Open-Source Intelligence

Did you find an awesome photo online of your subject lifting 100 pounds with an injured back? Or perhaps a photo of your subject vacationing in Maui when he claimed to only be making $300 a month? Imagine that you took a screenshot of this key evidence only to show it to a judge and find out that your subject has removed this photograph from his/her account and is claiming that you MANIPULATED it! Or imagine that your subject has now brought a witness to testify that this photograph was never posted to his/her account.

The purpose of social media forensics is to uncover and present evidence that is admissible in court and that can stand up against such testimony.  When our firm conducts social media forensics we not only provide you with screen shots – but we also present video captures of how this evidence was obtained  and utilize investigative software that captures all the relevant metadata related to the subject’s account and the evidence provided. We collect this forensic information to prove that the subject posted the photograph as well as provide expert testimony when necessary to guarantee that the evidence is admissible in court.

Our social media research is comprehensive and in-depth by identifying the subject’s usernames, avatars and aliases that may be difficult to locate.  We find that over 60% of our cases would drastically benefit from social media research & forensics.  Generally, the fields in which we find that social media forensics is most beneficial are family law, asset investigations and insurance defense work.  In fact, social media forensics not only provides invaluable evidence in court, but can also minimize the cost of surveillance as it can allow us to discover the subject’s address, vehicles, and hobbies prior to commencing surveillance. The expense of conducting preliminary research and social media forensics will, in most instances, save the client many hours of surveillance and provide exceptionally better results.

Our hybrid approach to social media forensics includes: