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The City of Ventura, established in 1866, has a population of 106,433, a 6.4 percent increase over the previous ten years. Famous for its rich history and surfing, the city has a number of attractions and amenities that increases the quality of life for residents and attracts tourists from around the globe.


Downtown Ventura includes the Mission San Buenaventura, the Majestic Ventura Theater, Plaza Park, and the Ventura County fairgrounds. Mission San Buenaventura was the ninth and final mission built under Father Junipero Serra in California. The city name of Ventura is taken from the name of the mission, which derived its name from Saint Bonaventure, a 13th century Catholic philosopher and theologian in the Augustinian tradition. The Mission has withstood a series of natural disasters over its history, including a fire that destroyed the original buildings and a series of earthquakes and related tidal wave that made the property inhabitable in 1812. Rebuilt by 1818, the property was secularized by the Mexican Government after the Spanish Mexican War in 1834.  In 1845, the Mission was sold to a private party, but in 1862, a proclamation of United States President Abraham Lincoln returned it to the church.


The Majestic Ventura Theater is a venue that has drawn top name performers for decades. Built in traditional California Mediterranean style, the infrastructure of the facility is thoroughly modern and technologically up to date. Performers that have graced the Majestic Ventura Theater stage over the years include Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, The Doors, Van Halen, Tom Petty, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ventura’s own Big Bad Vodoo Daddy and Army of Freshman.


Plaza Park, located northeast of the intersection of E. Thompson Boulevard (State Route 101B) and South Chestnut Street, has picnic facilities, a covered gazebo, children’s swings and playground, and public restrooms. The park is most famous for its large Moreton Bay fig tree, originally planted in 1874. The Plaza Park fig tree is one of the largest Moreton Bay Figs in the world.


The Ventura County Fairgrounds located at 10 West Harbor Boulevard, south of State Highway 101 between the highway and Shoreline Drive. The fairgrounds host a number of events each year, from gun shows to Christmas events, but the primary attraction is the Ventura County Fair that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to the City of Ventura each year. Musical groups that have performed at the Fair over its history include The Grateful Dead, All American Rejects, Jimi Hendrix, and Smokey Robinson. The Fairground are adjacent the Ventura Amtrak Station and include the Ventura Raceway and the Derby Club; a restaurant and bar facility that hosts satellite horse racing.


Other points of interest within the City of Ventura include the A J Comstock Fire Museum, Old Creek Ranch Winery, the Surfing Museum, Olivas Adobe, and the Channel Islands Park Headquarters and Visitors Center. The Olivas Adobe is located at 4200 Olivas Park Drive and is a recognized California Historical Landmark. Built in 1837, it is on a portion of a 2250-acre land grant separated from the original Mission property and given to Raimundo Olivas in 1841 by Mexican Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado. The Governor took the land from the original mission lands during the period when the missions were secularized and under the governance of Mexico.


The known history of Ventura starts with its original inhabitants, the Chumash. The Chumash Tribes date back as far as ten thousand years with the specific band of Chumash in Ventura known as the Mitskanaka. The Mission San Buenaventura’s founding in 1782 marks the beginning of the modern history of Ventura.


By the end of the Civil War, the Mission transferred back to the church. Though vast numbers of settlers were coming to Southern California, few came to Ventura due to its relative isolation and the lack of easy access by roads or rail. In 1919, the city experienced some growth due to the establishment of the Ventura Oil Field north of the city limits. The Ventura Oil Field has remained in operation continuously into the 21st century; producing over one billion barrels of oil over the course of its operation.


Activities available within the city include a 13-mile bike route that runs along the coast, numerous activities that involve the Ventura beaches, and offshore fun from the Ventura Harbor including fishing and travel to the Channel Islands National Park. For arts and cultural activities, Ventura has options to keep anyone busy including the Albinger Archaeological Museum, the All American Ballet, Art City Studios, The Buenaventura Art Association Gallery, the City of San Buenaventura Municipal Art Galley, summer Music under the Stars Concerts and performances by the New West Symphony.


For free things to do, anyone can enjoy the free music at the Holiday Street Fair, Ride the Downtown Trolleys that pass through the historic downtown district to Pierpoint Beach, or simply take the time to relax and enjoy the many birds at the Ventura River Estuary. The Museum of Ventura County is also free the first Sunday of any month and the Downtown Farmer’s Market is free to enjoy every Saturday. The Marina Street Playground has a free zipline and other entertaining activities and one can always catch a wave and surf or fish off the pier. Lastly, a person can enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean from a variety of free vantage points on almost any night of the year due to Ventura’s consistently fair weather.


Today, Ventura has over one hundred thousand residents and a population density of 3316 per square mile. The city has 42,827 single-family homes that house 97.7 percent of the population. The remaining population lives in group homes or are institutionalized. Racial demographics in the city are collected and published by the U.S. Census and these reports show that 76.6 percent of the Ventura population is White, 3.4 percent Asian, 1.6 percent African American, with the remaining population several other races. The Hispanic population, which also includes people counted in the percentages for other races, accounts for 31.8 percent of Ventura residents.


Employment in the City of Ventura is dominated by small business. Throughout the city, there are service companies, small manufacturing companies, and retailers that form the core of the local economy. These businesses do not show up in the itemized statistics of city employers, yet they are the core to the thriving Ventura economy. From attorney services through medical offices and even specialty services such as those provided by a private investigator, construction contractor, or pool service; there are countless small and medium sized businesses that aggregate to employing a larger number of residents. Recognizing the importance of the contributions made by small businesses that can become large employers, the city has established the Ventura Ventures Technology Center.


The Ventura Ventures Technology Center acts as an incubator for small high tech start up companies. It assists these companies with mentoring from successful executives of larger companies, facilitates access to capital, and provides marketing mentoring. The center also provides legal assistance to ensure that the incubated companies are secure in their administrative structure as well as assisting them in protecting their control over their innovations.


While small and medium size businesses are critical to the Ventura economy, large employers remain critical to the functioning and tax base of any city. The largest employers in the city are the County of Ventura, the Ventura County Health Care Agency, the Ventura Unified School District, Ventura College and the Community Memorial Hospital.


Supporting the long-term success of the City of Ventura is its educational system. Elementary, intermediate and high school education is provided through the Ventura Unified School District. The District’s six high schools are Buena High School, Community Day School, Pacific High School, Foothill Technology High School, Ventura High School, and El Camino High School at Ventura College. The district also has five middle schools, one k-8 school, and eighteen elementary schools.


Of the high schools in the district the only two that students are not automatically tracked to attend based on where they live are the Foothill Technology High School, a magnet school for health and technology, and the El Camino High School, an independent study school. The six private schools in the city are Ventura County Christian School, Holy Cross School, Our Lady of Assumption, St. Bonaventure High School, and Sacred Heart.


The five colleges that have a campus in Ventura are Ventura College, Ventura Community College, Ventura College of Law, the Southern California Institute of Law, Santa Barbara Business College, and the Brooks Institute of Photography. There are three libraries operated by the Ventura County library System; the E.P Foster Library, the Saticoy Library, and the Avenue Library. The Saticoy Library is located in an unincorporated area outside the city limits.


Transportation into and through the city is dominated by U.S. Route 101, The Ventura Freeway. Other highways include State Route 33, State Route 126 and State Route 118. Bus service enters the city from Los Angeles via the Metrolink and two bus companies; the Ventura Inter-City transit authority (VISTA) and Gold Coast transit handle inter-city travel. Trolley services transport riders through the downtown area and Amtrak has a station along the coast near the Ventura Fairgrounds. These mass transit operations provide complete coverage of he 21.7 square miles that encompass the city limits and provide several alternatives for those that want to travel to nearby cities and throughout the state.

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