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We strive to be the best and most professional private investigators in Burbank. Our main focus is surveillance as well as the research services relating to surveillance performed in Burbank. We invest thousands of dollars each year into researching new technology and developing unique in-house technology. In doing so, we are able to provide surveillance services unavailable elsewhere. We know that every case is unique and we treat it that way.

Our California surveillance investigators are experts in conducting surveillance in Burbank. We are not your average private investigative firm. Our Burbank surveillance team is extremely knowledgeable with respect to the city of Burbank.  However, we ensure that those investigators performing surveillance in Burbank are not residents of Burbank to guarantee anonymity and discretion.



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Our Burbank private investigators are experts in domestic surveillance. We have worked several long term cases, including surveillance that have last for months at a time with successful results. We also know many of the attorneys in the area and know how to work with Burbank attorneys. Our goal is to get you or your attorney the evidence to win your case!  To obtain this winning evidence, we utilize unmanned cameras, motion detection cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, unique radio communication to document and gather vital information for your case.


We often employ creative methods to save you time and money. One of our most utilized tactics is unmanned surveillance. Our established familiarity with the city of Burbank provides us with access to countless locations to install these cameras which many investigators are unaware. As such, we have the ability to setup unmanned cameras without them being discovered. Please note, unmanned surveillance is an extremely cost effective method of surveillance, as 5 – 10 days of unmanned surveillance is financially equivalent to 1 full day of manned surveillance.




O&O Investigations, Inc. conducts private investigations in Burbank as well as the entire state of California. All of our investigators are highly professional, knowledgeable and effective.

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Website: http://www.burbankca.gov/

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Burbank is a beautiful city located in Los Angeles County California. With its location being just North-West of downtown Los Angeles; Burbank is known as “The media capital of the world”.  with its neighboring city being just outside of Hollywood. Named after New Hampshire born, dentist & entrepreneur, David Burbank, the city is home to some of the worlds biggest production studios and facilities. Burbank production facilities produce some of the worlds biggest films, & TV shows. In fact, residents consider it normal day to day routine to see film crews and actors shooting in the streets of Burbank.

Residents love Burbank for the small town feel while only being a few miles away from the nightlife of nearby Hollywood restaurants, clubs, bars & other attractions.

Crime rate in Burbank is considerably lower than the national average because it has a strong legal system, police, lawyers and well trained  Private Investigators. In 2010, the city of Burbank made it through an entire year without a single homicide. With low crime rate, great  education, great hospitals and home of the some of the worlds most successful production studios and facilities, Burbank is an upper- class community located right next to the beautiful California Verdugo mountains.
The entertainment industry is not the only industry that comes from Burbank, CA. With its early recorded history dating back to the 1600’s, Burbank has been the forefront of many developments and industries ranging from early farming, sheep herding, manufacturing, aviation & great early governments and education systems.
Before and well into World War II, Burbank played a huge role in Americas aircraft and aviation development. Burbank is known for producing some of the worlds innovative aircrafts and claiming the name as the largest commercial airport in the Los Angeles area, that is until The Los Angeles International Airport came to the city in 1946. Originally called the United Airport, Burbank changed the terminals name in 2003, naming it Bob Hope Airport, after famous comedian and local resident, Bob Hope. Burbanks Bob Hope Airport is still a heavily utilized airport in the Los Angeles area today, with millions of people trafficking through it annually.
The entertainment industry began growing larger than the defense and aviation industry, leaving most of Burbanks economy reliant on the entertainment industry. Burbanks economic system also employed a wide percentage of residents from nearby cities that do not reside in the city of Burbank, CA.
Burbank attracted Media executives because of its relatively safe environment,  highly trained police forces and well trained fire departments. From production sets, studios and other production environments, there is a lot of opportunity in this city for the right people. Just a few of the company’s that employ a big percentage of the local economy include; The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Nickelodeon and Insomniac Games.
Burbank, CA has an extensive history in film & cinema. It has been home to many huge feature films throughout the years ranging from 1964’s Marry Poppins to 2003’s The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Black Pearl. Burbank began producing motion pictures in the early 1920’s. Burbank was a jackpot for production companies, due to its huge lots and properties. Smaller companies began to purchase property in Burbank, CA. as they started to outgrow their Los Angeles and Hollywood facilities. Walt Disney was one of those companies, with hopes of opening Disneyland in the city. After being turned down by Burbank city officials, he later opened it in Anaheim, CA. and is still there today.
As the 1960’s approached more of Hollywood’s entertainment industry began relocating to Burbank, with one of the companies being NBC Universal and in the 1990’s began bringing in companies like Cartoon Network.
In 2012, The city of Burbank opened an international filmmaking academy. With roots tracing back to the Philippines, the Academy has students from all over the world and is The International Academy of Film & Television.
Burbank has been the forefront of many citywide codes and implementations that many people began to follow. One being its passing of an ordinance which required satisfactory communication between building occupants and emergency first responder communications. Burbank was one of the first cities in California to prohibit smoking in public areas. This included family facilities, such as apartment and condo buildings. Beginning in 2007, Burbank became prohibiting smoking in all city owned properties, including outside patios, sidewalks and surrounding areas.
A police officer was killed by a local Vineland Boys gang member In 2003. This event called for a huge investigation and required some of the best Private Investigators in California. This resulted in the arrest of several gang members in the area as well other citizens. Also arrested during this investigation was a Burbank Councilwoman who was heavily involved in illegal gun trading and drug exchanges. Without the use of professional Private Investigators, none of these criminals would have been taken off of the streets and remained at large. This was the first Police officer murdered in the line of duty in the Burbank Police Departments history.
Burbank, being a higher class community that conducts such a huge amount of business and is a legal powerhouse in all industries, from entertainment to criminal. With an active city such as Burbank, it is almost a complete necessity to have well trained police force, lawyers, attorneys & Private Investigators. There is a high demand for Private Investigators in the Burbank area due to some of the immoral and wrong doings that come along with the music and entertainment industry. Sometimes cases may become a little too in depth for any Private Investigator, and it comes time to call the professionals to get the job done right. A good Private Investigators will go above and beyond to make that sure that the client receives optimal information while also taking every precaution to make sure that the subject does not gain suspicion of the investigator.
Burbank is a forever growing and developing city, and home to some of the most innovative inventions and creations. The future depends on our future generations and their safety.

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