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Named for its location alongside the Santa Ana River to its northern border, the City of Riverside is the county seat of Riverside County. It is the city with the largest population within the Inland Empire area of California, has the 12th largest population amongst cities in California, and has the 59th largest population amongst all cities within the United States.


The Census reported in 2010 that Riverside had a population of 303,871, up from 255,166 in 2000. The population of Riverside has had double-digit growth every decade since the early 1900’s, a trend that is not expected to slow through the early 21st century. The racial breakdown of the city’s population is 56.5 percent White, 7.4 percent Asian, and 7 percent African-American. With self described Latino and Hispanics double counted in the racial statistics of other races, the aggregate of the Latino and Hispanic populations in Riverside is 49 percent.


Riverside has 292,322 residents that live in its 91,932 households. Residents that live in various types of group settings number 8,925 and 2,624 of the Riverside population are institutionalized. The non-institutionalized residents live within the 98,444 housing units in the city, 55.7 percent of which are owner-occupied.


National income statistics show that the median household income for Riverside is $41,646, with male and female median income at $36,920 and $28,328 respectively. One in seven residents of Riverside live below the poverty line. The major employers within the city limits are the County of Riverside, the University of California, Riverside, Kaiser Permanente and the City of Riverside.


Services to Riverside residents and visitors include a choice of over 24 hotels with varying degrees of amenities; these hotels include the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, the Hyatt Place Riverside, and the Marriott Riverside. Dining in Riverside includes all of the major chain restaurants you find in any city of a similar size and numerous local eateries that are only found in Riverside. The list of local dining experiences includes the Anchos Southwest Grill on Hole Avenue, Mario’s Place on Mission Inn Avenue, the Mission Inn Restaurant at the Mission Inn, and Monark Asian Bistro on Canyon Crest Drive.


The history and culture of Riverside is found in the many museums and art galleries throughout the city; including the March Field Air Museum on Van Buren Boulevard, the Mission Inn Museum at the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, the Brandstater Gallery at La Sierra University, and the Riverside Metropolitan Museum on Mission Inn Avenue. Riverside also boasts several live performance venues including the California Riverside Ballet, the Riverside County Philharmonic, the Riverside Community Players, and at the Fox Performing Arts Center.


For recreational activities and entertainment, Riverside has a long list of options. From the five different movie theaters that include the AMC Theaters at the Tyler Galleria, the Mission Grove Theaters on Allessandro Boulevard, and the Regal Riverside Plaza Stadium Theaters at the Riverside Plaza on Central Avenue. For entertainment that is more active, Riverside has Castle Park on Polk Street, the Arlington Lanes on Arlington, Adams Kart Track on 24th Street, Hanger 18 Indoor Climbing on Arlington, and Oak Quarry Golf Club on Sierra Avenue.


There are small shopping centers in and around each of the neighborhoods throughout the city with several major malls and plazas, including the Riverside Plaza on Central Avenue, Canyon Crest Towne Center on Canyon Crest Drive, and the Galleria at Tyler on Tyler Street. Each of these centers has a unique offering of shops and services that cater to local residents as well as tourists and visitors that want to experience the Riverside culture. Near these many shopping centers throughout the city, there are business offices and professional centers that house the heart the city; small and medium size businesses that service the needs of residents. These businesses range from the common eateries that serve everything from Chinese food to pizza to the specialized service businesses where residents can hire a Realtor, attorney or private investigator.


For meetings and events, Riverside has a number of facility and meeting room options. Venues for events include the Fox Performing Arts Center, Riverside Art Museum, Frier Pavilion, Crestmore Manor, and the Orange Terrace Community Center. Hotels that also have meeting rooms and accommodations for events include the Courtyard by Marriott, Dynasty Suites, the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, and the Riverside Marriott.


Riverside is divided into twenty-eight distinct neighborhood areas, each of which has its own identity demonstrated through unique architectural and community environments. The twenty-eight named areas include the Wood Streets, La Sierra, Eastside, Arlanza, University, Canyon Crest, Sycamore Canyon Park, Magnolia Center, Hawarden Hills, Mission Grove, Arlington Heights, Arlington, Casa Blanca, Orangecrest, Victoria and Alessandro Heights.


In addition to these neighborhoods, Riverside has plans to annex several more neighborhood areas that are currently under the jurisdiction of the County of Riverside. These include Alta Crest to the southeast, East Blain to the northeast, Lake Hills to the southwest and a small area near Sycamore Canyon and Central. These additional areas and several others are located in natural areas of expansion, many of which have residents that already identify with being Riverside residents.


Riverside crime rates are on a sharp decline; faster than the country as a whole. This quick decline began in 2007 and from 2006 to 2011 Riverside has experienced a 36 percent decrease in overall crime; a trend that occurred at the same time that unemployment in the city quickly shot up from 6 percent to over 15 percent.


The three areas within the city with the highest concentration of crime are Arlanza, Eastside, and Casa Blanca. Arlanza is an area west of Van Buren, north of California, and south of the Santa Ana River. Eastside is the area southeast of the 91 and southwest of the 215. Casa Blanca is the area south of the 91 and north of Victoria between Jefferson and Mary. These areas have substantially changed over the years with the city implementing focused police efforts and thorough youth gang outreach.


A mayor and seven-member city council oversee local city government. Each city councilmember is elected to represent one of the city’s seven separate wards. Ward 1 covers the northern portion of the city. It includes the areas in and around Martha Mclean Anza Narrows Park, Riverside City College, Mount Rubidoux Park, Fairmont Park, the AB Brown Sports Complex, the Riverside Sports Complex and the northernmost portion of the University of California, Riverside area.



Ward 2 covers the northeast portion of the city and includes the areas around the main portion of the University of California, Riverside, Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park, Box Springs Mountain Reserve, and John W. North High School.



On a map, Ward 3 Slices below Ward 1 to the west side of Ward 2. Ward 3 has the neighborhoods and areas around Ramona High School, the California School for the Deaf, Harvest Christian School, Raincross High School, and Riverside Polytechnic High School.


Ward 4 is to the southeast of Ward 3. It covers the areas near Mission Ranch Park, Mark Twain Elementary School, Martin Luther King High School in Woodcrest and the city border with Mead Valley. Ward 4 also encompasses Woodcrest Christian School, Orange Terrace Park, Taft Park, and Golden Star Park.


Ward 5 Covers the area around the California Citrus State Historic Park, reaching to the south side of the 91 to Victoria Cross Park and the Arizona Middle School. Ward 5 also includes the California Baptist University, Arlington High School, Arlington Heights Sports Park, and Sherman Indian High School.


Ward 6 is narrow from east to west and covers the neighborhoods around Hillcrest High School, La Sierra High School, Myra Linn Elementary School, Challen Park, Bryant Park and Arlanza Elementary School to the North.


Ward 7 is 98 percent to the north of the 91 and encompasses the area to the city limits along La Sierra, to Pierce, then to Tyler cutting straight North to Arlington and then east along Arlington, up Van Buren to the city limits around Hole Lake and Rutland Park. Ward 7 includes La Sierra University, the Riverwalk Dog Park, Savi Ranch Park, and Norte Vista High School.


The Riverside skyline has slowly been developing with the most recent addition; the ten-story dome topped Regency Tower at 10th and Orange. Though not the tallest, the building within the city that has the most floors is the Mount Rubidoux Manor, a senior residential apartment complex at 3993 10th Street. Built in 1971, the Mount Rubidoux Manor was built by the First Baptist Church of Riverside. The tallest building in the city is the Riverside County Administration Building at 4080 Lemon Street.


There are 19 buildings in Riverside that are 6 stories or higher, with three more planned for completion within the next few years. The proposed buildings are the nine story Riverside Community Hospital Building at 4445 Magnolia Avenue, the eight story Riverside Office Building at Main Street and University Avenue, and the six story Citrus Tower at Lime street and University Avenue.


Riverside has a rich history and as witness to its history, there are a number of historical landmarks within the city limits. The Mission Inn, located at 3649 Mission Inn Avenue, is by far the most famous and popular of the Riverside landmarks. The Mission Inn operates as a hotel and currently carries the name, the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa. Not only has the Mission Inn been accepted into the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a congressionally chartered organization that assists financially with historic preservation, but it is also on their list of Historic Hotels of America, a list of hotels more than 50 years old that have been maintained to retain their original design attributes.


The Mission Inn is located on the same site that was previously the historic Riverside Glenwood Hotel, built in 1876. It became the Mission Inn in 1902 when Frank Miller, son of the original Glenwood Inn owner, began building and expanding the property. Miller built the Mission Inn using a variety of architectural styles including Moorish Revival, Spanish Gothic, Mediterranean Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival and many others. He seemingly built without a cohesive plan, building some areas repeatedly and other areas to a smaller than normal scale. Fortunately, after several ownership changes and nearly $100 million in renovations over the years, the hotel is now a centerpiece that Riverside residents can admire.


The Inn has a long history of notable guests. Ronald and Nancy Reagan honeymooned at the Mission Inn, Richard and Pat Nixon were married in one its wedding chapels as was Bette Davis. Many Presidents have also been to the Mission Inn, the list includes John Fitzgerald Kennedy, William McKinley, Benjamin Harrison, Theodore Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, George W. Bush and William Howard Taft. There is also a long list of celebrity guests including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ginger Rogers, W.C. Fields, Raquel Welch and Drew Barrymore.


The Mission Inn Riverside has also been a filming location for several movies including Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Man in the Iron Mask, Walter Mathou and Jack Lemmon’s Buddy Buddy, Jim Kelly’s Black Samurai, and Clark Gable’s Idiot’s Delight. In addition to movies, the Mission Inn was used as Toby O’Dare’s home base in Anne Rice’s novel Angel Time, in Eddy Money’s Think I’m In Love music video, and in an episode of Sliders.


Other significant landmarks within the city include the Riverside County Historic Courthouse at 4050 Main Street, the Union Pacific Depot at 3751 Vine St, Benedict Castle at 1850 Benedict Avenue, and the Riverside Fox Theater at 3801 Mission Inn Avenue. Natural landmarks within the Riverside city limits include the La Sierra Hills, Mount Rubidoux, Quarry Hill, Victoria Hill and Box Springs Mountain.


Other interesting, if not historical, points of interest include the Concrete Railway Viaduct which when built in 1903 was the largest of its kind in the world, the Giant Lily Cup which marks the old location of the Lily Manufacturing Company, the newly refurbished Riverside Main Street Mall, and the Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree located at Arlington and Magnolia. The Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree in Riverside is one of only two original trees that were used to spawn the navel orange portion of the California citrus industry. The second tree was moved to the Mission Inn and personally planted by then President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903; the tree died in 1922.


The unique symbol that serves as the logo for the City of Riverside and is seen on the city flag, multiple buildings, artwork, and even bumper stickers on the cars of residents is called the Raincross. Frank Miller, the original owner of the Mission Inn, commissioned the Raincross. It was designed by using a combination of the symbolic bell that Father Junipero Serra used to call patrons to mass and a Native American cross to which Navajo Indians once used as the focus of their prayers for rain.

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