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At O&O Investigations, we pride ourselves on being the most professional and personal Private Investigation firm in the city of Huntington Beach. We understand that your case is personal, confidential and unique; therefore we will work with you until your results are generated. Our sole focus in Huntington Beach is our Surveillance and our research services. We strive to provide the latest and greatest in modern technology to assist us in providing the results that are needed, as well as in-house developments that no other Private Investigators can offer. Every year we invest thousands of dollars in research and development, assuring that we are always at the absolute top of our game and providing you with the best service possible.



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Our Private investigators in Southern California are experts in conducting Huntington Beach surveillance. O&O Private Investigations is not your typical private investigation firm, or surveillance investigation firm. Our team is very familiar with the city y of Huntington Beach and its surrounding areas. Although our private investigators are very familiar with the region, we do not reside in the area. This assures that you will never run in to one of our private investigators in a local area, and also assures that there is no personal connection between our investigators and the subject being investigated. Some of the modern technologies we use are; unmanned cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance & unique radio communication.


O&O’s Private Investigation teams are experts in domestic surveillance in the Hunting Beach region.  We have conducted surveillance investigations for up to months at a time, and also know great legal sources around the area. We have years of experience working with local attorneys, lawyers and can steer you in the direction of success for whatever your case may be.  Our primary goal is to get you or your attorney representing you, the necessary evidence for a winning case!



Unmanned surveillance is a great alternative to personal surveillance. Our services are not only generating the results you need, but using our experience and methods to save you time and money. One of our most cost efficient methods is un-manned surveillance. We obtain the technology and abilities to set up unmanned cameras in many Huntington Beach location. 5 – 10 days of unmanned surveillance is cost equivalent to 1 full day of personal surveillance.


O&O Investigations INC provides private investigations in Huntington Beach and the entire state of California. If you need a private investigator to assist you with a discreet, confidential private investigation please fill out a Private Investigator “Assign a case” form. Our private investigators are committed to providing affordable, reliable service in Huntington Beach and report their results in a timely, accountable manner. Contact us today to begin your case.

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private investigator in Huntington Beach



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Huntington Beach is a beautiful coastal city located in the north-western region of Orange County, California. With its surrounding cities being; Westminster, Seal Beach, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley & Newport. Huntington Beach is worldwide known as “Surf city USA”. Many huge events are held annually in Huntington Beach and people from all over the world come to surf and explore the wonderful city and southern California. Huntington Beach is considered the largest beach city in Orange County. The city’s location is key to its surfing environment, due to the location of Catalina Island and the Pacific Ocean, Surf conditions are great all year long. The city of Huntington Beach isn’t known for its huge waves every year, but it is known for having some of the most consistent surfing conditions all year long.
Originally discovered and developed by a Spanish soldier in the late 1700’s, Huntington Beach wasn’t always known as Huntington Beach. After many land battles and disputes, it was finally named Huntington Beach in the early 1900’s. After being named Pacific City, Shell Beach and a few others, they finally settled on the name Huntington Beach. The name was given to the city after a Railroad worker who played a huge role in the city’s early development whose last name was Huntington. Huntington’s company still owns most of the land in Huntington Beach today as well as a share of its mineral rights.
Huntington Beach is well known for its natural resources and great water-filled habitat. It remains one of the only cities in California in which development and decisions are voted upon by its residents. The city took this route in its earlier developmental years and it worked great. It allows the community to be involved in the decisions of their hometown decisions and gives the people a voice.  A lot of wildlife is in Huntington Beach, from the coastal birds, sea creatures to the wetlands area that borders Huntington Beach and Bolsa Chica. The state of California has given a budget to the organizations who maintain most of the natural habitat in efforts to keep them clean, maintained for its wildlife and a great place to visit for tourists to visit.
Huntington Beach is considered an upscale community that attracts people from all over the world to its beach city lifestyle. In its early days, it was populated with many oil rigs and was a huge producer of Celery and Sugar Beets. As land prices began to boom, oil rigs began making their way out and new residents began making their way in.
Huntington Beach has a still-evolving school district and is home to a few higher education institutions. Its first school was developed in the early 1900’s as well as its first main St. and aviation airport.
Within a great functioning and beautiful community such as Huntington Beach, comes a great deal of responsibility. Huntington Beach prides itself on the safety and wellbeing of its resident’s as well as its visitors and tourists. In order to assure the safety and wellbeing of the community, Huntington Beach has some of the highest trained police officers, Attorneys, lawyers & Private Investigators. The city is governed by resident elected city council members and mayor.
The city of Huntington Beach still has a few oil rigs running today, which provide a significant amount of income for the city. Eventually, Huntington Beach’s oil rigs will deplete and Huntington Beach’s main source of income will be off of tourism and retail. Huntington Beach is actively preparing for the day, with new development and shopping centers. Downtown Huntington Beach is home to a lot of great attractions, restaurants, coffee shops and different stores. Towards the Northern part of the city, Shopping centers such as the Bella Terra mall are a great source of economic balance for the city and bring many people from all over the world and surrounding cities.
In the early 2000’s, the city of Huntington Beach began developing itself as a brand more than just a city. Taking the “Surf City USA” and making it a worldwide Trademark. This allowed for an additional source of income for the city and allowed it to develop itself as a brand that became familiar worldwide. This lead to the attraction of more tourists from around the world. Within the first year of the “Surf City USA” launch, the brand sold out of most of its products and realized that there was a demand for the brand all over the world. The following years showed continual success for the city of Huntington Beach and their “Surf City USA” brand. It still remains relevant today and is a huge marketing source for attracting tourists to this day.
Huntington Beach is home to many different type of events. It is known to attract people from all over the world for sports and artistic culture events. Most of the events are based off of the city’s beach style environment and its acquired beach city lifestyle. The city hosts the annual US open surfing event which attracts surfers and surfing enthusiasts from all over the world. Huntington Beach is also home to the SoCal independent film festival, which takes place every year in the month of September. A huge majority of Huntington Beach’s income is acquired during the summer months of the year. Although tourism does exist during the winter months, it is more common for visitors to visit Huntington Beach or California in general during the summer months where the city is active. However, there are a few events in the winter time that attract many locals and tourists. These events include the Cruise of Lights Boat Tour, which is a tour through the Huntington Harbor neighborhood. Residents in the Huntington Beach Harbor neighborhood decorate their homes with lights and decorations and the city allows for people to tour the neighborhoods. Other events include the Surf City USA marathon, which is a running event that usually attracts somewhere about 20,000 people. Huntington Beach is also host to the annual kite festival, which takes place in February and takes place just north of the Huntington Beach pier. Other events also include an annual car show and a beach cruiser show that attracts thousands of locals a years. The city also has a weekly event that they call “Surf City nights”. This event is where a group of locals meet with different forms of entertainment, music, farmers market, warm food trucks and stands as well as kiddie rides and carnival environments.  Huntington Beach is also home to the NPPL, Nation Professional Paintball League, which is a professional paintball tournament that travels all throughout the globe every year. Paintball teams, companies and fans come from all over the world to attend this particular event which usually takes place during the spring season of March or April.
The city of Huntington Beach is known for a large area of Beaches and different environments for all of them. The popular “Dog Beach” is located at the north end of the city and is a great surf location during the winter months as well as an area where it is legal to allow your dogs to run freely upon the rocks and cliffs. This attracts not only surfers, but pet owners to enjoy a beach location where their water loving dogs can enjoy also. The city is also known for Kite surfing, which is similar to surfing, only using the wind and a kite like a sailboat would use. The surfing conditions are known to have shown patterns throughout the years and the locals have grown to their patterns. Particular parts of the ocean usually show certain activity throughout certain seasons. Although Mother Nature isn’t always predictable, it does provide a great reference for visitors and locals who love to surf or enjoy the beach throughout the year.
Huntington Beach is an ever evolving city that sees different walks of life every day. From tourists to events and its great weather, it’s a great attraction to people from all over the world. As the oil industry slowly begins to slip away, it will rely hugely on small business development and tourist attractions to support its economy. This means new restaurants, retail stores, shops, warehouses, venues, theatres and other sports attractions.
The city of Huntington Beach has remained a fairly peaceful city, although there has been a few occasion of riots during US open events. This is mainly due to tourists, visitors and people who don’t normally associate with the city of Huntington Beach. With an increase of people in the city the police officials must maintain a high priority level of care and assistance to the city. Along with local developments, it will also see many law enforcement agencies, lawyers, doctors, attorneys & Private Investigators grow throughout the area as more distribution centers, factories and companies move in. The safety of Huntington Beach is the primary concern for the city and its people, therefore it is very important that they invest time, money and training for these individuals.

CA License #28111

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