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We strive to have the best private investigation firm in Ontario, CA and that is what we have achieved. We have one focus, and one focus only: surveillance and research services surrounding Ontario, CA surveillance. Each and every year we make the decision to invest thousands of dollars into the research of technology and then develop in-house technology not yet available to others. Then we use the technology to provide surveillance services that aren’t available from anyone else. Some of these unique technologies include: unique radio communication, unmanned cameras, motion detection cameras, unmanned cameras, and even unmanned aerial surveillance. We treat each case differently, because each case is unique.


Our private investigators are masters when it comes to conducting Ontario, CA surveillance. We are far from the average private investigation firm, or even surveillance firm, and have grown past that level. Our Ontario, CA surveillance team knows Ontario, CA inside and out, but the investigators don’t reside in the actual city of Ontario, CA. This is because we can recognize the need for discretion and want to eliminate the chance of our investigator accidentally running into a familiar face, or worst case scenario, have personal knowledge or acquaintance with the subject under investigation. This is all dedicated to conducting your case smoothly, and perfectly.



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Our professional squad of Ontario, CA private investigators are masters when it comes to domestic surveillance. Some of our surveillance can even last a few months. We have also become acquainted with many of the attorneys in the region and know how to work with the attorneys in Ontario, CA. Our one goal is to get you and your attorney all the evidence necessary for a successful, winning case!



We try to use more creative methods in order to save you time and money. Our single most employed tactic is unmanned surveillance. We are able to place many unmanned cameras for surveillance around Ontario, CA. In case you were curious about the pricing, 5 – 10 days of unmanned surveillance is the financial equivalent to a single full day of surveillance.




O&O Investigations INC, provides private investigations in Ontario, CA as well as the entire state of California. If you require a private investigator to assist you with a discreet and confidential private investigation please fill out a Private Investigator “Assign a case” form. Our private investigators are committed to ensuring affordable, genuine service in Ontario, CA. We make sure results are reported in a timely, accountable manner. To begin your case contact us today. We hope to hear from you soon. CA License #28111.


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Official Website of Ontario, CA

Website: http://www.ci.ontario.ca.us/

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Professional Investigators of California

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The State of California Official Website

Website: http://www.ca.gov/

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California Legislative Information

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Website: http://ccr.oal.ca.gov/



About Ontario


Ontario, California, may not be the largest city in San Bernardino County – in fact, it’s the fourth largest – but it’s certainly among the most successful. In the 50 years following its incorporation it’s population grew to ten times its original size. Semi-arid, sometimes known as the Pulse of the Inland Empire or The City that Charms, has generally mild winters and warm summers. The weather is so beautiful that the city has been a premier health resort since its founding in 1891.


Just 35 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Ontario is surrounded by Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Claremont, Pomona, Chino, Eastvale, Mira Loma, and Fontana. It has come to be known as the “gateway to Southern California.” Thanks to strong manufacturing and warehouse storage business, it is a thrumming center for travel and a major hub for freight and logistics (especially between LA and Long Beach), served by Interstates 10 and 15, as well as Pomona Freeway and State Route 83. Texas Eagle and Sunset Limited railways run through it‘s Amtrak station, and it operates solid public transportation with the next generation MetroLink and Omnitrans buses. Shipping giants FedEx and UPS operate major hubs in the LA/Ontario International Airport, the 15th busiest airport in the nation. The logistical benefits of Ontario continue to make the city an attractive bet for businesses. Thanks to Ontario’s location and the presence of LA/Ontario International Airport, Ontario has become a favorite tourist destination, with LA attractions, Palm Springs, Disneyland, and resorts at Big Bear and Arrowhead only a short drive away.


Thanks to beautiful vistas and its prime accessibility, Ontario is also a top choice for filming, for both film students and the industry at large. The Ontario Convention Center is a frequently utilized and breathtaking location that boasts state-of-the-art architecture and expansive exhibit and lobby space, and can serve as a backdrop for all sorts of productions from Geico commercials to theatrical successes such as Yes Man. Seeing this iconic space turn into a faux LAX is true movie magic.


Modern Ontario is steeped in the logistics and storage sector, but this is after decades of evolving business. General Electric maintained a major manufacturing presence in Ontario before World War II, which was overtaken by the defense industry expansion and the accompanying Ontario housing boom. Next industry and manufacturing came into dominance, as reflected in 10,000 acres zoned for those sectors; Maglight was a major employer for Ontario at the time. Now UPS is one of the largest employers of Ontario residents, second only to the LA/Ontario International Airport, also key to the logistics industry. Manufacturing remains relatively important to the region, however, as Maglight maintains the sixth largest Ontario employment, and Toyota North America ranks at Ontario‘s tenth largest employer.


Of course, Ontario was not always so prosperous. Once the home to the Tongva Serrano tribe, it wasn’t until a pair of engineers, Canadian brothers George and William Chaffey, were determined in 1882 to make the Cucamonga Desert into profitable, inhabitable land that Ontario Colony, sometimes referred to as the Model Colony, really got started. The San Antonio Water Co. piped in much-needed water and resulted in the Ontario Power Co. when they innovated methods to tap underground water at the head of the San Antonio Canyon. The Ontario Colony also fostered success and avoided common pitfalls by combining land rights and water rights for settlers. This guaranteed that Ontario properties would have the water they needed, a paramount need in a region like California. Ontario was also known for its refined take on the “mule car” in the late 1880’s, just before the electric streetcar became more feasible (barring a short time when the “mule car” returned as a stopgap measure when the electrical generator needed repair for flood damage). In 1891, Ontario incorporated as a city, and continues to grow astronomically even to the present.


Ontario has maintained a good deal of its history. A replica of the “mule car” can be found on Euclid Avenue near C Street. Citrus groves were a vital agricultural staple for early Ontario, and some of the Victorian “grove houses” still stand. Olives were also important, and the historical Graber Olive House is a popular attraction. The Graber Olive House is the oldest olive producer in the United States, and continues to produce premium olives and olive products. Ontario has a bit of wine country, and vintners were attracted early on to the mild winters and growing conditions the city provided. While these days Ontario is defined by other business sectors, the city has never forgotten its “roots” and has preserved its agricultural history for the enjoyment of both locals and tourists. The Robert E. Ellingwood Model Colony History Room at the Ontario City Library is home to a myriad of books, documents and photographs that date back to the colony foundation. For many years, two different historic fountains stood at the entrance of the Ontario Museum of History and Art.


Between the Auto Club Speedway, the Citizens Bank Arena (home to the Ontario Reign ECHL team) and the Ontario Convention Center, there’s no shortage of events in Ontario, be it concerts, sports, conventions or theater. In fact, Ontario is home to a branch of The Dinner Detective® Murder Mystery Dinner Show, a big Orange County favorite. For something a little lighter, the Ontario Improv Comedy Club is a popular choice for those wanting to spend their night with a good drink and great laughs. And for any attractions Ontario can’t provide, the city is conveniently located between Los Angeles and San Diego, keeping the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, the Queen Mary, the Chinese Theater, Staples Center, and Anaheim and Dodger stadiums in easy reach.


Like most San Bernardino County locales, athletic and leisurely recreation in the great outdoors are found in abundance in Ontario. The Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park offers a great place for families to relax and maybe get in a little fishing. The Pacific Electric Trail offers beautiful hikes not far from Ontario proper, and the beauty of all San Bernardino County, from mountain resorts to the wild and open desert, is within Ontario‘s reach. Anyone hoping to soak up a little sun or catch some waves can take a scenic drive to all the best beaches.


Families can visit Scandia Amusement Park, a 12-acre amusement park located in Ontario that features amusement rides, state-of-the-art arcades, two miniature golf courses, batting cages, restaurants, and group facilities. The locally owned and operated park is a hit with families looking for a day of food, fun, and roller-coasters.


Ontario has a number of festivals and events that draw crowds to the city throughout the year. Whether it’s NASCAR in February, Ontario Summer Concerts in the Park, IZOD Indy Car Races or Grape Fests in September, Ontario has a little something for everyone. Local favorites also include the “Pancake Breakfast and Classic Car Show” and the “Christmas on Euclid” craft extravaganza, both sponsored by the Ontario Kiwanis and Ontario Rotary.


The local government in Ontario is a conjunction of an elected city clerk, city treasurer and five-member council, including the mayor, and a city manager chosen by the council. The council serves at large for four year terms.


As might be expected, the first City Marshal was but one man in 1891when Ontario incorporated. As the area grew, so did the Ontario Police force, although it was slowly at first – only one man with a flashlight was considered the night watch in 1907. The first Ontario Police headquarters was established in 1910, and Ontario saw its first motorcycle officer in 1917. By 1927, the department consisted of a chief, 13 officers and one policewoman. As the years passed, the Ontario Police kept up with the technology of the times, first with red-light standards, then one-way radios and eventually two-way radios. The late 1980’s saw the department expand well into the triple digits, and developed forensic units, specialized units and more on into the 21st Century. The modern Ontario Police Department strives to improve quality of life, engage with Ontario residents and foster partnerships in the Ontario community while providing superior law enforcement, and their officers as well as private investigators and attorneys are amongst the best.


Ontario‘s future looks to be the “New Model Colony,” a mixed-use region of homes, town centers and business parks, a definite promotion of the state motto: “Southern California’s Next Urban Center.” That means more shopping centers, more restaurants and cafes, and more storage, distribution and logistics centers, not to mention more potential to attract tourists. Over the past few years, the Police Department has worked hard and successfully to bring crime rates down consistently across the board and keep them to a minimum. But as this new aspect of Ontario grows and succeeds, and as Ontario continues to evolve over time, law enforcement, private investigators, and attorneys will have to work that much more to ensure Ontario continues to be the sort of environment that will attract families and tourists.

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