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We have earned our reputation as a top Loma Linda investigation firm by delivering our clients the results they want in a discreet and highly professional manner. Our primary services are Loma Linda surveillance and research, both of which rely heavily on the skilled use of advanced technology. Each year we invest in the latest technology and training, including the internal development of proprietary tools that no other private investigation firm can offer. This breadth of experience and available technology allows us to meet each client’s unique needs with a custom solution.


Years of specialization in Loma Linda has accumulated into our being able to move and surveil in ways that require years of direct experience in each area. This familiarity gives us the ability to complete our work while remaining unnoticed.



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We are experts in all types of surveillance, including domestic surveillance. Whether a case takes a day or extends to around the clock coverage for months, our experienced team of Loma Linda private investigators can ensure accurate and complete reports that can provide impervious evidence that to substantiate facts within a case.


Our ability in properly documenting our Loma Linda surveillance and research is one reason why many Loma Linda attorneys turn to us for private investigation services. The reason for this is that evidence gathered is only good if it can hold up in court. Therefore, it requires experience to document surveillance and research in order to ensure that an opposing attorney cannot find any flaw in the evidence presented.


Some of the surveillance technology we use includes unmanned cameras, unmanned motion detection cameras, radio communication technology, unmanned aerial technology, and proprietary technology that we have developed internally over the years that is used in special circumstances that require solutions that only we can provide for our clients.



We have spent years perfecting our ability to provide clients the cost saving benefits of unmanned surveillance throughout the Loma Linda area. Unmanned surveillance can easily cover an area for five to ten days for the same budget that as one day of manned surveillance by one of our Loma Linda private investigators.




O&O Investigations INC is a licensed Loma Linda private investigation firm that performs surveillance, research, and investigative services in the City of Loma Linda and throughout the state of California. We perform all investigations with professionalism and a high level of discretion. We are reliable, accountable, and affordable; most importantly, we get results.


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Official Website of Loma Linda

Website: http://www.lomalinda-ca.gov/

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Professional Investigators of California

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Located east of Highway 215 and south of Interstate 10 in the Inland Empire region of Southern California, Loma Linda encompasses a 7.8 square mile area that is home to over 20,900 residents. According to the most recent Census, the demographic breakdown of this population puts Whites at 47.8 percent, Asian 28.3 percent, and Hispanic at 22.2 percent with the remainder a combination of several other races.


There are 8,764 households and 9,649 housing units within the Loma Linda city limits. Of these housing units, 39.2 percent are owner occupied and over 60 percent are rental units.


Income in the area is below the median for California, Loma Linda has a median income of $56,076 while the state median is at $57,287.


The crime rate in Loma Linda is less than 50 percent the levels found throughout the United States. Violent crime rates are even lower, with overall thefts bringing the average upward. The City of Loma Linda does no have its own police department; instead, they contract with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. In addition to regular sheriff coverage, the city does have an active Loma Linda Citizens on Patrol Neighborhood Watch program.


The primary attraction to the city is the worldwide prestige of Loma Linda University, the Loma Linda University Medical Center, and the VA Medical Center. Loma Linda University has over 100 degree programs and according to the New York Times, graduates have the highest salaries in the nation for the first 60 months after receiving a degree. Nearby the University is the Ronald McDonald House Loma Linda, opened in 1996 the facility provides a place for families to stay when their children are being treated at the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital.


The most notable locations within the city are on the university and associated church campuses. Shopping in Loma Linda is concentrated in the Loma Linda Plaza Shopping Center. All but one space, leased to Clark’s Nutrition Center, within the Mountain View Plaza Shopping Center in Loma Linda is leased to Loma Linda University for offices. The Inland Golf Range, located next to the center, is the only golf driving range within the city limits.


Loma Linda has a number of service businesses from coffee and food through those that provide legal and private investigator services. For a small city, Loma Linda has a high concentration of medical offices; this is due to medical practitioners oftentimes wanting an independent office near a prestigious hospital where they can treat their patients.


One of the oddly fascinating things to do while in Loma Linda is to visit the Alfred Shryock Museum of Embryology, located in Shryock Hall on the Loma Linda University campus. This fascinating small museum highlights fetus development with a concentration on the first trimester.


Depending on the time of year you are in Loma Linda, the local Chamber of Commerce has a number of regularly scheduled events. There is a weekly breakfast mixer for business owners to network and a weekly Farmer’s Market each Tuesday evening starting at 5 pm in the Loma Linda downtown area. Annual events include a Golf Tournament that has been held for over 25 years, a Business Expo held on Barton Frontage road and Loma Linda Drive for the past 25 years, a Loma Linda State of the Community luncheon that has been held for over 22 years and in October there is the Loma Linda community parade that has been a community event for over 50 years.

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