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As the top Sherman Oaks private investigation firm, we stay ahead of the competition by investing heavily in technology, research, and training. This includes the development of in-house technology when we find we need a specific piece of equipment that is not available on the open market. This investment not only keeps us ahead of the competition, it provides our clientele with unparalleled access to the results they need. It also allows us to cater to the specific needs of each client, giving us limitless options in developing a custom approach to any situation.


With our breadth of experience and access to innovative technology, we offer our Sherman Oaks surveillance clients a level of service and results that cannot be found with any other firm. Over the years, our Private Investigators have developed an intimate knowledge of the area, giving us the ability to monitor anywhere without being conspicuous. This is our specialty and we do it well.


It is comforting to clients to know that while we are experts in and around Sherman Oaks, none of our California surveillance investigators live in the area. This way our clients can rest assured that their investigator will not know any of the parties to the case, nor will they run any risk of notice by someone they already know.



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With our focus on surveillance in Sherman Oaks, our private investigators can provide our clients a level of experience, knowledge, and inconspicuous maneuverability that not found with any other firm. Whether your case requires just a few days or a long-term commitment of many months, we can handle your case. We also have ongoing relationships with Sherman Oaks attorneys, working directly with them to gather the necessary facts through documented surveillance that enables them to build cases that are rock solid.


Critical to effective surveillance is technology and with our firm, your available options are never limited. In fact, we always stay up to date on the latest technological advancements so that we can conduct surveillance more effectively than any other firm. Some of our technology includes motion detection cameras, unmanned cameras, manned cameras, radio communication technology, and aerial surveillance, both manned and unmanned.



It is important that we serve your needs while keeping overall costs at a minimum. This is why we have perfected our use of unmanned surveillance techniques. With unmanned surveillance, you can get much longer monitoring than with manned surveillance. For example, one day of manned surveillance can cost the same as 5-10 days of unmanned surveillance.




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Sherman Oaks is an upper-class community located in Los Angeles County, California. The city of Sherman Oaks is located in the San Fernando Valley and is home to many celebrities from the Los Angeles area. Unlike the majority of the Valley, Sherman Oaks is a relatively urbanized community, with sky scrapers along Ventura Boulevard as well as scattered throughout the city. The neighborhoods in Sherman Oaks are mostly populated with residential condominiums, apartment buildings as well as single-story homes. Neighborhoods in the area are known to be very close distance to business buildings and shopping centers. The city of Sherman Oaks isn’t a familiar name worldwide, but it’s a locally known hub for regional public transportation, businesses and great high-end shopping centers.
The city of Sherman Oaks is mainly populated by Caucasian people, which take up approximately 75% of the population. This leaves 11% to the Hispanic community, about 7% Asian and 3% African-American. Sherman Oaks and the Valley area in general is a very sought after location for immigrants and 10% of the population in Sherman Oaks claim to have been born in Mexico.
Sherman Oaks is generally considered a safe location to call home and to visit. The city is well known for its great emergency responders, police forces, lawyers, attorneys and is home to some of southern California’s highest trained Private Investigators. Sherman Oaks emergency response services come from the Los Angeles Fire department, who provides emergency response to the Sherman Oaks and also to some parts of the Van Nuys area.
Sherman Oaks is also known to be a city with many higher-educated residents. As of 2010 45% of their residents who were 25 and older obtained 4 year degrees, which is a much higher percentage than most of the surrounding cities in Los Angeles County. This may be a result of a city that is also known for having a great K-12 public education system, with many great private and public schools in the area.
Sherman Oaks acquired its name in the late 1800’s and the real estate began to boom soon after, mainly due to it being the California Aqueducts anticipated location which was eventually built in 1913. The San Fernando Valley was growing consistently with great development; having businesses, residential areas and many other structures being built.
Like most of the valleys cities in southern California, earthquakes are a huge risk for the community. In 1994, Sherman Oaks‘ neighboring city, Northridge had its largest earthquake to date, which destroyed a great amount of buildings and structures in Sherman Oaks and surrounding Valley cities. Though the city has re-gained itself, this time around they have taken full of advantage and implemented many improving technologies and engineering designs with earthquakes taken into consideration. The region hasn’t seen a direct earthquake since, but has definitely had small rumbles from nearby areas.
During the recent recession, Sherman Oaks seen a huge fall in real estate with many people facing foreclosure and losing their homes and businesses. This had a huge effect on not only the residential real estate, but commercial real estate in the area as well. Unlike its surrounding areas, Sherman Oaks is one of the few cities that has a lot of high-rises and skyscrapers throughout the city.  The city of Sherman Oaks has a downtown and residential environment providing many thriving businesses and different professional services. The city is definitely beginning to see an increase in the real estate market and many businesses and residents are beginning to stabilize and expand in the Sherman Oaks area.
The valley region is home to a wide variety of professional services and businesses, while also being home to many entertainment and production companies. A few of its neighbors are Hollywood, Van Nuys & Burbank which are all huge entertainment cities. Sherman Oaks is also home to a wide range of Doctors’ offices, services, tech companies, high-end financial companies such as Comerica Bank, brokerage buildings, insurance companies and several educational institutions. Warner Bros. office also calls Sherman Oaks home, with an office located inside of the Sherman Oaks galleria. Sherman Oaks still has a lot of Citrus groves and growers in the city today, and still remains to be one of their main natural resources.
Sherman Oaks isn’t only known for its business environment. With its location being near one of the world’s largest entertainment regions, the city is home to many movie and television screenings as well many local celebrities. The region is often preferred by the higher-class entertainment because of its slower paced lifestyle and environment. Although Sherman Oaks is an active city, with a nightlife and routine filming and shooting, it isn’t nearly as wild as Los Angeles and Hollywood areas. Sherman Oaks has been an on set location for many films and televisions shows such as; Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scrubs & Two and a half men, just to name a few.
Sherman Oaks is also home many different events and public activities. The city holds many events throughout the seasons, with the most notable probably being the Sherman Oaks Street Fair, which is held on the third Sunday of every October and usually attracts around 100,000 people annually.
With large social interactions and events, it’s very important that Sherman Oaks‘ law enforcement maintains the safety and well-being of its citizens and visitors. Sherman Oaks is home to many well trained Private Investigators, lawyers, attorneys and a very well trained police force. In a safe environment and community, it is a priority for the safety of the city and its people. This sometimes may require some of the greatest tactics and practices and requires officials to be on top of their game. Private Investigators who serve the community of Sherman Oaks and its areas often do not reside in the region to keep them un-noticed and discreet. Although the Private Investigators may not reside in the city, they always maintain familiarity with southern California region being sure to keep up with new developments and detours.
Sherman Oaks Private Investigators are equipped with state of the art technology, surveillance equipment and necessary tools to assure the investigation goes by un-noticed and as smooth as possible. Being first in cutting edge technology allows investigators to be ahead of the competition and the public.
Sherman Oaks is not a familiar name to most people who think of the greater Los Angeles area, however it is one of the most sought after locations for the upper-class due to its best of both worlds environment. It is a city that does a lot of business, yet still maintains the very residential homey feel that it has. Sherman Oaks is a sought after city for both families and singles, with a great night life as well as a great area to raise a family. Sherman Oaks is a well reputable area for its shopping centers, dining restaurants & boutiques. The cities attractions are known to attract many Hollywood celebrities, tourists and is one of the reasons the real estate prices remain high amongst other areas in the region. Some of the attractions in the area include Westfield Fashion square and Sherman Oaks Galleria, which was heavily damaged due to the 1994 Earthquake and took several years to bounce back into stabilization.
The city of Sherman Oaks has a very involved community and has plenty of parks and locations to hold events such as the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Park which is located in Sherman Oaks. The park is home to an auditorium, eight baseball diamonds, and basketball courts both indoor and outdoor, children’s area, community room, a football field, an indoor gymnasium, picnic tables, soccer field and a swimming pool. The community offers many activities and events for all age groups in an effort to bring unity to the city and provide a platform for the youth and the older people to come together, have fun and play competitive sports, games and see some live entertainment.
There is a lot of history behind one of the first developed cities in the San Fernando Valley region, Sherman Oaks. It’s fire station #88, who was the first urban search & rescue task force to respond to the September, 2011 terrorist attack in New York City. Sherman Oaks was the city in which 16 year old Marilyn Monroe purchased her first home. Many musicians have lived or do live in Sherman Oaks, some that you may know are Liberace, who lived in Sherman Oaks, and his home is famous the piano shaped swimming pool. The original term “Valley girl” was made popular by musician Frank Zappa and his daughter, Moon, who came up with the name when mocking the local girl’s linguistics.
The city of Sherman Oaks has come a long way since it’s earlier days of development and has overcome many economic and geographical downfalls. The city has implemented great government officials and enforcements to assure the growth of a healthy and functional community. With great law officials, emergency response teams and a great community, the city continues to grow and become one of the safest regions in Los Angeles County. Being able to recover after downfalls, adapt and maneuver throughout different situations allows the city to be a great demonstration of communal efforts from all angles.

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