Mergers & Acquisitions

There are many risks involved in acquiring a new business or merging one’s already existing business with another company. As a result, it is important from a business owner’s perspective, to thoroughly vet any possible new business venture prior to taking any such action.  This means not only looking into the person with whom you are looking to go into business, but also the company itself.


While it is useful and necessary to look into a company’s litigation history – that alone is not enough.  Rather, to ensure that you are conducting comprehensive due diligence, we offer the ability to not only review a business’ history, but also verify the accuracy of a business’ claims concerning its productivity.  Our company conducts nationwide research – researching within every state a company is incorporated/registered – including examining a company’s intellectual property.  Included in this research is a preliminary analysis on the marketability of the company and/or the company’s product as well as any possible competitors that may impact the company’s success. Moreover, this also means collecting intelligence by means of monitoring a business’ website activity to researching a company’s import/export activity.


Ultimately, this will provide a more in-depth understanding of a company’s veracity and credibility, thereby allowing you to make the most informed decision.  The goal of our investigations is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of a company’s current standing so that you can determine whether a merger and/or acquisition is in your best interest.