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We are committed to professionalism and in maintaining our status as the top Montclair private investigation firm. Our business is Montclair surveillance and we have remained the best private investigation firm through our continuous investment in research, training, and technology. This includes technology that we have developed ourselves to give our clients access to surveillance possibilities that they cannot access elsewhere. This investment in technology and in knowing Montclair allows us to cater to client needs with customized approaches designed for their specific circumstance.


Our Montclair surveillance teams are all licensed California investigators that are thoroughly familiar with Montclair. They know how to monitor anywhere within the area without notice, a critical element in effective surveillance. This is one reason why our Montclair private investigators do not live within the city, this removes the possibility of them raising notice, being exposed by someone they know and ensures they never have familiarity with any parties to your situation.



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As Montclair private investigators, we have worked with many Montclair attorneys. Therefore, we know how to gather and document the specific evidence they need to win your case. Whether your situation calls for a single day or many months of manned or unmanned surveillance, our firm has the capacity and capability to handle the situation.


Technology is critical in affordably accomplishing the necessary information gathering needed for most situations. This is why we invest heavily into the latest technology, thus giving you access to unmanned cameras, motion activated cameras, specialized radio technology, and aerial unmanned surveillance. Whatever your case demands, we can deliver.



Our technological advantage gives us the ability to serve you better and more affordably. For example, our connections throughout Montclair allow us to set up unmanned cameras anywhere necessary with the use of these cameras reducing the overall cost of an investigation. It is common to surveil an area for five to ten days with unmanned cameras for the same cost as a one day of manned surveillance.




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All of our investigators are highly professional, knowledgeable, and effective. The amount of experience we bring to support our clients is unmatched in Montclair. At the same time, all of our services are affordable, delivered in a timely manner, and accurately documented so that they can be used to support your case.


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Montclair is part of Southern California’s Inland Empire, and nestled in San Bernardino County and Pomona Valley. Less than 45 minutes from Los Angeles, Montclair is bordered by Chino, Pomona, Ontario, Claremont, and Upland. Originally settled by the Native American Serrano tribe, the city was first known as “Monte Vista,” but in 1958 became Montclair because the postal service was increasingly confused by another same name in the north. The early 1900s saw Montclair as a leading producer of orange trees; you can peek into the past at the Reeder Citrus Ranch, which Hazel Reeder deeded to the city of Montclair when she died in 2004. Hazel was the widow of George Reeder, one of the grandsons of Daniel Reeder, founder of the historic orchard.
The tucked away nature of Montclair makes it an ideal vacation and residential location. If not in the mood for louder venues like nearby Angel Stadium and the Honda Center, or going into Hollywood and cruising the celebrity hotspots, there’s outdoor concerts, art festivals, golf, vintage car shows, and historic village walks in Montclair and neighboring Claremont. The Alma Hofman Park, also referred to as “Shark Park,” is a popular spot for skateboarding and Summer water activities, while water boats and cars, as well as go-karts keep kids (and inner kids) busy. Yoga classes and spa and salon indulgences complement the Montclair mindset of simple luxury.
Montclair also provides a lovely stretch of driving into other beautiful locations. About a half an hour away is Chino Hills State Park, the perfect place for tuning in with Nature. Private investigators and others looking to collect thoughts and develop game plans benefit from unwinding here. Residents of Montclair can hike, camp, go horseback riding, picnic, bike, go birdwatching, partake of the educational exhibits, or just find a nice place to read, listen to music, or sketch. Stargazing at Chino Hills, or even in your Montclair backyard, is
a lovely way to start the night. The San Bernardino  National Forest and San Bernardino Mountains are a bit further away from Montclair, (about an hour), but fantastic locales for nature enthusiasts to check out.
After attorneys and private investigators, compile the interviews, information, and reports they need for their Montclair clients, they’ll usually advise their clients to take a break and relax from everyday routines. Montclair residents like the Planes of Fame Air Museum and the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology, both in proximity. Knott’s Berry Farm, about 30 minutes away, is also frequented by people who live in or are visiting Montclair, who are looking for a colorful and lively place to shop, dine at, catch a show, or of course, go on carnival type and water rides.
Montclair is the type of place that doesn’t need to sell itself to garner attraction. The bakers, nurses, professors, farmers, bankers, private investigators, students, judges, attorneys, and writers that grew up in Montclair know how wonderful it is. And those that found it later in life fell in love the very first time.

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