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Our sole focus in Glendale is our Surveillance and our research services. We strive to provide the latest and greatest in modern technology to assist us in providing the results that are needed, as well as in-house developments that no other Private Investigators can offer. Every year we invest thousands of dollars in research and development, assuring that we are always at the absolute top of our game and providing you with the best service possible.



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Our Private investigators in Southern California are experts in conducting Glendale surveillance. O&O Private Investigations is not your typical private investigation firm, or surveillance investigation firm. Our team is very familiar with the city y of Glendale and its surrounding areas. Although our private investigators are very familiar with the region, we do not reside in the area. This assures that you will never run in to one of our private investigators in a local area, and also assures that there is no personal connection between our investigators and the subject being investigated. Some of the modern technologies we use are; unmanned cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance & unique radio communication.


O&O’s Private Investigation team are experts in domestic surveillance in the Glendale region.  We have conducted surveillance investigations for up to months at a time, and also know great legal sources around the area. We have years of experience working with local attorneys, lawyers and can steer you in the direction of success for whatever your case may be.  Our primary goal is to get you or your attorney representing you, the necessary evidence for a winning case!



Unmanned surveillance is a great alternative to personal surveillance. Our services are not only generating the results you need, but using our experience and methods to save you time and money. One of our most cost efficient methods is un-manned surveillance. We obtain the technology and abilities to set up unmanned cameras in many Glendale location. 5 – 10 days of unmanned surveillance is cost equivalent to 1 full day of personal surveillance.




O&O Investigations INC provides private investigations in Glendale and the entire state of California. If you need a private investigator to assist you with a discreet, confidential private investigation please fill out a Private Investigator “Assign a case” form. Our private investigators are committed to providing affordable, reliable service in Glendale and report their results in a timely, accountable manner. Contact us today to begin your case.

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Glendale is a beautiful city located in Los Angeles County California, just a few miles North-East of Downtown Los Angeles. It is considered the third largest city in Los Angeles County as well as the 22nd largest city in the state of California. Glendale is a beautiful suburban city just underneath the Verdugo Mountains and is bordered by Tujunga Canyon, Sun Valley, La Canada, Flintridge, La Crescenta, Burbank and Eagle Rock/Pasadena area. Glendale is very well known for its large Armenian population and is home of Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, which holds the remains of some of Los Angeles’ most famous residents. Although those are the city’s two most recognized landmarks, the city of Glendale has a lot to offer as a whole. It is located just at the South-West base of the Verdugo mountains and surrounded by 4 local highways; The Glendale Highway 2,  The Ventura Highway 134, the Foothill 210 Freeway and of course the Interstate 5.
Glendale holds a lot of history, recorded all the way back to the late 1700’s. The name Glendale was chosen by residents in a gathering that took place in 1884. The city was originally split in to two separate cities, with the South-West area being named ‘Tropico’. In the early 1900’s it was conjoined into the city of Glendale and has since seen huge growth industrially, economically and residentially.
Glendale is located in the center of multiple hills, valleys and directly underneath a huge mountain range. Glendale sits just east of The San Fernando Valley, directly next to Tujunga Canyon and is directly under the Verdugo Mountains. Like most of Southern California, this leaves the city at risk for potential earthquake activity. Glendale sits close to several faults including one of the world largest fault lines, The San Andreas fault. The San andreas Fault and its surrounding areas are known to see big earthquake activity approximately every 140-160 years. Its last recorded earthquake took place in 1857. Although there has been activity in nearby faults and canyons such as the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake and the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the city of Glendale has seen no activity in the fault lines.
Glendale consistently holds a reputation of being one of the safest cities in Southern California, and is usually amongst the top 5 in the state of California. The city of Glendale has its own Police department, which is stationed in Downtown Glendale and has a substation in Verdugo city, just south of the mountain. Glendale is well known for having some of the best services in the world when it comes to its police force, lawyers, Private Investigators and attorneys. Because Glendale is so close to Los Angeles, the city makes it a priority to keep gang activity, violence or any street crime to an absolute minimum. This is accomplished by extra strict laws and enforcement allowing little to no room for mistakes or crime. The city of Glendale is known for 0 tolerance with any laws and is a known city for routine traffic stops if they have any suspicion that you don’t belong in the city. Glendale’s safety has made it a loved city by many people in the greater Los Angeles area and is the reason a lot of business opens up in the city. It’s also a huge factor of the growth the city has seen in residents in the last few years.
Glendale’s emergency responders are all independently owned and operated by the city. This helps in assuring thorough and in depth background investigations to keep potential corruption out of the city’s emergency response teams and police force. Glendale’s strongly focuses on thorough hiring and making sure the right people are hired for their jobs and positions. This practice has much to do with the success of the city’s safety. Many Los Angeles cities are beginning to adapt to their practices and implement in to their governments and systems. The Southern California Highway Patrol also has a station in Downtown Glendale, catering to the nearby Ventura Highway and Glendale Highway, as well as the Angeles Crest Highway that goes through the Mountain Range.
The Angeles Crest Highway begins at the city of Glendale, just underneath the Verdugo Mountains, it leads all the way through the mountain and connects to highways such as the 138 and the 14. It isn’t a very well-known highway, but it is a great back route to the popular ski resort Mountain High. Mountain high is located in the mountain community of Wrightwood. The Angeles Crest Highway runs from the city of Glendale all the way through the mountain range and brings you to the other side, Wrightwood California. The highway is well known for its dangerous and windy roads. These roads are often patrolled by Highway patrols and park rangers, due to the high elevations any accidents in this area may be very dangerous and possibly deadly. People travel from the mountain cities to the Los Angeles cities such as Glendale all throughout the year, and also the other way around. It’s a nice back route through the region in any direction, but during the winter seasons you can expect it to see much of these roads blocked off during storms and high snow seasons.
Glendale’s emergency response team is provided by private Ambulance and Fire Department, and considered some of the best in the country. Glendale takes extreme precaution in training its Emergency responders, and like the police force, has a very strong process to get in. Because Glendale is located in a city and mountain region, it’s very important to have a great, well-rounded emergency response team. The Emergency responders must be prepared for harsh winter conditions, with snowy mountains and Slippery roads. It must also be prepared for dry summers as those surrounding area is generally known to catch on fire during the hot summer season. While they must always be ready for weather conditions, they must also be prepared for inner-city occurrences, and be ready to respond to every day calls.
Glendale’s weather conditions are much like the rest of southern California. Winters are cold, but rarely see temperatures below 40*F, and summers hot and humid but the highest recorded temperature in Glendale’s is 100* F. Although Glendale is located underneath a mountain, it’s very rare that the city sees any snow. The last snow Glendale seen was in 2011, and it’s usually a very light powder that melts away very quickly. The fall and spring seasons are beautiful in Glendale with temperatures being very moderate. Glendale isn’t known to see a lot of rain, but its main rain months are during December and January. Overall, Glendale has pretty moderate temperature ranges without any extreme weather conditions. Glendale’s Private Investigators are very well accustomed to adaptations pertaining to weather conditions, allowing them to be fully in control in any situation.
Glendale is home to a great public education system as well as a few private education institutions. They city takes huge pride in its education and provides multiple high schools, private schools and a great community college. It’s also home to Americas only Armenian owned and operated private school.
Glendale is known to have one of the biggest Armenian community’s outside of the country of Armenia. Armenians originally began migrating in to the city of Glendale in the 1920’s, but there was a huge boom in the 1970’s and in recent years the population has nearly doubled over the period of 30-40 years. In fact, a very famous rock band by the name of System of a Down was formed in Glendale, CA. and is also the hometown to the 2 main members of the band; the vocalist and the guitarist. They are both of Armenian-American decent. Many of the businesses in Glendale and surrounding areas are owned by Armenian families and companies.

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