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As the top San Dimas private investigation firm, we are discreet and professional. Our business revolves around surveillance and research and each year we invest heavily in ensuring we have the most effective and leading edge technological tools at our disposal. This includes developing technology internally that gives our clients an edge in gathering information, which is critical in developing a plan that meets each clients unique needs.


We are experts in San Dimas surveillance, our licensed California private investigators have spent years familiarizing themselves with every aspect of the city, gathering intelligence and developing an understanding of how to maneuver and monitor unnoticed.


Going unnoticed is important when handling a case and is one of the reasons our San Dimas investigators do not live in the area. As non-residents, they can freely move within the city without crossing paths with people they know. This guarantees that we will not have any prior or conflicting knowledge of your case nor any of the people involved.



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If a case lasts for just a few days or several months our professional San Dimas private investigators are capable of making certain that it is properly documented and put together to ensure it cannot be refuted, even by the best opposing attorney. In fact, we have developed relationships with San Dimas attorneys, many who know they can call on us anytime to put together the missing facts necessary to win a case.
Some of the technology we use in our surveillance are video cameras, still photo cameras, unmanned cameras, radio communication systems, motion detection cameras, and unmanned aerial surveillance. With our firm you have access to any technology necessary to make certain your needs are met.



While we make unmanned aerial surveillance available, most situations do not require such extreme measures, yet they do require long term monitoring, which in itself can eventually become costly. This is why we have perfected our use of unmanned cameras; with unmanned cameras, we can oftentimes surveil an area for 7-10 days for the same cost as a single day of manned surveillance. This use of technology makes it possible for us to build a case while at the same time remaining an affordable service.




At O&O Investigations, you have access to fully licensed California Investigators that specialize in San Dimas and have experience operating throughout the state. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable, discreet, and professional San Dimas private investigation firm, contact us today.

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Nestled in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, 28 miles out from Downtown Los Angeles on historic U.S. Route 66, San Dimas is bordered by Bonita, Glendora, Covina, Diamond Bar, Pomona, Monrovia and La Verne. On the south, Orange Freeway and Interstate 10 cradle the Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park, home to the Puddingstone Resevoir. As a suburb of Los Angeles, San Dimas is occasionally used for filming, although its perhaps most recognizable role – the location for “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” – was filmed elsewhere. With a hopping 33.7 thousand residents, San Dimas‘ median household income and home value is above the state averages.


The city government in San Dimas is a five-member council, including the mayor. While the members at large serve four years, the mayor only serves two. The San Dimas Administration Department also includes a city manager and a city attorney. Pomona Health and Monrovia Health Centers provide medical services under Los Angeles County Department of Health.


Los Angeles County provides San Dimas public safety through the LA County Fire Department and the LA County Sheriff’s Office. Because of the broad region the LA Sheriff’s Office has to cover, San Dimas also addresses crime prevention through law enforcement/community partnerships, a Neighborhood Watch and private investigators. This promotes a focus on community-oriented, problem-solving crime prevention that gives the residents of San Dimas a city they can be proud of.


San Dimas is also home to one of the three Raging Waters water theme park, the largest water parks in the state of California. Although closed in the winter, it offers thirteen different attractions that are always a thrilling draw for tourists and local families alike.


There’s a number of family friendly parks in San Dimas, all including picnic areas and sports areas for tennis, soccer or basketball. Via Verde Park also includes jogging paths, while Rhoads Park is home to San Dimas Railroad Museum. (There’s also the Pacific Railroad Museum on Bonita Ave.) Horsethief Canyon Park also offers the San Dimas Dog Park, with two areas for animals to play, as well as other recreation equipment.


San Dimas offers a number of annual events, with a pleasant civic focus on the arts. San Dimas Festival of Arts sponsors the Western Art Show in April, as well as the Wildlife Art Show in October. The Western Days fest is also in October, featuring the San Dimas Rodeo. Each August San Dimas celebrates its anniversary with a city barbecue. Summer’s brings Music in the Park to Historic Downtown San Dimas. The city also offers The Cannondale Old Town Grand Prix Bicycle Race and two different marathons.


As home or alma mater to notable sports players, such as Olympian Jamie Dantzscher, D.J. Hackett of the Carolina Panthers, Ian Johnson of the Detroit Lions, Chris Pettit of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Jeremy Reed of the New York Mets, San Dimas takes it’s education and athletics seriously. While its population growth has slowed, Community focus, a dedicated county law enforcement and private investigators will ensure that San Dimas only continues to grow its prosperity and family environment as a heart and hearth for Los Angeles County.

CA License #28111

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