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As the top Pomona private investigation firm, we are discreet and professional. Our business revolves around surveillance and research and each year we invest heavily in ensuring we have the most effective and leading edge technological tools at our disposal. This includes developing technology internally that gives our clients an edge in gathering information, which is critical in developing a plan that meets each clients unique needs.


We are experts in Pomona surveillance, our licensed California private investigators have spent years familiarizing themselves with every aspect of the city, gathering intelligence and developing an understanding of how to maneuver and monitor unnoticed.


Going unnoticed is important when handling a case and is one of the reasons our Pomona investigators do not live in the area. As non-residents, they can freely move within the city without crossing paths with people they know. This guarantees that we will not have any prior or conflicting knowledge of your case nor any of the people involved.



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If a case lasts for just a few days or several months our professional Pomona private investigators are capable of making certain that it is properly documented and put together to ensure it cannot be refuted, even by the best opposing attorney. In fact, we have developed relationships with Pomona attorneys, many who know they can call on us anytime to put together the missing facts necessary to win a case.
Some of the technology we use in our surveillance are video cameras, still photo cameras, unmanned cameras, radio communication systems, motion detection cameras, and unmanned aerial surveillance. With our firm you have access to any technology necessary to make certain your needs are met.



While we make unmanned aerial surveillance available, most situations do not require such extreme measures, yet they do require long term monitoring, which in itself can eventually become costly. This is why we have perfected our use of unmanned cameras; with unmanned cameras, we can oftentimes surveil an area for 7-10 days for the same cost as a single day of manned surveillance. This use of technology makes it possible for us to build a case while at the same time remaining an affordable service.




At O&O Investigations, you have access to fully licensed California Investigators that specialize in Pomona and have experience operating throughout the state. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable, discreet, and professional Pomona private investigation firm, contact us today.

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Pomona is the 7th largest city in Los Angeles County, located just between the Inland Empire and the San Gabriel Valley region between the 10 Fwy and the 210 Fwy. The city of Pomona is considered a suburban Los Angeles city, being about 30 miles North-East of Downtown. Pomona’s neighboring cities are San Dimas, La Verne, Montclair, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Walnut, South San Jose Hills and Industry. The city of Pomona is home to many events throughout the seasons. The city was named after Pomona, the great Goddess of fruit. Like most of the Southern California valley areas, Pomona was heavily populated by Spanish Tongva tribes until later settled in by Spanish settlers.

The city’s population consists of approximately 50% White, 7 % Africa-American, 1% Native-American, 8% Asian and approximately 45 % Hispanic, making it one of the most heavily Hispanic-populated cities in Los Angeles.

The city of Pomona has a many different freeways and public transportation systems. Some of the freeways that run through the city are the San Bernardino Freeway (10), The Orange Freeway (57), Pomona Freeway (60), Foothill Blvd. 66, which is often referred to Route 66, Corona Expressway (71) and the interstate 210 which is one of the newest major freeways in Southern California.

Pomona is a city that contains a lot of history and a downtown arts district that attracts people from all over southern California for its art walks, music stores and music venues such as the Fox Theatre and Glasshouse. The Fox Theatre and the Glasshouse, which are both huge performing arts theatres bring people from all over Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange County areas for concerts and shows of all genres. Downtown Pomona is known to host a lot of events, being that its location is a very central location to southern California populated areas.

The city is generally a safe community, kept safe by great emergency response teams such as The Los Angeles County Fire Department, The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s dept. and great political leaders.  Pomona is also home to some of the region’s best lawyers, law offices, attorneys & Private Investigators. Downtown environments sometimes require great investigative techniques as well as technologies to be sure they remain the best in Pomona Private Investigators. Pomona’s Private Investigative teams are well known for having the latest and greatest in technology and surveillance techniques, keeping them ahead of the competition.

Pomona is home to many financial institutions and medical centers such as Pomona Valley Medical Center, California State Polytechnic University Pomona, Lanterman Developmental Venter, Casa Colina rehabilitation center, First transit and Cal spas. Its continual development in the Northern-Pomona region offers huge economic growth for the city in the very near future.

One of the city’s most popular attractions is the Pomona Fairplex, which is host to many events, shows & concerts. It is the longtime home of Southern California’s popular Los Angeles County fair, and attracts hundreds of thousands of people annually. It is also the host of many road events that come through California, such as The Vans Warped Tour, which is a huge punk-rock tour that hosts tons of bands and attracts people from all over the world. Pomona is often known as the tour kick-off show for Warped Tour, being that Southern California is a huge music scene. The Pomona Fairplex is also home to the Pomona swap meet, which is a huge community of sellers, buyers & vendors with people who come from all over the region to buy, sell & trade. It is also home to the Pomona Classic Car show, which happens several times throughout the year and attracts many classic car enthusiasts, owners and interested buyers. This is a community of people who buy, sell & trade classic car parts and show off their cars. Pomona is also home to many drag races and other car events, as its location is built perfectly for auto shows.

With Downtown Pomona and the Pomona Fairplex attracting heavy amounts of traffic, it is an absolute necessity for law officials to be on top of their game and assuring the community remains safe for future events. Pomona is known to have some of southern California’s best police forces, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, attorneys and some of the highest trained Private Investigators ready and willing to take on any case. Private Investigative services are a key to provide necessary evidence in any case both personal and business related. With a team of lawyers, attorneys and Private Investigators, you will surely have the support to acquire, present and win based off of your visual evidence. The well-being of Pomona’s visitors and tourist is amongst top priorities of the city.

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