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We have earned our reputation as a top La Verne private investigation firm by delivering our clients the results they want in a discreet and highly professional manner. Our primary services are La Verne surveillance and research, both of which rely heavily on the skilled use of advanced technology. Each year we invest in the latest technology and training, including the internal development of proprietary tools that no other private investigation firm can offer. This breadth of experience and available technology allows us to meet each client’s unique needs with a custom solution.


Years of specialization in La Verne has accumulated into our being able to move and surveil in ways that require years of direct experience in each area. This familiarity gives us the ability to complete our work while remaining unnoticed.



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We are experts in all types of surveillance, including domestic surveillance. Whether a case takes a day or extends to around the clock coverage for months, our experienced team of La Verne private investigators can ensure accurate and complete reports that can provide impervious evidence that to substantiate facts within a case.


Our ability in properly documenting our La Verne surveillance and research is one reason why many La Verne attorneys turn to us for private investigation services. The reason for this is that evidence gathered is only good if it can hold up in court. Therefore, it requires experience to document surveillance and research in order to ensure that an opposing attorney cannot find any flaw in the evidence presented.


Some of the surveillance technology we use includes unmanned cameras, unmanned motion detection cameras, radio communication technology, unmanned aerial technology, and proprietary technology that we have developed internally over the years that is used in special circumstances that require solutions that only we can provide for our clients.



We have spent years perfecting our ability to provide clients the cost saving benefits of unmanned surveillance throughout the La Verne area. Unmanned surveillance can easily cover an area for five to ten days for the same budget that as one day of manned surveillance by one of our La Verne private investigators.




O&O Investigations INC is a licensed La Verne private investigation firm that performs surveillance, research, and investigative services in the City of La Verne and throughout the state of California. We perform all investigations with professionalism and a high level of discretion. We are reliable, accountable, and affordable; most importantly, we get results.


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La Verne is an incorporated city located within Los Angeles County, 30 miles east of the City of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Mountain foothills. The city operates under the council/manager charter city form of government common in California.


The population of La Verne is stable at 31,000 and has remained near that level since 1990. The major population growth for the city occurred between 1960 and 1989 when the area jumped from 6,500 residents to 30,000. The single zip code for La Verne is 91750, the area code associated with the city is 909, and the city limits encompass 8.3 miles.


La Verne has 11,686 residential units that hold 11,261 households. Racial demographics are calculated by the US Census as 55.4 percent non-Hispanic white, 31 percent Hispanic, and 7.7 percent Asian, with the remainder a mix of other races.


La Verne is well known for its namesake university, the University of La Verne which was originally founded in 1891 as Lordsburg College. At the time, the community now known as La Verne was known as Lordsburg, named after the founder of the city, Isaac Wilson Lord.


The development of the city in the late 19th century is an interesting story of marketing and speculation. Lord had speculated with other investors on the development of the area by investing in infrastructure and amenities, including a hotel. He then hired musicians to play on the streets of San Bernardino and Los Angeles to raise awareness of Lordsburg and to lure potential residents to visit the area. His promotional techniques were successful in bringing interested people, many of whom purchased lots.


Unfortunately for Lord, the boom quickly ended and the hotel never had a single guest. Within two years, he was lucky enough to sell the hotel and 100 lots to M.M. Eshelman who wanted to use the hotel and surrounding area as the location for the establishment of a Baptist Church of the Brethren college.


Eventually Lordsburg was incorporated into a city in 1906 and the name was officially changed from Lordsburg to La Verne in 1917. This marked an important milestone for city residents who had been trying to change the name for years, finding themselves continuously blocked by Lord. Opposition to the change ended with Lord’s death in 1917.


Today La Verne remains a relatively small city with above average median income, above average housing prices, and a low unemployment rate when compared to the State as a whole. Crime in the area is low, nearly half the average crime rate in cities across the United States.


While La Verne is a small community, it does have both large and small businesses to serve residents. Retail stores such as Target cater to general needs and shops like Radio Shack cater to specialty interests. Small service businesses for food, coffee, taxes, attorneys, and private investigator firms can all be found within the city.


Two interesting facts about the city are that it recently ranked 98 out of 101 nationwide as having the most homes for the handicapped as a percentage of overall households. In the same survey La Verne ranked 99 of 101 nationwide as having the most residents with ancestry that can be traced back to the Soviet Union. La Verne also has 102 communication towers, 2 aviation towers and 58 aircraft registered to residents.


Interesting facts about the City of La Verne fiscal situation include employee salaries. The 34 La Verne firefighters have an average salary of over $103,000, the 49 Police Officers earn an average of over $98,000 and the 21 City of La Verne administration employees average over $83,000.

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