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There is no substitute for visual evidence! We have the experience and we get the results.


We are a Redondo Beach private investigation firm that provides a level of results, professionalism and discretion that makes us your best choice for Redondo Beach surveillance. Each year we invest countless hours and considerable resources to remain on the cutting edge of surveillance technology and techniques. This assures our clients that they are being served using the advanced tools and equipment that cannot be found with any other firm, an edge that oftentimes makes the difference in building an air tight case.


This is how we serve our clients, by providing unmatched technology, experience and expertise in surveillance services. Allowing us to always approach each case from the unique vantage point that it demands, in ways that no other private investigation firm can match.


Beyond this, we have private investigators that are in tune with Redondo Beach like no other firm. These investigators have developed an intimate knowledge of the area that allows them to see without being seen. This knowledge has been gathered intentionally over the years to better serve our Redondo Beach clients. None of our private investigators actually live in the area, allowing us to remain anonymous, ensuring that they will never be exposed by happenstance. This also assures our clients of their privacy, knowing that our investigators will never be familiar with anyone involved in the case.



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We have the capability to thoroughly handle surveillance in Redondo Beach that is simple and quick or long term, depending on your needs. Our capacity and flexibility in methodology in delivering short or long term surveillance can include but is not limited to manned surveillance, unmanned aerial surveillance, monitoring radio communication, and the use of both continuous and motion detection cameras.


Each case demands its own approach and we have the expertise to gather all of the documented evidence you need for your situation. Over the years we have also worked with and developed relationships with Redondo Beach attorneys that make it seamless for us to gather the intelligence necessary to support and win a case.




Our technological edge with the newest generation of unmanned surveillance saves clients money and can make the difference by allowing long term continuous surveillance that does not but a strain on a case building budget. It is typical for the cost of a week or more of unmanned surveillance to be equal to the cost of a single day when we use a private investigator.




To have a confidential and private discussion with one of our private investigators, simply complete the “Assign A Case” form on our website. We are committed to affordably serving you with discretion, professionalism, and expert services that are thorough, accurate, and on-time. We are licensed to perform active investigations in Redondo Beach and throughout California.

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Well as you can see, the city of Redondo Beach is a great city due to its great law enforcement division including police officers, private investigators, and lawyers.

CA License #28111

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