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We are committed to professionalism and in maintaining our status as the top Moreno Valley private investigation firm. Our business is Moreno Valley surveillance and we have remained the best private investigation firm through our continuous investment in research, training, and technology. This includes technology that we have developed ourselves to give our clients access to surveillance possibilities that they cannot access elsewhere. This investment in technology and in knowing Moreno Valley allows us to cater to client needs with customized approaches designed for their specific circumstance.


Our Moreno Valley surveillance teams are all licensed California investigators that are thoroughly familiar with Moreno Valley. They know how to monitor anywhere within the area without notice, a critical element in effective surveillance. This is one reason why our Moreno Valley private investigators do not live within the city, this removes the possibility of them raising notice, being exposed by someone they know and ensures they never have familiarity with any parties to your situation.



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As Moreno Valley private investigators, we have worked with many Moreno Valley attorneys. Therefore, we know how to gather and document the specific evidence they need to win your case. Whether your situation calls for a single day or many months of manned or unmanned surveillance, our firm has the capacity and capability to handle the situation.


Technology is critical in affordably accomplishing the necessary information gathering needed for most situations. This is why we invest heavily into the latest technology, thus giving you access to unmanned cameras, motion activated cameras, specialized radio technology, and aerial unmanned surveillance. Whatever your case demands, we can deliver.




Our technological advantage gives us the ability to serve you better and more affordably. For example, our connections throughout Moreno Valley allow us to set up unmanned cameras anywhere necessary with the use of these cameras reducing the overall cost of an investigation. It is common to surveil an area for five to ten days with unmanned cameras for the same cost as a one day of manned surveillance.




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All of our investigators are highly professional, knowledgeable, and effective. The amount of experience we bring to support our clients is unmatched in Moreno Valley. At the same time, all of our services are affordable, delivered in a timely manner, and accurately documented so that they can be used to support your case.



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Thanks to a successful explosion in both population and economic growth in the last decade, Moreno Valley, California, is currently the second largest city in Riverside County, just behind the neighboring county seat, Riverside. Moreno Valley is a part of the San-Bernardino-Riverside metro area, and is home to part of March Joint Air Force Base along with Riverside and Perris. Orange and Los Angeles counties also border the Moreno Valley and Riverside area to the west.   The Moreno Valley Freeway and Interstate 215 put the City of Moreno Valley in the center of major transportation routes, and it’s little more than a convenient hop, skip and a jump from John Wayne Airport, San Bernardino International, LAX International and LA/Ontario International airports.


A point of geographical pride for Moreno Valley is the “M” built into the face of Box Springs Mountain that overlooks the city. The “M” was carved into the stone face of Box Springs Mountain in 1966 and is maintained on public land through charity and local Eagle Scouts projects; on Moreno Valley‘s 25th anniversary of incorporation, the “M” was strung with lights in celebration. Box Springs Mountain itself provides a habitat to diverse wildlife species such as coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, deer, wild burros, and bears, as well as a stunning variety of snakes and lizards, making the mountain a nature lover’s paradise. Moreno Valley is also surrounded by a number of mountain ranges, i.e., the San Bernardino Mountains and San Bernardino Valley, the San Jacinto Mountains, the San Gorgonio Pass, and Coachella Valley. Lake Perris is also to the south.


Rock paintings from Moreno Valley‘s early inhabitants, the Shoshone tribe, as well as bowls and bowl shards can still be found in the area, but it wasn’t until 1850, when California became the 31st state in the Union, that Moreno Valley opened up as part of the Temescal approach from San Diego to Los Angeles. Moreno Valley takes its name from Frank E. Brown, who formed the Bear Valley Land and Water Company there in 1883 (“Moreno” is Spanish for brown). Eminent domain disputes with the city of Redlands led to drought conditions in the late 19th Century; by the turn of the century, Moreno Valley was all but uninhabited.


That all changed when March Field was developed as an Air Force base and training facility during both World Wars, giving Moreno Valley and other surrounding communities resources to grow. March Field is still a large employer in the region, and a valued member of the economic community. Another attractor for new residents was Riverside International Raceway, and Moreno Valley officially incorporated in 1984. Moreno Valley went through its share of economic ups and downs, but in the 21st Century, Moreno Valley has mostly seen booms in growth. Thanks to the next generation MetroLink rail transit, growing number of corporate, business and industrial parks, and increased high end housing developments make Moreno Valley attractive to all sorts of businesses, retail offerings, private investigators, attorneys and other industrial and manufacturing employers.


Law enforcement and private investigators take public safety very seriously in Moreno Valley. In 2010 and 2011, the Moreno Valley Police Department took high honors in the national and California state law enforcement challenges. Moreno Valley‘s public safety record is, according to federal and California crime and traffic safety audits, comparable to other regions of the same size. Moreno Valley utilizes multi-agency partnerships and specialized teams with a strong, proactive and community focused approach.


Moreno Valley is governed by an elected City Council, constituted by five people, including a mayor and a city manager. Most of Moreno Valley‘s residents are young families, so it’s no wonder the city features 32 parks and thousands of acres of open space, such as Lake Perris State Recreation Area, San Timoteo Canyon and Sunnymead Park. It’s also possible to hike to the Moreno Valley “M” on Box Springs Mountain. Moreno Valley parks also offer camping, golf, and horseback riding. Sky diving, skate parks, laser tag and bowling also keep Moreno Valley lively with activities for families, couples, and individuals of all ages.


Sports are also big in Moreno Valley, and it isn’t just bowling and golf that get competitive. Softball, baseball and football are big in local school sports. That means Moreno Valley has turned out its fair share of professional athletes: Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith (Pittsburgh Steelers), Bobby Kielty (Boston Red Sox), Ryan Madson (Los Angeles Angels), Charlotte Morgan (Alabama Crimson Tide, National Pro Fastpitch Senior Draft), Troy Percival (World Series Champion with Anaheim Angels), D’Aundre Reed (Minnesota Vikings), Terrelle Smith (Arizona Cardinals), Tyron Smith (Dallas Cowboys), Kyle Turley (Kansas City Chiefs), Derrick Ward (New York Giants).


For a more educational turn on family fun, Moreno Valley is in easy reach of several museums and memorials, such as the March Field Air Museum, the Western Science Center, the Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum and the Veterans Memorial. Moreno Valley isn’t short on festivals either. On even numbered years the air museum hosts the March Field Air Fest and the Moreno Valley Conference & Recreation Center holds an annual “Artober Fest.” Moreno Valley also offers a summer concert series and a movies in the park series.


Moreno Valley’s youth has helped attract young people to the city, and contributed to its diverse racial and demographic makeup. Moreno Valley has a low cost of living compared to many other cities in California, ranking only five points above the national average. This feature has attracted many residents, as it provides the benefits of living in sunny California, while still making it affordable to a wide range of people.


“People, Pride, Progress” is the Moreno Valley motto, so it’s not hard to see that Moreno Valley doesn’t intend to slow down any time soon. With its strong commitments to family and safety, the increase in residents, activities and business or recreational developments will mean that nurses and doctors, attorneys, law enforcement and private investigators will have to have a commitment to growth and training as well.

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