Asset Investigations

O&OInvestigations recommends conducting an in-depth background & asset investigation on any individual you with whom you are planning to go into business, establish a partnership, pursue in court and/or entrust your family and love ones. Our in-house researchers will locate and confirm all aspects of an individual’s assets – including, but not limited to, any civil records pertaining to those assets and all properties owned. At times, our firm will contact former associates, family members, employees and neighbors to uncover additional information that is not available on our databases or by way of computer research.

On several cases, our asset investigations have saved our clients from bad business investments that would have cost them millions of dollars. In a few asset investigations, we were able to prove that our subject was earning 15 times the monthly income he had claimed.

We have access to multiple databases not available to the public and maintain a close relationship with our sources because of our desire to obtain the best and most reliable information for our clients – regardless of cost! This allows us to provide our clients with information that could not obtain elsewhere.

Our asset investigations are completed and/or reviewed by our firm’s lead background and social media expert who is a licensed California attorney. Further, our CEO is known by his colleagues as the “background guru” and he teaches classes on background & asset investigations to licensed investigators and attorneys through the state of California.

Our hybrid approach to asset investigations includes: