Jury Screening Investigations


ury selection is a crucial and integral portion of any litigation.  An attorney can do everything in his or her power to develop the best case for the client, but ultimately, it is the attorney’s ability to persuade the jury that truly matters. As such, the individuals an attorney selects to serve on the jury is of the utmost importance.  It is vital that when making these decisions, an attorney is provided with a comprehensive picture of a potential juror’s mindset.  Understanding a juror’s background and current beliefs can be unbelievably informative as to how that juror may approach an attorney’s case.


O&O Investigations, Inc. provides an attorney with the requisite information to make an informed decision when selecting their jury.  As private investigators, we are in a unique position to access and ascertain a juror’s background quickly and most importantly, thoroughly.  This research would include criminal and civil litigation history, a brief look into the juror’s assets and liabilities, as well as the juror’s social media and internet activity.  Specifically, our investigator would attend the jury selection process with the attorney and provide on-site background and social media research on those jurors deemed of interest and/or value.  We guarantee accurate and relevant results within minutes – thereby, providing the attorney with the support necessary to give their client’s the best chance of success at trial.