investigator Oleg Flaksman.  Oleg Flaksman is incredibly skilled and has even used his own private investigator services to help out police forces across the country. In New York this private investigator took over a case the police force had been unable to close, and soon found the body of a missing person that the police had been searching for, for about 18 years. He has now decided to bring these glorious, trustworthy private investigator skills to the city of Downey, along with many private investigator colleagues and work associates.
All in all, the city of Downey is completely prepared for any criminal emergencies that twisted human nature might throw at it. It is safe in the hands of its great, enormous police force led by Chief of Police Carl Charles. Of course, Chief of Police Carl Charles would have a much harder time keeping the enormous city of Downey peaceful without the help of the many private investigators from other cities with their great, big tool belt of private investigation skills.

CA License #28111

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