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We have the best private investigation firm in San Gabriel, and the most professional. Our sole focus is research services and surveillance in the surrounding areas of San Gabriel. Every year, we invest thousands of dollars to research the best technology and to develop in-house technology that no one else in the industry has. We dedicate ourselves in providing surveillance that even the most qualified private investigation teams can’t even touch. Each individual case is different, and thus is treated differently.


Our surveillance investigators in California have redefined the word expert when conducting surveillance in San Gabriel. We put the average private investigator firm/surveillance investigation firm to shame. Our surveillance team in San Gabriel knows the minute details of the city of San Gabriel, but reside outside San Gabriel city. The primary reason for this is ethics. We do not want our investigators running into surveillance subjects while going about their everyday business, having private knowledge of the person under investigation.



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The team of private investigators we have in San Gabriel are masters when it comes to domestic surveillance. We have even conducted surveillance that has lasted months. We also have working relationships with the attorneys in San Gabriel area, and are familiar with them. Our primary goal is to punctually provide you with the evidence you need to win the court case! We have so many unique technologies including: motion detection cameras, aerial surveillance (unmanned), unique radiocommunication, and unmanned cameras.



We use creativity in our surveillance methods in order to save you money and us time. One of our most commonly used tactics is surveillance which requires no on-site monitoring (unmanned surveillance). We are able to set up cameras in many city of San Gabriel locations, and these cameras are unmanned. To get a feel of how this saves you money, one day of man surveillance is the financial equivalent to 5 to 10 days of surveillance which is unmanned.




O&O Investigations INC strives to provide high-quality private investigations within California and in the city of San Gabriel. If you ever find yourself needing a private investigator to support or assist you discreetly and affordably, feel free to fill out a Private Investigator form (“Assign a Case”). Our San Gabriel private investigators have a commitment to help provide reliable and cost-effective service and to inform you of the result punctually, in unaccountable way. To begin your specific case, please contact us today. CA License #28111.


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One of the first cities in Los Angeles County to incorporate, San Gabriel, California, shares its namesake with and is almost at the westernmost side of the San Gabriel Valley. San Gabriel is just nine miles east of Los Angeles, and is bordered by San Marino, South Pasadena, Alhambra, Monterey Park, Rosemead, Temple City, and the unincorporated East San Gabriel. It’s also bordered on the south by Interstate 10, although California Route 19 isn’t far to the east.


San Gabriel residents are urban and ethnically diverse, with ages averaging in their late 30’s and early 40’s, and most of those residents are married. San Gabriel‘s median household income is close to the state median, which is almost equally earned by both the average demographic as well as the older residents.  Median home values in San Gabriel are at least $100 thousand more than the California state median.


Like other cities in Southern California, San Gabriel lands were home to the Tongva tribe. In 1771, Father Junipero Serra founded the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel. This was the fourth of 21 missions built in California by the Spanish, and is sometimes referred to as the “Pride of the California Missions.” The mission was an important part of San Gabriel colonial life, and remained important through the Mexican-American War. It became a heart of the region, known for its vineyards, art and multicultural focus. The Mission San Gabriel Arcángel still stands as one of California’s historical locations. San Gabriel was one of the first townships in Los Angeles County by 1852, but didn’t incorporate as a city until 1913.


For a taste of the historical in San Gabriel, a few notable places are not to be missed: the Hayes House and Museum, standing since 1887; the Ramona Museum of California History, located in the Mission District and home to the influential Ramona Parlor; and the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, a popular theater boasting 1400 seats since 1927. For a little fun in the sun and a good game of golf, there’s the San Gabriel Country Club.


San Gabriel‘s city government is headed by a five-member council, whom are elected at large and who serve four-year terms. They appoint a mayor from their number annually. City clerk and city treasurer also serve four-year terms. San Gabriel also utilizes a city manager and city attorney.


As both a small and young city, the San Gabriel Police Department has a focus on maintaining a partnership with the community and developing new methods of problem-solving to maintain San Gabriel‘s high-quality of life. It offers a Crime Prevention Office, which in turn utilizes Crime Stoppers, a neighborhood watch, volunteer residents and private investigators. The San Gabriel crime rate is considered to be low, and remains at least 100 points below the national averages in violent crimes, especially murder and rape. San Gabriel is also well below the national average in property crimes like theft. As the city continues to grow, San Gabriel will have to depend on well trained law enforcement professionals, private investigators and diligent residents for its public safety.

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