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It is our motto that “There is no substitute for visual evidence!” O&O Investigations, Inc. has the experience and talent to obtain the results you desire. O&O Investigations, Inc. conducts private investigations in Costa Mesa as well as the entire state of California. All of our investigators are highly professional, knowledgeable and effective.  Our main focus is providing the best surveillance services in Costa Mesa. However, we also provide in-depth research services and assets searches for residents in the city of Costa Mesa.  In order to provide the best surveillance results, we invest thousands of dollars each year into researching new technology and developing unique in-house technology. We know that every case is unique and we treat it that way.
We are not your average private investigative firm. Our surveillance teams is comprised of investigators who are experts in conducting surveillance in Costa Mesa. Our firm utilizes only those investigators who are extremely familiar with the city of Costa Mesa.  Despite our investigators’ vast knowledge concerning Costa Mesa, we ensure that they are not residents of Costa Mesa to guarantee anonymity and discretion when conducting surveillance.



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Our Costa Mesa private investigators have vast experience conducting surveillance in the fields of family and personal injury law. Further, our investigators are prepared to successfully and expertly work long-term cases. We have found that some of our most successful cases are those worked in tandem with attorneys Costa Mesa.  Ultimately, it is our goal is to get you and/or your attorney the evidence to win your case! The following are some of the methods we utilize to obtain his evidence are: unmanned cameras, motion detection cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, unique radio communication to document and gather vital information for your case.



We make efforts to employ cost effective and creative methods to guarantee are client’s sanctification. One of our most cost-effective tactics is unmanned surveillance. In fact,  5 – 10 days of unmanned surveillance is financially equivalent to 1 full day of manned surveillance. Moreover, our established familiarity with the city of Costa Mesa provides us with access to countless locations to install these cameras. As such, we have the ability to setup unmanned cameras without them being discovered. 



If you need a private investigator to assist you with a discreet, confidential private investigation please fill out an “Assign A Case” Form. Our private investigators are committed to providing affordable and reliable services in Costa Mesa.  Contact us today to begin your case.


private investigator in costa mesa



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Located on the coastal region of Orange County, CA. Costa Mesa is a beautiful city surrounded by nearby beaches and beach lifestyles. With its neighbors being cities such as Newport, Irvine, Huntington Beach & Santa Ana. Costa Mesa is a well accessible city in the Orange County area and is surrounded by the California 73, 55 and the 405 Freeways.
Costa Mesa climate usually consists of mild temperatures year round. Rain falls primarily in the Winter months and is close to non existent during the Summer season. Like all surrounding cities, early morning fog and clouds are regular considering it has a coastal location.
Costa Mesas economy is mostly reliant on retail and services. Costa Mesa is home to one of the nations largest Shopping malls, South Coast Plaza which is known to produce an estimated $1 billion in sales annually. In recent years,  the city of Costa Mesa is home to several manufacturing facilities ranging from electronics, pharmaceuticals and plastic facilities. The commercial district surrounding South Coast Plaza, which runs into parts of northern Costa Mesa and southern Santa Ana, is sometimes referred to as South Coast Metro.
Costa Mesa is home to great establishments such as the world-class Segerstrom Center for the Arts and South Coast Repertory Theater. Costa Mesa is also known as the capitol of the action sports industry, which is home to many company headquarters such as Hurley International, Volcom, RVCA and Paul Frank Industries. Costa Mesa is also home to the Orange County Fairgrounds, which hosts the annual Orange County Fair. The Orange County fair in Costa Mesa brings in an estimated 1 million visitors plus every year. Also located in Costa Mesa, CA. is the Pacific Amphitheater which has been the host of many popular acts from around the world.
Right across the street from the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa is one of California’s best community colleges, Orange Coast College. Throughout the city you will also find a few other well known educational institutions such as Coastline Community College, Vanguard University, and Whittier Law School have their campuses in Costa Mesa.
Costa Mesa is a general law city, which mean that it is pretty much run by resident elected City Council & Mayor. Fire protection is provided by the Costa Mesa Fire Department. Law enforcement is the responsibility of the Costa Mesa Police Department, and it has an Emergency Medical Service that is provided by the Costa Mesa Fire Department and Care Ambulance Service.
Along with great emergency services, Costa Mesa has access to many nearby Lawyers, attorneys & Private Investigators..
Though it is a beautiful city, Costa Mesa is not a huge global attraction.  It is located just outside of Newport Beach, which is a well known and beautiful coastal city. Costa Mesa is bordered by the beautiful pacific ocean and is nearby some of the best surfing conditions in southern California. Only being a few miles away from the famous surf location, “The wedge” which is located right off the Newport Peninsula.
With its early recorded history reaching back to the 1700’s, Costa Mesa was home to early Spanish explorers who settled in what is now named Olive, Santa Ana, Tustin Costa Mesa & Newport Beach.
In the 1800’s,  The Mexican/American war made California an official part of The United States. This invited Americans to settle here, naming the town Fairview. In the late 1800’s,  a flood eventually destroyed the citys railroad system and the community fell. Shortly after the community began to rise in the 1900’s such developing a new railroad and prospering off of the towns agricultural goods. In 1920, the town was then officially named Costa Mesa, which means “Coast Table”. The name references the city’s geographical environment being a plateau by the coast.
Like most of Southern California, Costa Mesa seen a huge increase in development and residents both during and after World War II. Thousands of people trained at Santa Ana Army Base and returned after the war with their families. Over the period of 3 decades, the city had grown over 4 times in population.
Costa Mesas demographic is mainly Caucasian, followed by Hispanics and African American, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islanders only taking up a small percentage of the city’s population.
The average income for a household in the city of Costa Mesa was $50,000, and the average income for a family was $55,000. Males had a dominant average income of $38,000 with an average of $32000 for females.
Costa Mesa has developed itself as one of the best cities in the local area for dining, beach lifestyles and great shops and boutiques. People from all over southern California come to Costa Mesa for it’s great weather and local shops and restaurants.
In a growing and developing city, there is a high demand for Private Investigators, lawyers & attorneys. The city of Costa Mesas Police force is a pretty busy department, but does a great job of keeping crime to minimal in the city. From warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shops, restaurants and plenty of general stores and gas stations, Costa Mesa has an above average theft and crime rate. In a city with higher crime rates and a lot of shops, it may become a tough for just any Police officer or Private Investigators to gather any relevant information. Therefore; Highly trained Private Investigators are a great asset to Costa Mesa California and have been a huge tool in the capturing or proving of any case.
The City of Costa Mesa continues to grow and develop as the years progress and safety and a moral lifestyle is considered a major priority in the city and surrounding areas. Because shop owners, small business owners, restaurant owners and owner/operators from all over the state may consider Costa Mesa home for their new business establishments, re-located establishments and/or residence, a strong legal platform is absolutely key to the growth of a great City.
Costa Mesa has a very bright future and so does it’s surrounding cities. As one of the first established cities in Orange County, it is destined to become an even more sophisticated city in the years to come.

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