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Our primary business revolves around research and surveillance in and around Orange County. This focus brings unmatched familiarity and effectiveness in investigations handled in the area. In addition to this, we invest heavily in acquiring the latest technology as well as developing proprietary systems in-house. This allows us the ability to provide our clients with surveillance services that no one else can offer. This is critical because each client has their own unique needs and our wide range of technology and services allows us to develop a plan that caters to these unique needs.


Our team of licensed California Investigators has made it their professional mission to know every area of Orange County and to develop systems and processes that allow for unmatched effectiveness in our Orange County surveillance services. Core to effective surveillance is never being noticed and in remaining completely anonymous.



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Our Orange County private investigators are expert in all types of surveillance, including domestic surveillance. We can handle any size case for any length of time. From the simple documented case, that lasts a day to intricate and complicated cases that need seamless documentation to establish irrefutable facts.


We have established relationships with Orange County attorneys and have extensive experience in putting together the types of documented evidence they require to win a case.  Some of the technology available to us includes unmanned cameras, manned cameras, motion detection cameras, radio communications, and unmanned aerial surveillance.



It is always our goal to provide our clients with the most effective and affordable approach to surveillance. This has lead our private investigators to regularly implement the cost savings of unmanned surveillance. Combining this technology with our experience in its use and documentation, our private investigators can reduce the cost of an overall investigation. For example, we can oftentimes offer five to ten days of unmanned surveillance for the same price that is typically charged for manned surveillance for one day.




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Orange County is a globally recognized county located in southern California, just South-East of Los Angeles County. Well known and sought after for its beautiful beach communities, Orange County is the third most populated County in California, behind its neighboring Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. Orange County has some of the most exclusive and expensive communities in the U.S, many of them located along the Orange County Coastline, and some in North Orange County. As of 2009, Orange County is the 6th most populated county in the United States, while being the smallest county in California in land space. Orange County is considered the 2nd most densely populated city in the state, second to San Francisco. The city is well known for its beautiful beaches, Southern California lifestyle and amusement parks such as Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. Orange County is a city to a variety of businesses ranging from tech companies, clothing companies, beautiful beaches and people from all over the world. Orange County is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Inland it’s bordered by Los Angeles County with Seal Beach being the first Los Angeles County Coastal city on its Northern-end. To the South is San Diego County, and eastern is San Bernardino County and Riverside County. Orange County has history dating back to the late 1700’s, and the city had a lot happen in its early years of development. Orange County is a mostly suburban county, sometimes considered to be a part of the greater Los Angeles and San Diego metro areas. It does have some-what of urban communities in the downtowns of its more major cities such as Anaheim, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Orange and Santa Ana. There are also many coastal style developments and shopping centers in its coastal cities like Newport, Laguna and Huntington Beach. Anaheim is considered Orange County’s biggest tour attraction and Irvine is considered its major business and financial city.
Orange County is located directly in the center of Southern California and is home too many freeways and public transportation involved with in its county. There are many major freeways that run through Orange County such as: The Santa Ana (5) the San Diego (405) and the San Gabriel River (605) Freeway. There are also other highways that pass through the city such as the 91, 22, 57, 55, 133 & the 73. Orange County is home to several toll roads that frequent southern California travelers tend to use such as the 133, 241 261, the 90 and the world famous Pacific Coast Highway the California Interstate 1.
Orange County’s Public transportation was voted one of the best in 2005, offering many types of transportation from trains, buses, city-ran taxi services and even sea transportation such as boats and fairies. Orange County is known to have ample transportation such as the Metrolink and Amtrak Trains that run from Los Angeles, through Orange County; which has multiple stops and then down into San Diego County. Orange County also provides a great public bus system ran by OCTA, which consists of 6,542 stops and 817 buses in its arsenal of buses. A Coastal city wouldn’t be a coastal city without coastal transportation and Orange County is sure to make those accommodations, providing Fairies from Balboa Island which runs between Newport Harbor and Balboa Peninsula, this fairy runs every 5 minutes. Another one is the Catalina Flyer, which connects the Balboa Peninsula to Avalon with daily round-trips. Also available is the Catalina Express, which connects Dana Point to the Port of Long Beach.
Orange County attracts people from all over the world for many different reasons. Orange County’s most popular tourist attraction would definitely have to be its beautiful beaches that bring millions of people annually. With cities such as Huntington Beach and Newport Beach being a hot spot for sun-bathing and surfing, giving it the nickname “Surf City USA”. Orange County is the host of many surf competitions throughout the seasons, as Huntington Beach was rated # 1 in overall surf conditions year round. Orange County is known to have one of the world’s best surf spots called “The Wedge”. The Wedge is located off of the Newport Peninsula and its structure creates some of the best surf in the region all year long. The Wedge isn’t known for having the biggest waves, but for a great consistency for surf conditions all year round.
Other tourist destinations include the very well-known theme parks; Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim and Knott’s Berry Farm which is located in Buena Park. Orange County is also home to a water park, Soak City which is also located in Buena Park. The amusement parks in Orange County are a great source of income for the community as well as offer employment to a significant percentage of the region. Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm combined attract millions of people a year to Orange County.
Orange County is the host of many public and sporting events who also bring people from all over the world. Orange County is home to many theatres such as the Verizon Amphitheatre in Irvine, Anaheim Angels Stadium, The Honda Center, which is located just across the 57 freeway from the Anaheim Stadium. One of California’s first Convention Centers is The Anaheim Convention Center, which is the largest such facility on the West Coast, being host of many events, concerts, shows & sporting events. From live sporting events such as X-games to huge concert events, Orange County is not a region that is skipped during nation-wide events or tours.
Although Orange County contains a lot of new development, there are still parts of the city that hold a lot of culture and history, such as The old town area in the City of Orange (the traffic circle at the middle of Chapman Ave. at Glassell) which still maintains its 1950’s image. This location is often known for its appearance in the movie “That Thing You Do!” There are also others such as Fullerton, Anaheim and Santa Ana that still have older buildings.  Santa Ana, being Orange County’s first incorporated city is home to several landmarks, structures and parks that date back as far as the 1800’s.
Orange County has seen an extensive amount of tourism increase in recent years mainly due to the television shows that take place in Orange County and surrounding areas. There have been many T.V. shows that have increased tourism and travelers from all over the world such as the Fox series, The O.C. and “The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tourism has increased in Orange County with people visiting from all over the world in hopes of seeing some of the sites that were captured in these shows, as well as other movies.
With Orange County being such a heavily populated region as well as being a huge tourist attraction; it’s mandatory that Orange County officials assure the safety of the people within the community. Orange County has some of California’s highest trained police forces, emergency responders and law officials ready for any case at any time. Among these are a teams of lawyers, attorneys and Private Investigators. Orange County Private Investigators are amongst some of the highest trained in Southern California, with familiarity in the Orange County region. This allows them to be able to maneuver and re-locate throughout the area as needed and being able to provide the strongest evidence possible. Orange County Private Investigators also work with teams of lawyers and attorneys who help them with legal advice on presenting and proving any evidence. With years of experience, they are ready for any scenario and any situation at any time.
There are also other historical landmarks in Orange County such as Mission San Juan Capistrano, the Rich Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is in Yorba Lina and the Richard Nixon Birthplace home, located on the grounds of the Library, is a National Historic Landmark. John Wayne’s Yacht, The Wild Goose or USS YMS-328, is located in the city of Newport Beach. Other landmarks are the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse which is located in the Orange County main hub of Santa Ana, CA. The largest building in Orange County is the historic Balboa Pavilion, which is located in Newport Beach. The County is also known for its very large houses of Worship, such as the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove. It’s also home to the largest place of worship in California; Saddleback Church, in Lake Forest which is one of the largest churches in the United States, as well as The Calvary Chapel.
Orange County is home to many Asian communities around its region. One of the most well-known is Little Saigon, which is a huge tourist destination being home to the largest concentration of Vietnamese people outside of Vietnam. There are also sizable Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean communities, especially in Western Orange County. The Asian community implements part of their culture with the Orange County region, attracting people from all nationalities and even people from other countries.
Orange County is home to great music scene, in which birthed some of the world’s well known bands today. The Orange County Punk-Rock scene is one of the most well-known punk scenes world-wide. California in general is home to many other punk scenes that came from southern California, such as Los Angeles, Long Beach and L.A. beaches, Hermosa and Manhattan had a great music scene as well. Orange County birthed bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Eighteen Visions, No Doubt, Thrice, LIT, Saosin and countless others. Its local music scene has influenced bands from all over southern California and still continues to influence them today.
Orange County is home to several higher education institutions and Universities. Some of these Universities are Cal State University Fullerton, UC Irvine and several smaller community colleges which attract students from all over the world. Students from all over the world come to southern California to visit these schools for the curriculum as well as the location. With the majority of the college students being young and active, it helps the region with its small businesses and services, helping to stabilize the economy.
Orange County is also known for its great high end restaurants and dining areas. Coastal cities such as Dana Point, Newport and Costa Mesa are known for their dining views of the Pacific Ocean and great sea food restaurants. There are also great restaurant locations in downtown Disney with smaller intimate dining and big well known restaurants. The restaurants in this area maintain great business throughout the seasons as they’re utilized by business people, students, tourists and residents all year round.
Orange County is home to many resorts and hotels. Some of the nicest hotels in the region are located in the Orange County coastal areas, such as Laguna Beach’s Montage, Dana Point and smaller towns like Bolsa Chica and Newport Beach. Disneyland is also home to a popular resort known as the Disneyland Hotel. A lot of people with kids are attracted to the Disneyland hotel, and stay during their Disneyland visits. There are also many other nearby Hotels in Anaheim Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City visitors.
Orange County has the reputation of being paradise both to live and to visit. It’s known to being home to some of the best teams of lawyers, attorneys and Private Investigators in the southern California region. Some cases may require in depth private investigations requiring the best Private Investigative teams and their lawyers. Orange County Private Investigators are ready to take on any case. Private Investigators can provide the necessary evidence for any case, and will be sure to go the extra mile to assure that it’s provided and even provide lawyer representation should it be necessary. Orange County Private Investigators cover any type of case from child custody cases to theft cases, whether it be personal or business. With its main priority being safety of its citizens, Orange County maintains highest standards and practices to assure the safety of the people.

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