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Professionalism, advanced technology and the tireless pursuit of serving our customers has earned us the reputation as the best Manhattan Beach private investigation firm. Each year we maintain our edge over the competition by investing heavily with both time and money in training, research, and equipment; including the development of proprietary technologies that allow us to give our clients access to surveillance options that cannot be found outside our firm. Each client has unique needs, our experience and available technology allows us develop a strategy that can cater to any special situation.


Our team of California Surveillance investigators excels in Manhattan Beach surveillance because we have made it our business to know how to maneuver within the city in ways that deliver results, while maintaining discretion and anonymity. This anonymity extends to your investigator who, while being intimately familiar with Manhattan Beach, is not a resident. This avoids any possibility of their coming across familiar faces or having any external knowledge of the parties involved in your case.



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Our team of Manhattan Beach private investigators are experts in domestic surveillance. We have conducted surveillance lasting months at a time  We also know many of the attorneys in the area and know how to work with Manhattan Beach attorneys. Our goal is to get you or your attorney the evidence for a winning case! Some of our unique technologies include: unmanned cameras, motion detection cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, unique radio communication.




While we a have a wide range of surveillance technologies available to you, one that is important to note is our regular use of unmanned surveillance cameras. Our long term familiarity with Manhattan Beach allows us access to countless locations where we can connect and monitor unmanned cameras in areas not available to others. Unmanned cameras are effective in gathering evidence and at the same time economical. An unmanned camera can oftentimes monitor an area for 5-10 days for the same amount that would typically be needed for one day of manned surveillance..




O&O Investigations is licensed for the entire state of California and conducts investigations in Manhattan Beach and throughout the state. If you are interested in professional and discreet private investigator services, you can start the process by clicking on “Assign a Case” and completing the form.


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Manhattan Beach is where the luxury lies in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. It combines coastal scenery and urban finesse, to create a paradise of the best in social, educational,  personal, and professional life. It’s hard to believe that the aptly named Sand Dune Park is the only remainder of the sand dunes that once populated the entire area – you would have to travel to Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach to feel where most of Manhattan Beach’s dunes were shipped!  Manhattan Beach was originally called “Potencia,” after the company that started developing the city in 1897. It was also formerly known as “Shore Acres,” where the initial influx of residents and visitors bought and set up Summertime cottages. In 1912, the name changed to “Manhattan,” then “Beach,” was added in 1927. Although many still keep vacation properties here, Manhattan Beach has also become a permanent residence for those wanting exciting, beautiful, and opulent surroundings. People from all professions – artisans, corporate, entrepreneurs, freelancers, private investigators, culinary backgrounds, teachers, medical and rescue personnel, researchers, athletes, animal welfare, scientists, designers, holistic and homeopathy backgrounds, and computer/IT love working and/or living in Manhattan Beach.


It’s not surprising that Manhattan Beach has been used for several television and film locations. Fans of the shows “90210,” and “CSI: Miami” saw a lot of Manhattan Beach; Mira Costa High School was used for scenes in “Hannah Montana,” and some surfing and beach scenes were shot for “Tequila Sunrise,” “Point Break,” “Against All Odds,” and “Jerry Maguire.” The annual Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball also makes use of the area’s atmosphere, having held the premier tournament since 1960.


Sports and outdoor recreation are a big draw for Manhattan Beach. In addition to volleyball, many enthusiasts make use of the pleasant temperatures and settings to keep up their game in tennis, racquetball, basketball, biking or jogging along the Strand, skateboarding, and golf (traditional, miniature, and disc). Rock wall climbing and yoga are also popular in Manhattan Beach, and of course there’s all of the ocean activities – boarding (surf, body, and paddle), swimming, boating, even just walking along the shore and collecting shells! And don’t forget about the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium at the end of Manhattan Beach’s pier, where all ages can learn more about their favorite sea life.


Manhattan Beach encompasses breathtaking scenic views, whether under tree canopies, through hills painted by the sunrise or sunset, or over the starlit pier. “Shakespeare by the Sea,” is a nice “excuse” to catch a literary/performing arts event, and perhaps inspire one’s own creative musings. Photographic or sketching ideas can be found in Polliwog Park, or the nearby Rose Garden and Historical Museum.


Plenty of activities in Manhattan Beach keep families busy and always learning. Programs through the year teach water safety and junior lifeguard skills, and classes and camps allow all ages to focus on artistic and athletic skills and talents. Manhattan Beach has a number of playgrounds and picnic areas to spend an afternoon at.


In line with Southern California cuisine, Manhattan Beach has no shortage of options for dietary preferences and needs. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, organic, lactose-free, nut-free, fair trade, and farm-to-table menu items keep the restaurant and cafe business booming here, and sustaining local economy.


Manhattan Beach definitely embodies the “California Vibe” of fun, sun, and having the life you deserve. It shares the distinction of South Bay’s “Beach Cities,” with Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, and while the other two locales are just as lovely and entertaining, Manhattan Beach is often praised for its extra sense of tranquility. Visitors making it their last stop before returning to LAX Airport cap off their stay with the perfect postcard memory; residents are constantly reminded of why Manhattan Beach is such a wonderful place to call home. So much lies in the little details that make up everyday life in this city – that’s why people trained to hone those senses, like private investigators, greatly appreciate places such as Manhattan Beach. They can dial into the the subtlest of gestures, to support or negate impressions or concerns.  The splendor of this laid back community never ceases to keep people enchanted, with natural landscapes that look like they’ve been sculpted or illustrated by artistic masters.


Each neighborhood in Manhattan Beach has a prestigious feel. The Strand, Hill, and Sand sections are near the beach, and have some of the most stunning backyard views in the region. The Tree section attracts a lot of families with younger children (can you guess how this particular neighborhood got its name?), and those favoring more of a private oasis like East Manhattan Beach (made up of the Liberty Village, Mira Costa, and Manhattan Heights communities). Streets named after Percy Shelley, Alfred Tennyson, John Keats, and Henry Wadsworth Tennyson make up the Poets’ Section, where homes have as much of a quaint character as the roads they’re built on. Manhattan Beach real estate (from the layout of the home, to any unique features, to the acreage and exact location within a neighborhood and on the street) remains a coveted asset, so a private investigator can be quite the valuable resource to have in your list of contacts.


The Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair is still going strong since its inception in 1972, and still run by an all volunteer committee dedicated to showing off community pride, and also giving back to those in need. Hundreds if not thousands come out to see local musicians and artists, the petting zoo, and the parade, and proceeds are donated to non-profit and charitable organizations. There’s also huge turn-outs to the annual  International Surf Festival, which Manhattan Beach is a part of, and the various film and other cultural events that the city is involved in.


The world famous pier in Manhattan Beach was designated historic in 1995, and holds the distinction of being the West Coast’s oldest pier constructed of concrete. It coincides with Manhattan Beach’s classy atmosphere, and is a nice stroll for pedestrians, dogs, cyclists, and babies in carriages. The pier also offers vantage points for fishing for the likes of halibut, croakers, sea bass, and mackerel.


Manhattan Beach always makes “top ten,” “best,” and “hottest”  lists for a variety of demographics, including travelers, real estate buyers, singles, and businesses. The glamor and charm often portrayed onscreen does exist here, and locals appreciate what makes Manhattan Beach inviting, attractive, and notable. Law enforcement, private investigators, and attorneys work together to maintain the integrity, safety, and sizzle of Manhattan Beach, and help the coastal city continue to be the prime destination it is known to be. Living in Manhattan Beach is where one admires, partakes of, and cultivates fine tastes. Private investigators know the importance of preserving that lifestyle, and those tastes, and if situations warrant a more comprehensive look at keeping everything fairly and ethically in line.


The magnificent skylines in Manhattan Beach fall upon expansive property. The residents’ personalities and houses’ characters are extended through outfitting the yards with outdoor kitchens and bars, designer pools and accompanying pool houses, gazebos, gardens, pastures for horses, treehouses, play equipment, or some combo thereof. Whether it’s an elaborate maze of topiary, or a simple Zen corner, whether you pack the car with a surfboard, irons, backpacks and snacks, or gear for the yacht club, or perhaps just walk out your door in Manhattan Beach straight down to the sand, knowing that your interests are protected makes the day (and night) only better.


The peacefulness that Manhattan Beach evokes becomes apparent during one of those picturesque outings as described earlier above. Taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the coastal city clears the mind, and is a great way to clarify thoughts, goals, and intentions. Watching seabirds hunt for crustaceans along the shore, hearing a cool neighborhood band, having a crepe and a smoothie made from fresh locally sourced ingredients, letting your senses absorb Manhattan Beach usually helps analyze situations. Should you feel that you may need the services of a private investigator, finding one that covers Manhattan Beach is easy.


The investment that you put into Manhattan Beach is balanced by the investment that the community puts into each member. Part of that return is a greater interest and provision for private investigators, so that personnel can efficiently work with police officers and attorneys. A collaborative between police investigators, attorneys, private investigators, and the Manhattan Beach community as a whole, makes for a stronger system for well being. The rewards of living the life you want, where and how you want, should be complemented by resources available if necessary. Manhattan Beach is fabulous every season – during the crisp Spring, adorned with fireworks during the Summer, painted with gold and pink skies during Autumn, and twinkling with holiday lights during the Winter.  Even if Manhattan Beach is a temporary destination in your plans, have fun while you’re here. Short or long term stay, though, insure your happiness and success if anything seems to cast doubt in that path.





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