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Since we started our company many years ago, we have always been driven to be the best, most profession private investigation firm to serve Fullerton. We have reached this goal by only focusing on surveillance and research services around Fullerton surveillance. In the pursuit of the best technology, we invest thousands of dollars into the research and development of in-house technology not yet available to others, and in our efforts we have succeeded in developing the best: unmanned cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, unique communication, and motion detector cameras. We use this unique technology to provide you with service that no other firm can even imagine offering. We ensure that each case is treated uniquely because every case is different and a case requires to be treated differently in order to reach an acceptable resolution.


Over the years, our approach to cases and our advanced technology has allowed our Private investigators to become masters at conducting any type of surveillance in Fullerton. This has been helped along by the fact that our surveillance team operating in Fullerton knows every nook and cranny of the city, and how to operate well within and around the city. We make sure our surveillance team is composed of investigators from outside Fullertons borders in order to ensure a smooth investigation. When we choose investigators from outside the city we help to ensure that the investigation isn’t flawed by something as trivial as accidentally being recognized by a familiar person, as well as eliminating the chances that one of our investigators has prior knowledge of anybody under investigation. We use a lot of caution in order to provide the most discreet investigation possible, and all this allows us to claim that we are not the average private investigation firm, and that we have surpassed the skill level of other private investigation firms, or even surveillance investigation firms in Fullerton.



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We have a team at our disposal who have become experts at anything even remotely related to domestic surveillance. Some of our private investigators have even setup a surveillance in Fullerton that lasts up to months, all in the pursuit of getting you and your attorney more than enough evidence required for a winning case. We also have made sure we know many of the attorneys in the Fullerton area, and know how to work well with these attorneys.



Over the years we have come to the conclusion that some of the more creative methods are the best because they save you the most time, and therefore save you the most money. Our most popular tactic is unmanned surveillance because of its great reach, and cheaper pricing. In order to conduct an unmanned surveillance, you are only charged the price of 1 full day of surveillance for every 5-10 days of unmanned surveillance. We are also have the ability to setup unmanned cameras in many different locations across the entire city of Fullerton.




O&O Investigations INC has, and continues to, provide the service of private investigators to the city of Fullerton, as well as the whole state of California. If you are in a need of a private investigator for a subtle case, all you must do is fill out one of Private Investigator “Assign a case” forms. After you fill out a form, one of our many private investigators will comity to giving you affordable,  Our private investigators are committed to providing affordable, dependable service throughout all of Fullerton and report any, and all findings in the most timely manner possible. Contact us today to begin your case. We hope to hear from you soon. CA License #28111.


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Official Website of Fullerton

Website: http://www.ci.fullerton.ca.us/

California Association of Licensed Investigators

Website: http://www.cali-pi.org/

Professional Investigators of California

Website: http://www.pica-association.org/

The State of California Official Website

Website: http://www.ca.gov/

California Department of Consumer Affiars

Website: http://www.bsis.ca.gov/

California Legislative Information

Website: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/

California Code of Regulations

Website: http://ccr.oal.ca.gov/



Fullerton is a beautiful college city located in the North-Eastern region of Orange County, CA. It is bordered by La Habra and Brea on the north, La Mirada on the North-West, Buena Park on the West, Anaheim on the South and Placentia on the East. Fullerton is centrally located by many major highways such as the CA 91, 57 & 5 Freeways. Mostly recognized for its California State University and great community college, Fullerton brings a lot of young life to Northern Orange County area. It is known to be “The Education Community” and has always been home to great high education institutions.
Fullerton’s racial demographics are about 50 % white, 40 % Hispanic and divided fairly evenly among Asian, Pacific islanders, African-American and Native Americans.
For the most part, Fullerton is considered to a privately owned and ran community. Fullerton Fire protection is provided by the Fullerton Fire Department and Ambulance services are provided by Care Ambulance Services. The city is kept safe by Fullerton Police Department. Parts of the city is also being under the jurisdiction of the Cal State University Fullerton Police being that the community is developed around the large educational institution.
Fullerton is very well known for having great law enforcement, lawyers, attorneys and Private Investigators. Within a community that prides itself on safety, education and innovative individuals, it maintains a high demand for some of Southern California’s most highly trained, experienced Private Investigators, attorneys and police Force. Fullerton is home to some of Southern California’s best law enforcement and some who serve outside of Fullerton also.
Fullerton was originally known as being the center for agriculture, producing oranges and other citrus groves. In its earlier years, it was also well known for its petroleum extraction, transportation and manufacturing industries. During the late 1800’s, Fullerton got its name from George H. Fullerton, who was president of the Pacific land improvement company.  The Santa Fe Railway company made Fullerton a huge agricultural environment that attracted people from all over the country. Some of the crops that Fullerton produced were; Oranges, lemons, walnuts, avocados & other citrus fruits and vegetables.
Throughout the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s, there was a lot going on in the city of Fullerton. The discovery of a huge oil field caused a huge turn in direction for the city and caused a drought in their produce environment. Fullerton then became known for its oil fields and it began processing more food than producing as it had done in the earlier years. The economy was somewhat unstable throughout the early 1900’s for Fullerton, but it began to stabilize as it began to grow. Fullerton is home to some of the country’s biggest food processing companies such as Val Vita Food products, Hunt Wesson and a few others. Fullerton was home to the discovery of the now famous “Hawaiian Punch” recipe that is still loved by juice drinkers all over the world today. Fullerton also became very well known for producing aerospace equipment, electrical, electronic components, navigation systems and laboratory instruments.
Like most of Southern California, Fullerton began to see huge growth in the post-world war II years. Many veterans were taking to Fullerton and purchasing homes & land. The business and home building destroyed land and Fullerton’s farmland began to decrease even more.
Fullerton is also home to a very vibrant music scene. It was considered the heart of Orange County hardcore punk music scene and is home to such acts as; the adolescents, Agent Orange, Social Distortion and many other rock, ska and alternative bands.
Fullerton is also known for being the location where Leo Fender developed and refined the world famous guitar, the Fender Stratocaster. Fenders innovative guitars, basses & Fender Twin reverb amps played a huge role in the success of Orange Counties evolving music scene. It remained in Fullerton and was sold to CBS in 1964. CBS went on to sell the company shortly after to a group of private investors who then moved the company to Corona California and Mexicali, Mexico.
Although Fullerton is very close to the Anaheim Angels stadium and the Honda Center, it is not home to any professional sports teams. It is home to the Golden Baseball League’s Orange County Flyers (formerly known as the Fullerton Flyers). Their team’s home field is Goodwin Field, which is also home to the Cal State Fullerton Titans.
Today Downtown Fullerton is home to a very active nightlife and music scene. Right in the heart of Fullerton, you can find their famous train station, many restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other attractions that make a downtown live up to its name.
Downtown Fullerton is a perfect area for public transportation. It was originally founded as a railroad town in the 1800’s and is still home to BNSF Railway, Amtrak and the very popular Southwest Chief that runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. The city of Fullerton is also home to one Orange county’s only general aviation Airport.
Fullerton’s central location makes it a highly desired place for residential areas and businesses of all industries and sizes. Its location being about the equal distance of only about 30 miles from both Downtown Los Angeles and some of Orange county’s most beautiful beach cities, makes it a prime location for California people.
Fullerton is also one of the only cities in southern California that runs its own newspaper print, named the Fullerton Observer. The Observer is an all-volunteer paper that is printed two times a month. It was founded in the late 1970’s by Ralph Kennedy, a civil rights activist. In 2010, the city of Fullerton and the Orange County Register came out in court against the 32-year-old Fullerton Observer in its request to dispute the paper. In response to the city of Fullerton and the Orange County Register’s request the Fullerton Observer proved itself a newspaper, the Fullerton Observer dropped its court case to be ruled a newspaper.
In 2011, two Fullerton police officers were accused of misconduct, excessive force and the murder of a homeless man in Downtown Fullerton during an altercation. This lead too many investigative services as well as a community concern for the people. With intense Private Investigators services, great lawyers, attorneys and a moral police force the city was able to get to the bottom of the altercation and both officers were released from the force shortly after. Fullerton takes huge concern in the safety of its citizens and their police force, lawyers and Private Investigators are a huge reason for the cities assured safety and protection.
Fullerton remains a very popular city in the southern California region and is home too many educated students, professionals and home too many striving up and coming individuals, businesses and companies. The future is bright for the Orange County city and its continual progress doesn’t go un-noticed by locals and its residents. The safety and care of its citizens will always be Fullerton’s primary focus.

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