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Van Nuys, often mistaken for a city itself, is an area of the San Fernando Valley that is within the incorporated limits of the City of Los Angeles. Van Nuys is east of Interstate 405, north of US Route 101, and west of State Route 170, and south of Roscoe Boulevard. The primary arterial roadways through the area are Van Nuys Boulevard, Sherman Way, Victory Boulevard, and Vanowen Street.


Van Nuys has one airport, three major parks, a senior center, and several government offices including the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety at 6262 Van Nuys Boulevard, the Van Nuys County Courthouse, and the County Superior Courts. The area also boasts a large number of retail and service businesses that serve the greater San Fernando Valley. Some of these retail and service businesses include real estate offices, specialty shops, grocery stores, private investigator firms, attorney offices, and financial firms.


The Van Nuys Airport is a general aviation airport located at 16461 Sherman Way. Though small in size and with only two runways, the Van Nuys Airport is the 25th busiest airport in the world. Each day the airport handles more than 1,100 operations; 65 percent of the volume of the busiest airport in the world. Private planes and other aircraft that fly out of the airport include those owned by business executives, celebrities, the Los Angeles City Fire Department Air Operations Unit, and most aircraft that is used by local television stations and other media outlets.


When it first opened in 1928, the Van Nuys Airport was privately owned and known as the Metropolitan Airport. The United States Government purchased it from the private owners during World War II to use it as a base for military operations aimed at protecting the west coast. After World War II ended, the airport was sold by the United States to the City of Los Angeles. After the sale, the city changed the name to the San Fernando Valley Airport.


By 1959, the area surrounding the airport was beginning to develop with residential and commercial buildings. With this added population of residents and businesses, demand for airport services increased. As a result, the airport continued to grow and by 1971 it handled more flights than any other general aviation airport in the nation. Today the airport employs more than 12,300 people and has gross revenues of $1.3 billion each year making it one of the largest employers in the area. Los Angeles World Airports, the same company that owns Los Angeles International, Ontario International, and Palmdale Regional Airport, now own the airport.


The Van Nuys airport has been used as the set for a number films including Casablanca, Hell’s Angels, Storm Over the Andes, and Lost Horizon. Films that are more recent include American Beauty, Lethal Weapon, True Lies, and Pearl Harbor. Television shows filmed in part at the airport include scenes from Entourage, Alias, and Airwolf. The airport itself has also been the subject of a film documentary, One Six Right.


While the Van Nuys Airport is a focal point for transportation, there are far more residents and businesses that use the public bus lines, freeways, and roads that run through the city. Freeways that serve Van Nuys include Interstate 405, State Route 118, State Route 170, State Highway 101, and Interstate 5. Bus lines that serve the city include the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Metro Bus and Orange Line.


In addition to serving the community as a whole, each of these transportation systems connect to the numerous notable places within the city. Notable places include the Van Nuys Post Office, the Van Nuys Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, the Los Angeles Superior Court, the Marvin Braude San Fernando Valley Constituent Service Center, the Erwin Street Pedestrian Mall, and Valley Presbyterian Hospital.  The Valley Presbyterian Hospital, located in a building built in 1958 and designed by William Pereira, is the only independent full service non-profit hospital in the San Fernando Valley.


Every few months the Museum of the San Fernando Valley sponsors a guided walking tour of Van Nuys. The tour includes several Los Angeles Historic Monuments including the Van Nuys Woman’s Club Building, the Valley Municipal Building, the Van Nuys Pubilc Library, and the Van Nuys Civic Center.


The Van Nuys Woman’s Club Building, located at 14836 Sylvan Street, was built in 1917 and is an example of the architectural history of the city. Van Nuys City Hall, located at 14410 Sylvan Street, is a well known area landmark built in 1932. The Van Nuys Branch Library, located at 14555 Sylvan Street, is on the National Registry of Historic Places and is built in the Spanish Colonial style. Within the Van Nuys Civic Center, there is a monument that was commissioned to represent honor and character within the individual as exhibited through dedication, leadership, courage, and strength. This monument is known as the Fernando Statue. The Fernando Statue is a bronze of a Native American in honor of the original inhabitants of the area. Replicas of the statue are awarded each year to residents that have made a significant contribution to the area while exhibiting the character that the statue represents.


Parks and recreation areas in Van Nuys include Mason Park, Andres and Maria Cardenas Skate Park, Delano Park, the Van Nuys Multipurpose Senior Citizen Center, and the Van Nuys Recreation Center. Mason Park, located at 10500 Mason Avenue, has a baseball diamond, picnic tables, BBQ grills, a children’s play area, and a 400-person capacity indoor auditorium and gymnasium.  The Van Nuys Multipurpose Senior Citizen Center is located at 6514 Sylmar Avenue and the Van Nuys Recreation Center is located at 14301 Vanowen Avenue. The Van Nuys Recreation Center has basketball courts, baseball diamonds, picnic facilities, soccer fields, handball courts, BBQ grills, an indoor auditorium, and a community room.


Other places of interest in the area include the Japanese Garden, the Sepulveda Dam, and Van Nuys Boulevard. The Japanese Garden was established in the 1980’s on the property of the Tillman Water Reclamation Plan at 6100 Woodley Avenue. The garden’s excellence was recognized by the Journal of Japanese Gardening, which ranked it as being on of the ten best in the United States. The Garden is a popular place for special occasions, weddings, and as film and television location. One example of its appearance on television was when it served as the setting for the Starfleet Academy in Star Trek: The Next Generation.


The Sepulveda Dam, built in 1941, was designed to protect the surrounding area from floods like the one that occurred three years earlier, in 1938, killing 144 people. The dam has a popular bike path that wraps around the area and has been a location used for scenes in several films and television series such as Saboteur, Iron Man 2, 24, Bones, Chips, Alias, Gattaca, The Italian Job, and The fast and the Furious.


Van Nuys Boulevard is a busy street that crosses US Highway 101, Interstate 5, and Interstate 210. It was a destination for “cruising” in the 1960’s and 1970’s and was the subject of the film, Van Nuys Blvd. The boulevard is known locally as the inspiration for the cruising in the film American Graffiti, even though the film itself is set in another California town. Locations along the boulevard include the Van Nuys Government Center, the Valley Municipal Building, The Plant, and the Leo Magnus Cricket Complex. The Plant is a 68-acre modern shopping center located on a historical site of a General Motors plant that was called Van Nuys Assembly. Van Nuys Assembly made several General Motors automobiles including the Chevrolet Camaro, the Chevrolet Nova, and the Chevrolet Corvair. The Van Nuys Assembly plant closed in 1992 and the site was cleared for the construction of a shopping center in 1998. The only remnant of General Motors in the area is their 27-acre facility adjacent to the old Assembly property that is used as a modern day testing facility.


The Leo Magnus Cricket Complex is located within Woodley Park, owned by the Army Corps of Engineers, and operated by the Southern California Cricket Association. The name of the complex comes from a famous Southern Californian cricket player and some consider it the best cricket facility in the United States. The facility has hosted several nationally known cricket events including the West Coast Regional Cricket Championships in 2010.


The urbanization of Van Nuys started in 1911 when developers ran ads in the Los Angeles Times offering a free train ride to the area to celebrate Washington’s Birthday with a barbeque, a moving patriotic pitch as to the “birth of a town”, and an auction of lots within the town. That afternoon every lot in the area was purchased and the building of homes and businesses to support the new town began. The story behind this auction is that H.J. Whitney and other prominent business interests, including the Los Angeles Times, had purchased the entire Van Nuys area a couple years early from Isaac Newton Van Nuys.


The Valley General Store was the first building in the area and is located to this day at Sylvan and Van Nuys Boulevard. The area developed quickly and in 1932, the City of Los Angeles cemented its importance by establishing a satellite office for constituent services on Van Nuys Boulevard. With the end of World War II countless soldiers made their new home in the city and large employers such as General Motors added to the lure of new residents.



Today, Van Nuys has 103,770 residents of which 60.5 percent are Hispanic or Latino, 23.1 percent White, 6.4 percent Asian and 6 percent African American. The median income for the city is $42,452.  The Los Angeles Unified School District operates ten schools in the area including one charter school, the Charter High School of Arts. There are eight private schools including the Children’s Community School, Pacific Ridge School, and The Crawford Academy.

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