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Through professionalism and continuous investment into training, research, and technology, we can confidently say that we are the best Pasadena private investigation firm. Our primary business revolves around research and surveillance in and around Pasadena. This focus brings unmatched familiarity and effectiveness in investigations handled in the area. In addition to this, we invest heavily in acquiring the latest technology as well as developing proprietary systems in-house.


This allows us the ability to provide our clients with surveillance services that no one else can offer. This is critical because each client has their own unique needs and our wide range of technology and services allows us to develop a plan that caters to these unique needs.


Our team of licensed California Investigators has made it their professional mission to know every area of Pasadena and to develop systems and processes that allow for unmatched effectiveness in our Pasadena surveillance services. Core to effective surveillance is never being noticed and in remaining completely anonymous.


This is why none of our investigators actually live in Pasadena. Not living in the area makes it easier to remain unnoticed and ensures that the private investigator will neither run across a familiar face nor have any knowledge of any person or part of your underlying case.



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Our Pasadena private investigators are expert in all types of surveillance, including domestic surveillance. We can handle any size case for any length of time. From the simple documented case, that lasts a day to intricate and complicated cases that need seamless documentation to establish irrefutable facts.


We have established relationships with Pasadena attorneys and have extensive experience in putting together the types of documented evidence they require to win a case.  Some of the technology available to us includes unmanned cameras, manned cameras, motion detection cameras, radio communications, and unmanned aerial surveillance.



It is always our goal to provide our clients with the most effective and affordable approach to surveillance. This has lead our private investigators to regularly implement the cost savings of unmanned surveillance. Combining this technology with our experience in its use and documentation, our private investigators can reduce the cost of an overall investigation. For example, we can oftentimes offer five to ten days of unmanned surveillance for the same price that is typically charged for manned surveillance for one day.




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Pasadena is a beautiful city located in Los Angeles County California. The city of Pasadena was one of the earlier cities developed in the San Fernando/Los Angeles region and holds a lot of southern California history. The city of Pasadena and was the 4th city to be incorporated into Los Angeles county in 1886, after major cities such as Anaheim and Los Angeles. Pasadena is the 9th largest city in Los Angeles County as well as the 180th largest city in United States, as of 2012. Pasadena is known for many great things throughout the community and attracts people from all over the world. Many people come to see and experience Pasadena for tours, shopping and to visit its many production studios, landmarks, celebrity lifestyles and attractions.
Pasadena is generally a higher class community with approximately half of its population being of Caucasian decent, 10 % African-American, 15 % Asian and approximately 35 % Hispanic or Latin backgrounds. Other ethnicities also reside in the region, but most of its residents contain the listed above. The city was heavily occupied by the native tribe Trongva, later known as the Gabrielinos who slowly began depleting after Spanish settlers moved in. As the United States Postal Service began developing, regions began having to their name themselves accordingly. Pasadena meaning “Of the Valley” went through many names such as “Granada” and “Indianola” hoping to stick to their Spanish culture. After many meetings and names, city officials finally decided on Pasadena, which was a name recommended by Michigan Chippewa tribe leader who was friends with a Pasadena Council member.
Pasadena is geographically located just at the base of The San Gabriel Mountains, and is surrounded by hills and valleys. The city is also located on the Raymond Fault line in the San Rafael Hills. One of Pasadena’s most well-known landmarks, the Rose Bowl is located directly in The Arroyo Seco, which is a stream that runs from the nearby San Gabriel Mountains, through Pasadena, a few other cities and then finally leads into the Los Angeles River, which is a huge water source for most of Los Angeles County.
Pasadena is located in the Northern area of Los Angeles County and is considered a central location being that it’s located near 4 main Los Angeles freeways, which are all under the jurisdiction of the city of Pasadena. The most important being the Foothill freeway, the 210 which enters the northwestern part of the city. The freeway begins just south of the Rose Bowl, and then goes into the Ventura Freeway junction. This Freeway plays huge role in commuters and southern California professionals as it connects Pasadena with the San Fernando Valley and San Bernardino County cities. Another very important freeway in the region is the 134 which runs opposite direction as the 210 and also starts near Downtown Pasadena and travels West bound, leading to the 210 and Valley cities. This freeway is the main connection for the Bob Hope Airport and The San Fernando Valley.
Another very important freeway is the Long Beach (710) which begins in Long Beach and was originally developed to connect the two cities. This freeway plays a very important role to Pasadena and Los Angeles county in general being that the Long Beach port is Los Angeles’ main source of imports from other countries. The freeway was never finished, and there is a part of the freeway in Pasadena between Alhambra and Pasadena which has not finished construction due to a legal battle involving the city of Pasadena. The city of Pasadena is currently considering developing an underground tunnel so it does not interfere with the city’s developments and land space. There has been a lot of objections to the idea, however if it is implemented and successful, it will be the longest tunnel in the United States, being about 4 to 5 miles in distance.
The city is also home to the Pasadena Freeway (110) which was the first freeway in Los Angeles connecting Los Angeles with Pasadena. The freeway enters the south side of Downtown Los Angeles from Old town Pasadena. This was one of Los Angeles’ first freeways and holds a lot of Los Angeles history.
The Angeles Crest Highway (2) which begins in the Pasadena area, flows Northern through Glendale and is a route through the Angeles National Forest and ends in Wrightwood California, a San Bernardino County Mountain Community located just on the other side of the San Gabriel Mountains. The Angeles crest highway is often considered a dangerous mountain route containing many winding turns and cliffs. It’s a shorter and beautiful commute to the other side of the mountain but has some harsh weather conditions during the winter months and is common to mudslides and rock slides.
One of the most historic U.S. Highways, Route 66 ran through Pasadena until it was destroyed in 1964. The highway entered Pasadena from the east, and went in to the Pasadena (110).  The highway still exists in surrounding areas of Southern California and hosts some of California’s Route 66 Classic Car show, which is located in San Bernardino, CA.
Pasadena is home to great holiday event that attracts people from all over the world. The city is known all over the World for its Annual New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day events. One of these events are the Rose parade, which is a huge event in which people traditionally camp out and celebrate the final evening of the calendar year into the morning of a new one. The event was originally introduced in 1890 to display the beauty of Southern California’s beautiful winter weather of flowers and orange blossoms, while the East coast is displaying their winter snowy environment. All of the Rose Parade floats are covered 100% in Roses, Flowers, stems and other natural elements of plants and trees, in celebration of the regions agricultural history. The floats drive an average of 5 miles during the parade and pass over 1 million live viewers. The parade starts early in the morning and is a televised internationally, and often contains floats made from people all over the world.
Another annual event that takes place in Pasadena is the Tournament of Roses, which is the most famous college football postseason bowl game. The game takes place every year on New Year’s Eve and is one of the most viewed college football games in the world. This event takes place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.
In addition to the annual New Year’s Day Rose Bowl game and the BCS National Championship game every four years, the stadium is the home field for the UCLA Bruins football team and has hosted five Super Bowls. The Rose Bowl is also very important to the sport of soccer holding matches which include the 1984 Summer Olympics, the final game of the 1994 FIFA World Cup and the final game of the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Pasadena also hosted a few Baseball events including the 1998 MLS Cup. The Rose Bowl is also home to many other sporting events and concerts.
The Rose Bowl Aquatics Center is an aquatics facility located just near The Rose Bowl Stadium. The Aquatic center is an Olympic sized indoor-outdoor pool, which hosted the final practices of the 2000 US Olympic swimming and diving team. The facility also held the U.S. National Diving Championships.
Also near The Rose Bowl Stadium is The Tennis Center. The Tennis Center contains a few professional sized courts which are operated by the city of Pasadena and are located just south of the Rose Bowl Stadium. The Tennis center many professional and amateur Tennis events year round.
The city of Pasadena is located near Los Angeles County’s safest community in the world, Glendale who assists in the safe-keeping of their city and community when necessary. The city of Pasadena is kept safe by the Pasadena Police Department, with their station being located in Downtown Pasadena. Along with their own police force, particular parts of Pasadena are under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Pasadena’s neighbor, Alta Dena also assists with the Altadena Station in Altadena serves nearby portions of Pasadena.
The city of Pasadena also has a great team of Emergency responders with the first ever Pasadena Fire Department being first introduced in 1889. Before this station was built, the Fire fighters were station in a rundown structure and were alerted by the church bell and usually had 24 Firemen on duty during each shift. The Pasadena Fire Department is now well developed and is currently home to 185 full time employees, 153 shift personnel, 32 administrative personnel and eight stations spread through a radius of about 60 miles.
Pasadena is a generally safer community in the Los Angeles area, it contains some of Los Angeles’ most well trained police forces, lawyers, attorneys and Private Investigator and investigation teams. Although most of the force and government officials don’t reside in the city of Pasadena, they are very familiar with the region. Law officials such as Private Investigator, Attorneys and Lawyers often reside in other areas in efforts of containing confidentiality and discretion of the investigators. It is of absolute highest priority that Pasadena Private Investigator remain invisible and unnoticed during their investigations, as well as being able to maneuver around the city to follow the subject should it be necessary.  Teamed with Lawyers, attorneys and law officials; Private Investigators will provide the necessary evidence to help you prove your case, as well as provide legal advice and help you present your evidence in an efficient manner. Pasadena lawyers are ready at any given moment. The safety and well-being of the community is priority #1.

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