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The team we have of private investigators in Upland are experienced in the area of domestic surveillance. The kind of surveillance we have done in the past has spanned months. We are acquainted with several Upland attorneys and we know the ins and outs with developing professional relationships with them. We have the skills to hand you or the attorney representing you the smoking gun to win your case! We have several unique technologies including: unique radio communication, motion detecting cameras, cameras that are unmanned, and drone aerial surveillance.



Oftentimes, we will use methods that are creative in order to save you money and time. One of these methods that we use a lot is called unmanned surveillance. Because of our close associations in Upland, we are able to set up, in many Upland locations, unmanned cameras. This saves you money as 5 to 10 days of unmanned surveillance is equal to one complete day of surveillance, financially speaking.




O&O Investigations INC conducts private investigations not only in Upland, but also in the entire California state. If you find yourself needing a private investigator, one who will help you discreetly in your confidential investigation, simply fill out the PI “Assign a Case” document. We are completely committed in providing reliable, affordable Upland service. We will report what we find promptly and efficiently. To start your case, please contact us now.  CA License #28111.

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Website: http://www.uplandpl.lib.ca.us/

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Website: http://www.pica-association.org/

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Website: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/

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Upland is an incorporated city on the side of the base of Mount San Antonio, the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains. Mount San Antonio, known to Upland residents as Mount Baldy, has a peak that reaches 10,068 feet nine miles north of the city limit. With its location on the base of a mountain, Upland increases in elevation 825 feet for the 4.25 miles between the southern and northern city limits.


George Chaffey originally developed Upland in the late 19th century. Chaffey laid out a plan of irrigation throughout the area in order to make the sale of lots attractive to buyers. With established irrigation systems throughout the city, over time Upland became known for its citrus groves. Grove owners and residents made the decision to incorporate as a city to protect their interests from the expansion of the City of Ontario. Ontario was making plans to annex the Upland Post Office and the Upland Train Depot along with the rail lines and tracks that the Depot served. This expansion was seen as a threat to area interests and in response, Upland was incorporated on May 15, 1906.


In 1912 Upland was a city along the first coast-to-coast highway in the United States, the National Old Trails Road. The portion of the National Old Trails Road that ran through Upland became a part of United States Route 66 in 1926. By 1954, Interstate 10 was completed along the southern border of Upland. This marked the beginning of the urbanization of the city and was the first milestone in the decline of the domination of its citrus industry.


In the 21st century, Upland has Interstate 10 along its southern border and Highway 210 toward its northern border. Euclid Avenue, California State Route 83, runs north and south through the middle of the city and Foothill Boulevard, State Route 66, runs through the middle to the East and West. Foothill Boulevard is a remnant of the historic US Route 66.


With its topography, Upland is known worldwide amongst vertical skateboarding enthusiasts. In addition to its reputation for skateboarding, the more common mainstream cultural activities in the city include museums and a theater. The two main museums in Upland are the Upland Fire Department Museum and the Cooper Regional History Museum. The Upland Fire Department Museum is in an original fire station from 1915 that includes a fire truck that first served the city in 1916. The Cooper Regional History Museum is dedicated to the original Native American inhabitants of the area and includes exhibits that document its history; including an entire section on the citrus industry. The main theater in Upland is the Grove Theater. Located in an old style theater built in 1947, the 837-seat venue features live theater performances and a performing arts school.


The most popular places of interest in the city include the Madonna of the Trail, Historic Route 66, Euclid Avenue, and a historic district in downtown Upland. The Madonna of the Trail is a series of monuments that mark the entire route of the National Old Trails road across the nation. The Upland Madonna of the Trail is the statue furthest west along the historic route. Euclid Avenue, originally named by George Chaffey after his favorite mathematician, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The historic district of downtown Upland includes two-hundred small businesses that work to promote the area as well as to preserve its history. These businesses include restaurants, gift stores, and service businesses that serve the city such as attorney services, insurance services, and private investigator services. The downtown district is home to the Upland Farmer’s market held on Thursdays in the spring, fall, and summer months.


The Upland Unified School District administers public education in the city. The District operates two high schools, two middle schools and ten elementary schools. There are five private schools in Upland, two of which serve students up through high school.


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