Our Investigators

Did you really think we would post photos of our field investigators?

S urveillance is an art that very few investigators have truly mastered. Oleg Flaksman, the founder of O&O Investigations, Inc. has not only mastered but has become proficient in the art of surveillance.  In order to ensure the satisfaction of our firm’s clientele, Mr. Flaskman has handpicked and tested each investigator – guaranteeing that each investigator has  had at least 10,000 hours of experience and are driven to get results for their clients.

In order to guarantee the best results for our clients, every surveillance investigator is outfitted with proper gear and is provided with a fully functional surveillance vehicle.  Moreover, for cases involving bilingual subjects our firm has both Spanish and Russian investigators available.  Lastly, we are prepared for a variety of scenarios by retaining male and female private investigators of various ages.

Our goal is provide the best surveillance investigators in California. O&O’s investigators endeavor to become your EYES AND EARS  by following subjects into locations where others would hesitate and listening to conversations without arousing suspicion.

In fact, in one case, our investigators followed a subject for 70 consecutive days.  The investigators not only followed the subject, but also sat next to the subject almost every day in various locations in order to overhear the subject’s conversations. The investigators were even able to photograph the subject’s credit card to help prove that the subject has been engaging in acts of international fraud.

O&O Investigations guarantees to provide you with a highly selective team of investigators that will utilize their skills to provide you with results, no matter how difficult.