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We are the best Covina private investigation firm because we have one focus: surveillance surrounding Covina. We have achieved this by researching and de eloping in-house technology to improve our surveillance skills. We devote thousands of our own money to ensuring we have surveillance technology before other firms do. This also means our surveillance services are unable to be matched or offered by any other person. Your case is unique, and deserves to be treated as unique.


We aren’t the average private investigation firm, or even surveillance investigation firm, and have become experts at conducting surveillance in the city of Covina. Our surveillance team in Covina has discovered all the ins and outs of the city, without even residing in the city of Covina. We make sure not to hire investigators for our surveillance team who live in Covina to eliminate the possibility of our team running into a familiar person, or having previous knowledge of anyone that relates to your investigation.



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Our Covina private investigators are specialized to be professionals at one thing: domestic surveillance. Our team is the best, and most reliable and have even conducted investigations for months on months in order to ensure that you and your attorney receive all the necessary evidence for a winning case. We use highly unique technology in order to improve the quality of these investigations, technologies like: unique radio communication, motion detector cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, and unmanned cameras. We also assist with the case because we know many of the attorneys who service the Covina area, and know how to work them.



We use innovative, outthought of methods in the business of saving you some time and money. One of these methods we definitely favor one over others. We usually favor the use of unmanned surveillance due to the ease and efficiency of it all, we can setup unmanned cameras in a multitude. This helps to save your money because the price rate is a lot cheaper. You can get anywhere from 5 to 10 days of unmanned surveillance, all for the price of 1 full day of surveillance.




O&O Investigations INC offers the best private investigative services in Covina, and also services the rest of California. O&O Investigations INC is the only choice if you find yourself with a case that needs a subtle private investigator. If this is the occasion, please fill out a Private Investigator “Assign a case” form. We will then be happy to provide you with a private investigator who is completely determined to provide the most affordable, reliable service in all of Covina. We ensure that our private investigators report all results with a timely and accountable manner in order to keep you in the loop. Contact us today to begin your case. CA License #28111.



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Covina is a state residing in the Los Angeles County of California state. Covina was established in 1882, but wasn’t incorporated as an official city until nearly a full twenty years later in 1901. When Covina was first established it was only one square mile, which meant that it was the smallest city in the entire country. This led to Covina’s slogan of “One square mile and all there”. Covina currently has a well-sized population with about forty-seven thousand residents as of the year 2010. The city of Covina is not to be confused with the city of West Covina, which actually happens to be a completely different, and substantially larger than Covina.
Covina’s population is considered to be mostly democratic in thought, which can affect court cases within Covinas city limits that are based around the arguments set forth by democratic people with power in law, such as: police officers, private investigators, lawyers, and judges. A private investigator is more likely to go to the Covina Police Department because they trust more in the power of the government.
The city of Covina does not currently have it’s own local Health Center, but residents of the Covina area who require medical aid have two options. The first option being that they can head over to the nearby Pomona Health Center. The second option is they can make a little more of a journey and go to the Monrovia Health Center. Both of these Health Centers are reliable places, and have serviced a variety of people, such as private investigators and police officers from Covina, for years. These two Health Centers have another thing in common, they are also both operated, financed, and run by the Los Angeles County Department of Health who operates many more health centers, rather than just the ones located quite close to Covina..
Currently, there is no private investigation companies that are inside the Covina city limits, but there are plenty of companies from nearby cities who can offer private investigators to hire. You can also know your money is well worth it because there are private investigators in the Covina area with up to 28 years experience. The private investigators in the Covina region specialize in a variety of services including, but not limited to: surveillance of a target, missing person investigations, insurance fraud cases, criminal cases, and many more. Some private investigation companies even offer private investigators who can offer executive protection due to the fact that certain private investigators have obtained firearm permits. Many private investigators in the Covina area have also been known to work with Convina police informants in order to reach a faster, and therefore cheaper, resolution to your case. All in all, the private investigators who serve the city of Covina do a superb job and are highly reliable.

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