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Our California Surveillance investigators have a dedicated team for Santa Monica & Beverly Hills surveillance cases. Santa Monica and surrounding areas demand a unique investigator who can blend in with the elite, conduct pursuit in high traffic environments, and conduct foot surveillance and pursuit. Our Santa Monica surveillance team are experts in getting into places other just can’t and filming in those “exclusive” places. Our Santa Monica team also keeps upscale vehicles in their fleet such as Mercedes ML series, BMW X5 series, and a Porsche Cayenne.


We are not your average private investigation firm or even surveillance investigation firm. Our Santa Monica private investigators know the ins and outs of Malibu but the investigators do not reside in the city of Santa Monica. The reason for this is because we know the need to maintain discretion and we do not want our investigators to accidentally run into a familiar face, or even worse, have personal knowledge of the subject under investigation.


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Our team of Santa Monica private investigators are experts in domestic surveillance. We worked several long term cases including a 70 day straight surveillance in Santa Monica with successful outcomes. We also know many of the attorneys in the area and know how to work with Santa Monica attorneys. Our goal is to get you or your attorney the evidence for a winning case! Some of our unique technologies include: unmanned cameras, motion detection cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, unique radio communication.



We often use creative methods to save you time and money. One of our most utilized tactics is unmanned surveillance. We have the ability to setup unmanned cameras in many Santa Monica location. 5 – 10 days of unmanned surveillance is financially equivalent to 1 full day of surveillance.




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Santa Monica is a resort town and small community located to the west of Los Angeles on Santa Monica Bay. With a population of 91,812, the city hosts 160,000 to 360,000 additional people each day that come to the city to shop, work, or enjoy the many other attractions to the city. The exact number of visitors is dependent upon the scheduled activities within the city on any given day, with the large numbers of visitors arriving during the numerous events that the city hosts each year; with the larger numbers present on holidays and for major events such as the Los Angeles Marathon, Santa Monica serving as the finish line.


Known for its affluence, The City of Santa Monica has a median household income of $71,095 and a median per capita income of $42,874. Only 10 percent of residents are below the poverty line. Statistically, Santa Monica Ranks first out of 101 cities for the following categories: largest percentage female lawyers to population, largest percentage of male lawyers to population, largest number of female workers in the legal field, and the largest number of males working in the legal field. It ranks fourth for most spent government spending on parks and recreation per resident. It ranks fifth for highest median house value and highest cost of living, and ninth in the list of cities with the highest cost of a building permit. This last ranking is likely due to Santa Monica’s constant efforts to restrict growth or change.


The racial profile of residents is 70.1 percent non-Hispanic White, 13.1 percent Latino or Hispanic, and 9 percent Asian with the remainder other races. With a population density at 10,662.6 residents per square mile, each resident has little space, a problem exacerbated by the influx of workers and visitors each day noted earlier. This influx of people artificially inflates the crime statistics for the city. With averages of all crime approaching those for the nation as a whole, the actual numbers become more telling when itemized. Breaking the statistics down show that the city has much higher than average numbers for theft and property crimes and much lower than average for violent crimes. The Santa Monica Police Department reports that actual crime is extremely low if you take out the number of crimes committed by the large influx of non-residents each day, though no specific data is available or published to support this claim. One reason for low crime statistics is that the voters passed Measure Y, a measure that forces the Santa Monica Police Department to put citing people for the use of marijuana at the bottom of their list of priorities. This low prioritization leads to less recorded crime when comparing statistics to cities that are proactive in marijuana enforcement.


While not thought of as a haven for gangs or other illicit street activity, Santa Monica is home to some gang members and related gang activity in its Pico Neighborhood. Notable crime stories for Santa Monica include the arrest of Boston mobster Whitey Bulger and the 2013 shooting spree by a young student that ended with five victims and the shooter dead; this while the President of the United States was visiting a location nearby.


Santa Monica has 46,917 households that house 87,610 people in 50,912 housing units. The remainder of the population live in group homes or are institutionalized. Of the 46,917 households, 28.4 percent are owner occupied and 71.6 percent renter occupied. With the average number of occupants in owner occupied housing higher than that of renter occupied, 33.3 percent of Santa Monica residents live in owner occupied homes and only 64.1 percent in rented homes.


Roads and cars dominate transportation in Santa Monica, but the city has actively encouraged alternative means of transport. In 2009, the League of American Bicyclists awarded the city the Bicycle Friendly Community Award. The use of bicycles is apparent throughout the city, enough so that according to the California Office of Traffic Safety their presence has catapulted Santa Monica into ranking as third amongst California cities with the highest number of bicycle accidents.


Automobile traffic is a constant problem within the city, and is the subject of continuous debate between developer’s, the City Council, and residents. Nearby freeway travel is also difficult with the Santa Monica Freeway from Los Angeles to the city among the heaviest travelled freeways on the continent. Other local freeways include Interstate 405, State Route 2, State Route 1, and US Route 66.


To alleviate in town traffic, bus transportation is provided by the city through its own bus line called the Big Blue Bus. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, known as the MTA, provides Service routes in and out of the city. The MTA also services many areas within Santa Monica during the times of day that the Big Blue Bus service is closed. There is no rail transportation within or through the city, though the Pacific Electric Railway also known as the Red Car, once served Santa Monica. The Red Car was a privately owned transportation service that operated for decades until it was finally shut down in 1961. There are plans to extend the MTA light rail system into Santa Monica in the future.


In addition to owning the Big Blue Bus, the city also owns and operates the Santa Monica Airport. The airport, also known as Clover Field, has a rich history in and of itself. It was the original location of Douglas Aircraft and it was the base airport for the first time that the globe was circumnavigated by aircraft. It was also the headquarters for the Army’s 40th Division, 115th Observation squadron during World War II. The airport is now a general aviation airport that handles 300-350 operations each day. Planes flying into and out of the airport are subject to strict noise regulations with no operations allowed after 7 pm on any day of the week.


The Santa Monica economy has many diverse components. As a prestigious Southern California address, it attracts many diverse corporate operations. Some of these include Universal Music, the RAND Corporation, Lionsgate Films, and COR Capital LLC. It is also a hub for electronic game companies such as Naughty Dog, SCE Studios Santa Monica, Riot Games, and Activision’s Blizzard Entertainment.


The top five employers in the city are the City of Santa Monica, Santa Monica College, Saint John’s Health Center, the UCLA Medical Center Santa Monica, and the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. Other major employers include the RAND Corporation, Universal Music Group, Beachbody, Blizzard Entertainment, Viacom Media Networks, Loews Hotels and Yahoo.


Employment in the city also includes those that work in the primary shopping districts of the city; Montana Avenue, the Downtown District, and Main Street. The Montana District is in north Santa Monica and includes restaurants, upscale shopping, luxury boutiques, and small offices that offer a variety of services to residents. The Main Street district has a variety of shops and stores that are not found elsewhere. These shops carry clothing, style accessories, jewelry, and other specialty items. Main Street also has its own offering of unique eateries and restaurants.


The Downtown District includes the Third Street Promenade. This outdoor center is three blocks long between Broadway and Wilshire along a portion of Third Street that does not allow vehicles. Sitting at one end of the Third Street Promenade and a couple blocks away from the Santa Monica Pier is Santa Monica Place.  The Downtown District has everything residents could need from retail shops that specialize in every conceivable need to beauty, health and fitness, and services such as real estate, legal and attorneys, and financial services. Dining in the area is abundant with any type of food nearby from Thai to Mexican. The abundance of resources in the area are complete enough to service any need; if a resident wanted a private investigator, they could find one amongst the services in the Downtown District.


With a beautiful beach and its proximity to Hollywood, Santa Monica has been in countless films and television series. The first known film appearance for the city was in a 1929 film by Buster Keaton. In 1963, the California Incline was included as a part of one film’s story and in Rocky III, Rocky Balboa is shown training on Santa Monica Beach. In 1989, the movie Heathers was shot at John Adams Middle School and the 1996 movie The Truth About Cats and Dogs was shot in the Palisades Park area of the city. Other films shot around the city include Oceans 11, Fletch, Get Shorty, 17 Again, The Lords of Dogtown and Demolition Man. The Santa Monica Pier specifically has also been included in many films including The Sting, Beverly Hills Cop III, Hannah Montana The Movie, the Net, and Ruthless People.


Television series that have storylines that based within the city have included Pacific Blue, Baywatch, Private Practice, and Three’s Company. The Santa Monica Big Blue Bus was featured in Speed and The Doors and the Santa Monica Airport was a part of the film 2012.


The city has also played its part in the pages of many books. For example, in The Land That Time Forgot a character was from Santa Monica. In Al Capone Does My Shirts one family had previously lived in Santa Monica and Raymond Chandler’s Phillip Marlowe spent time in “Bay City”, a place based on Santa Monica, if Santa Monica were corrupt and riddled with crime.


As if books, movies, and television did not bring enough attention to the city, it also is a featured location within many video games. These game titles include grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, Cars Race-O-Rama, Grand Theft Auto V and Destroy All Humans.

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