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We have the best private investigation firm in West Covina, and the most professional. Our sole focus is research services and surveillance in the surrounding areas of West Covina. Every year, we invest thousands of dollars to research the best technology and to develop in-house technology that no one else in the industry has. We dedicate ourselves in providing surveillance that even the most qualified private investigation teams can’t even touch. Each individual case is different, and thus is treated differently.


Our surveillance investigators in California have redefined the word expert when conducting surveillance in West Covina. We put the average private investigator firm/surveillance investigation firm to shame. Our surveillance team in West Covina knows the minute details of the city of West Covina, but reside outside West Covina city. The primary reason for this is ethics. We do not want our investigators running into surveillance subjects while going about their everyday business, having private knowledge of the person under investigation.



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The team of private investigators we have in West Covina are masters when it comes to domestic surveillance. We have even conducted surveillance that has lasted months. We also have working relationships with the attorneys in West Covina area, and are familiar with them. Our primary goal is to punctually provide you with the evidence you need to win the court case! We have so many unique technologies including: motion detection cameras, aerial surveillance (unmanned), unique radio communication, and unmanned cameras.



We use creativity in our surveillance methods in order to save you money and us time. One of our most commonly used tactics is surveillance which requires no on-site monitoring (unmanned surveillance). We are able to set up cameras in many city of West Covina locations, and these cameras are unmanned. To get a feel of how this saves you money, one day of man surveillance is the financial equivalent to 5 to 10 days of surveillance which is unmanned.




O&O Investigations INC strives to provide high-quality private investigations within California and in the city of West Covina. If you ever find yourself needing a private investigator to support or assist you discreetly and affordably, feel free to fill out a Private Investigator form (“Assign a Case”). Our West Covina private investigators have a commitment to help provide reliable and cost-effective service and to inform you of the result punctually, in unaccountable way. To begin your specific case, please contact us today. CA License #28111.





Official Website of West Covina

Website: http://www.westcovina.org/

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Website: http://www.cali-pi.org/

Professional Investigators of California

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The State of California Official Website

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The City of West Covina covers 16 square miles of Los Angeles County south of Interstate 10, north of State Highway 60, and on both sides of State Route 39, also known as Azusa Avenue. When ranked by its current population it is the 13th largest city in Los Angeles County, the 57th largest in California and the 252nd largest in the United States.


First incorporated in 1923, as a defensive action to stop encroachments by nearby Covina, the city increased in population by ten times in the 1950’s. Since that time, the population doubled again and now stands at 106,098. The majority of this population live in their own homes with only 32.9 percent renting. There are three high schools, three middle schools, and eight elementary schools in the city, all of which under the administration of the West Covina Unified School District.


The majority of West Covina employment is provided by small and medium sized businesses with the larger employers including the Citrus Valley Medical Center – Queen of the Valley Campus, the West Covina Unified School District, and the numerous retail businesses such as Target, Macy’s, J.C Penney, and BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery. Businesses that employ fewer than one hundred employees include investment firms, attorney firms, private investigator firms, medical services, and development companies.


Plaza West Covina, Eastland center, and The Heights at West Covina dominate large scale shopping in West Covina. Plaza West Covina includes nationwide large retailers such as Sears, Best Buy and XXI Forever as well as a number of high-end specialty fashion retailers. Eastland Center includes Target, Walmart, Burlington Coat Factory, and Bed Bath and Beyond. The Heights at West Covina has more than 300,000 square feet of retail space and includes The Home Depot, Target, and Petsmart. Other smaller retail shopping centers in West Covina include The Citrus Grove, West Covina Parkway Plaza, South Hills Plaza, Westfield West Covina, and the West Covina Village.


There are several parks in the city including the West Covina Sportsplex, Walmerado Park, Cameron Park, Cortez Park and Galster Park. The West Covina Sportsplex is the most unique of these West Covina city parks with its combination of commercial interests, retail areas, Big League Dreams Sports Park, and golf course. The Big League Dreams Sports Park has six world-class baseball fields that are designed to replicate different major league sports parks across the nation. The list of replicated sports fields includes Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Dodger Stadium and Wrigley Field. The Big League Dreams Sports Park also has its own pavilion that can be used for sports such as hockey or soccer as well as a venue that is rented for various events. The golf course at the Sportsplex is a full 18-hole championship course.


The City of West Covina government has a number of services for residents that enhance their quality of life and help the city live up to its reputation as “Playful City USA”. City sponsored events such as the weekly West Covina Farmer’s Market held each Saturday at the Lakes and Edwards Theater bring a historical healthy feel to the community. Senior Services including financial assistance and activities cater to the elderly residents. Public transportation though the city owned and operated Go West Bus service makes moving throughout the city accessible to those that use public transportation.

CA License #28111

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