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Since we started our company many years ago, we have always been driven to be the best, most profession private investigation firm to serve Fontana. We have reached this goal by only focusing on surveillance and research services around Fontana surveillance. In the pursuit of the best technology, we invest thousands of dollars into the research and development of in-house technology not yet available to others, and in our efforts we have succeeded in developing the best: unmanned cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, unique communication, and motion detector cameras. We use this unique technology to provide you with service that no other firm can even imagine offering. We ensure that each case is treated uniquely because every case is different and a case requires to be treated differently in order to reach an acceptable resolution.


Over the years, our approach to cases and our advanced technology has allowed our California surveillance investigators to become masters at conducting any type of surveillance in Fontana. This has been helped along by the fact that our surveillance team operating in Fontana knows every nook and cranny of the city, and how to operate well within and around the city. We make sure our surveillance team is composed of investigators from outside Fontanas borders in order to ensure a smooth investigation. When we choose investigators from outside the city we help to ensure that the investigation isn’t flawed by something as trivial as accidentally being recognized by a familiar person, as well as eliminating the chances that one of our investigators has prior knowledge of anybody under investigation. We use a lot of caution in order to provide the most discreet investigation possible, and all this allows us to claim that we are not the average private investigation firm, and that we have surpassed the skill level of other private investigation firms, or even surveillance investigation firms in Fontana.



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We have a team at our disposal who have become experts at anything even remotely related to domestic surveillance. Some of our private investigators have even setup a surveillance in Fontana that lasts up to months, all in the pursuit of getting you and your attorney more than enough evidence required for a winning case. We also have made sure we know many of the attorneys in the Fontana area, and know how to work well with these attorneys.



Over the years we have come to the conclusion that some of the more creative methods are the best because they save you the most time, and therefore save you the most money. Our most popular tactic is unmanned surveillance because of its great reach, and cheaper pricing. In order to conduct an unmanned surveillance, you are only charged the price of 1 full day of surveillance for every 5-10 days of unmanned surveillance. We are also have the ability to setup unmanned cameras in many different locations across the entire city of Fontana.




O&O Investigations INC has, and continues to, provide the service of private investigators to the city of Fontana, as well as the whole state of California. If you are in a need of a private investigator for a subtle case, all you must do is fill out one of Private Investigator “Assign a case” forms. After you fill out a form, one of our many private investigators will comity to giving you affordable,  Our private investigators are committed to providing affordable, dependable service throughout all of Fontana and report any, and all findings in the most timely manner possible. Contact us today to begin your case. We hope to hear from you soon. CA License #28111.


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The city of Fontana is located within the enormous San Bernardino County, which in turn is located within the enormous state of California.  Fontana was founded by Azariel Blanchard Miller in the year 1913 and he decided to keep it a mostly rural area. This all changed during the years of World War II when the new owner of the land, Henry Kaiser, saw the large demand for steel and decided to capitalize on it by constructing a large steel mill over that area of Fontana. Recently, that original part of Fontana has been occupied by the Interstate 10 and State Route 210, the regional hub of the trucking industry is nearby in order to make the most use of this. After this, the region soon became known for its giant actual fruit shaped-fruit stands, which once greatly populated the area. Now one is lucky to see a fruit shaped-fruit stand while driving around the city of Fontana. According to the census conducted in the year 2012, Fontana has a population close to two hundred and one thousand. Due to this majorly large population, the city has reached number fourteen on the list of most populated cities in the state. Because of how populated Fontana is, it always has quite a lot going on, earning Fontana the motto of the “City of Action”.
Fontana currently has its own police force, the Fontana Police Department, and this is a shining star when it comes to police departments. The Fontana Police Department is recognized by the state, and the nation for award winning community oriented policing programs. This s in part due to the work of Fontana’s Chief of Police, Officer Rodney Jones. He also collaborates with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department because the SB County Sheriff’s Department uses the Fontana satellite station in order to patrol areas that have not yet been incorporated like the nearby town of Bloomingtown. The Fontana Police Department has not achieved all this success alone though.
The Fontana Police Department, as well as the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, receives occasional assistance from different private investigators who work in the Fontana area. These private investigators come from agencies all over.  Some from Ontario, others from Los Angeles, even more from cities like Costa Mesa and Downey, and yet even more from Claremont and Granada Hills; to name just a few of the cities private investigators travel to Fontana from. These private investigators come to Fontana with great knowledge in criminal defense, surveillance, background investigations, fraud investigations, infidelity cases, missing persons investigations, runaway children, asset checks, internet relationships, computer crimes, and some private investigators in the area even come with the intention to offer bodyguard protection to people. These private investigators usually have a history in in law enforcement or in the military. Examples include police officers, soldiers, detectives, and even the occasional military investigator.
Between the above and beyond Fontana Police Department, and the vast variety of private investigators, the city of Fontana is well protected.

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