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We are the best and most professional private investigators in Arcadia. Our main focus is surveillance as well as the research services relating to surveillance performed in Arcadia. We are aware that every case is unique and we treat it that way. In order to be the best, we spend thousands of dollars each year into researching new technology and developing unique in-house technology.

Our private investigators have the expertise and talent to perform surveillance in Arcadia.  Our surveillance team is extremely familiar with the city of Arcadia.  However, we ensure that those investigators performing surveillance in Arcadia are not residents of Arcadia to guarantee anonymity and discretion.

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O&O Investigations, Inc. conducts private investigations in Arcadia as well as the entire state of California. If you need a private investigator to assist you with a discreet, confidential private investigation please fill out an “Assign A Case” Form. Our private investigators are committed to providing affordable and reliable services reported in a timely and accountable manner. Contact us today to begin your case.


Our private investigators are experts in domestic surveillance. We have worked several long term cases, including surveillance for 70 days straight with successful outcomes. We also know many of the attorneys in the area and know how to work with attorneys. Our goal is to get you or your attorney the evidence to win your case!  To get the winning evidence, we utilize unmanned cameras, motion detection cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, unique radio communication.


We often employ creative methods to save you time and money. One of our most utilized tactics is unmanned surveillance. We have the ability to setup unmanned cameras in many locations in Arcadia. 5 – 10 days of unmanned surveillance is financially equivalent to 1 full day of manned surveillance.


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Arcadia is a small city in the Los Angeles County of California. It resides in the San Gabriel Valley near the bottoms of the San Gabriel Mountains. It has a very limited population of about 56,000. It is the host to the Santa Anita Park racetrack, along with the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. The city gets its namesake from the city Arcadia in Greece and has even been voted as one of the best places to raise children.

Arcadia has its own law enforcement agency, the Police Department. The Police Officers must be doing a good job because there was a 4 percent decrease in crime from 2010 to 2011. In 2011 the city only experienced one homicide, and a mere 5 assaults.  The Arcadia Police Department is run by Arcadia Chief of Police: Robert Guthrie.

Arcadia consists of many organizations that offer private investigators and detective services.  An example is JR Investigations who, according to a review, is “extremely professional and personable” making this business a pleasure to work with if hoping to hire a private investigator service in Arcadia. Not only are there normal private investigators in Arcadia, but there are also private paranormal investigators. South Bay Paranormal Investigators is apparently “a professional and credible Paranormal Team that conducts all investigations with utmost respect for the location and the deceased”. This paranormal private investigating company serves Arcadia and the surrounding areas. Other private investigator services in Arcadia include: Hover View Investigations, Inc, JPL Process Service, Paramount Investigative Services, LA Intelligence, Bosco Legal Services, and the So Cal Ghost Crew. Although there are lot of private investigators that service the Arcadia area, there are plenty other organizations located in the city.

Another organization in the city is it’s multitude of law groups. There are a great many organizations and law groups to help out with an issue encountered in the Arcadia legal system. There are more than 8 places where you can obtain a lawyer in the event of a run-in with the police, or a problem with another resident of the Arcadia area. These offices are abundant and some include: Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates, Morris & Morris, A Law Corporation, Nakatani Law Group, Mark J Warfel Law Offices, and Jerry Wang Law Offices. Of course, there is also the Arcadia’s city attorney because if you cannot obtain a lawyer, the city will provide one for you.

So Arcadia has a great police department with a decreasing rate in time, a great variety of private investigators (that range from the mundane and everyday world to the supernatural world), and a great multitude and abundance of law firms willing to represent someone in any and all legal situations. Arcadia is a very secure city when it comes to the law and legal system for these reasons.


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