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The team we have of private investigators in Torrance are extreme experts in matters of domestic surveillance. We have been known to conduct surveillance that has lasted months and months, if necessary. We are also familiar with the attorneys in the Torrance area, and work hand-in-hand with them when necessary. Our main goal is to get you the evidence you need to win your case in court. Some of the technologies we employ are: the use of unmanned cameras and aerial surveillance, cameras with motion detection, and radio communication second to none.



The methods we often use are creative in scope in order to economize your money and time. To do this, we oftentimes use unmanned surveillance. Because of our history in working in Torrance, we are able to set up cameras which require nobody to monitor or operate them in many locations around the area. To understand how this saves you money, 5 to 10 days of surveillance which is unmanned is the financial equivalent to one manned full day of surveillance.




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Incorporated in 1921, the City of Torrance covers 20.6 miles in southwestern Los Angeles County as part of the area known as the South Bay. Torrance has a small portion of its city limits that stretch west to the Pacific Ocean to include the Torrance Beach Park. The Torrance Beach Park is a 1.5 mile long beach at the south terminus of The Strand, a coastal bike trail that starts at Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades. South of the Torrance Beach Park is RAT Beach; RAT is an acronym for “Right After Torrance”. RAT Beach is a little known beach that is not accessible by roads. Surfers, anglers, and other beach visitors must walk from the Palos Verdes Beach and Athletic Club or Torrance Beach Park to reach RAT Beach.


With only 1.5 miles of beachfront, Torrance is primarily an inland city. One unique geographic feature of the city is that it has one of the few wetland areas in the United States that is also located in a fully developed urban city. This wetland, known as the Madrona Marsh, was saved from urnbanization because it has been producing oil since 1924. Passed over by developers and with the oil production on a small portion of the land, the Madrona Marsh is a modern example of how the entire South Bay area looked hundreds and even thousands of years ago. The Madrona Marsh is now a State Protected wetland that includes the Madrona Marsh Preserve and Nature center. The Madrona Marsh Preserve and Nature Center sponsors a number of organized events that highlight different aspects of the Marsh each year.


Lesser-known parks within Torrance include Wilson Park, Lago Seco Park and Columbia Park. Wilson Park covers 44 acres and includes a skate park, hockey rink, a full gymnasium, and picnic facilities. Wilson Park also features the Southern California Live Steamers Miniature Railroad and each Saturday and Tuesday it is home to the Torrance Farmers. The Southern California Live Steamers Miniature Railroad provides steam rail rides to children twice per month and in its history had as its original members such notable southern California residents as Walt Disney, Ward Kimball and Olie Johnston. Lago Seco Park covers 14.7 acres and has basketball courts, a softball diamond, and a children’s play area. Columbia Park is a 52 acre regional park that includes a cross country running track, several sports fields, and a cherry blossom tree grove. Both Lago Seco Park and Columbia Park host the City of Torrance Community Gardens Program. The Community Gardens Program provides plots of land on park property that residents can lease and grow produce alongside other residents doing the same. Both parks have 125 gardens available for lease; each garden measuring four-hundred square feet.


While the Torrance City Parks Department provides residents with parks and escapes into nature, the city is best known for its urban attractions. The Del Amo Fashion Center is the fifth largest mall in the United States and the second largest mall in California. Originally built as a much smaller mall in the 1950’s, years of merging with adjacent surrounding malls as well as newly built additions have made it one of the largest in the United States since its most recent expansion in 2007. Should the mall ever expand again and merge with the nearby 955,000 square foot South Bay Galleria, it will then become the largest mall in the United States.


Torrance is home to the Torrance Cultural Arts Center that hosts the Torrance Symphony, the Aerospace Players, Los Cancioneros Master Chorale, and the Torrance Art Museum. The Torrance Art Museum is a contemporary art museum that sponsors a full calendar of activities such as symposia, lectures, artists, and educational programs.


The population of Torrance is 145,438 of which 144,292 live in 56,001 households. These households live within the 58,377 city housing units of which 31,621 are owner occupied. The racial demographics of the Torrance population is 42.3 percent non-Hispanic White, 34.5 percent Asian, and 2.7 percent African American. Hispanic and Latino residents account for 16.1 percent of the Torrance population with this number representing a dual count of those Hispanic and Latino residents that also identify with being a part of other races. Torrance has one of the highest percentages of residents with a Japanese heritage amongst cities in the United States.


Four employers within Torrance employ more than 1,000 people. These four are Toyota Motor Sales, American Honda, Honeywell, and Robinson Helicopter. Three of the four largest employers, the exception being Honeywell, have their world headquarters located in Torrance. In addition to these major employers, ExxonMobil has a refinery in north Torrance and foreign companies such as All Nippon Airways, Aurora Publishing, Lexus International Marketing, Mitsuwa Marketplace and Ohzora Publishing have all chosen Torrance as the location for their North American headquarters.


Serving both residents and these large employers is an extensive list of small and medium sized businesses that employ more people in Torrance than the twenty largest employers combined. These businesses provide the infrastructure of jobs and services that make the City of Torrance thrive. From the numerous law firms that employ an attorney to meet any need to those businesses that provide specialty services such as private investigator firms and catering companies, the city’s small and medium sized businesses can meet any need.


The educational system in Torrance is provided through the administration of the Torrance Unified School District. Known for academic achievements, the Torrance Unified School District operates four high schools, eight middle schools, and seventeen elementary schools. The four high schools are West High School, South High School, North High School, and Torrance High School. Torrance also has two private high schools, Pacific Lutheran High School and Bishop Montgomery High School, and eight private primary and middle schools. There are no colleges or universities within the city limits.


Surrounded by urban development on all sides, the City of Torrance is near several freeways including Interstate 405, State Route 91, State Route 1, and State Route 107. Torrance Transit and the Los Angeles Metropolitan transit Authroirty’s Metro Bus Line operate public transportation. Union Pacific and BNSF Railway carry freight trough the city and Zamperini Field serves as the city’s general aviation airport. Zamperini Field is home to Robinson Aircraft and the Western Museum of Flight. The Western Museum of Flight has a number of historic planes including prototypes of the stealth fighter, a Northrop JB-1 also known as the Flying Wing, and the Northrop YF-17 Cobra which was a forerunner of the F/A-18 Hornet.


Notable people that were born in the City of Torrance include Louis Zamperini, Michelle Kwan, Paul Moyer, Quentin Tarantino, Chuck Norris, Snoop Lion, and Bo Derek.

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