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We are not your average private investigation firm or even surveillance investigation firm. Our West Hollywood private investigators know the ins and outs of Malibu but the investigators do not reside in the city of West Hollywood. The reason for this is because we know the need to maintain discretion and we do not want our investigators to accidentally run into a familiar face, or even worse, have personal knowledge of the subject under investigation.


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Our team of West Hollywood private investigators are experts in domestic surveillance. We worked several long term cases including a 70 day straight surveillance in West Hollywood with successful outcomes. We also know many of the attorneys in the area and know how to work with West Hollywood attorneys. Our goal is to get you or your attorney the evidence for a winning case! Some of our unique technologies include: unmanned cameras, motion detection cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, unique radio communication.



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West Hollywood is an incorporated city with a population of 34,399, as of the 2010 Census. The population is stable, with the number of residents ranging near this number, plus or minus three percent, over the previous decade. The population is highly educated with the percentage of residents with advanced degrees among the highest in the nation for cities of similar size. More than 95 percent of the population has a high school diploma and 61.7 percent of the population has a college degree. Of the 61.7 percent, 17.5 percent have an advanced degree, 37.9 percent have an undergraduate degree and 6.2 have an associate’s degree.


Incorporated in 1984, the City of West Hollywood has an active and vibrant culture that includes the world famous Sunset Strip, Samuel Goldwyn Studios, the Viper Room, and popular celebrity frequented hotspots such as the Formosa Café, SoHo House, Abbey Food and Bar and the Rainbow Bar and Grill.


City hotels include the Mondrain, Standard, Chamberlain West Hollywood, Andaz West Hollywood and Chateau Marmont. Live music entertainment venues include the Viper Room, House of Blues, Troubadour, Whisky a Go Go and The Roxy Theater.


Beyond the allure of the above list of attractions to the city, West Hollywood is also home to a variety of regularly scheduled events that bring thousands and even hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city from across the globe. At Halloween, West Hollywood is home to the largest organized Halloween party and celebration in the nation.  Oftentimes stretching over 1 mile, between Doheny and La Cienega Boulevards, the event covers the streets of the city and can easily have over 350,000 celebrants in attendance from around the world.


Each June there is a LGBT pride parade known as Christopher Street West. First held in 1970, this annual event is a commemoration of the New York Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall Riots occurred in 1969 as a violent response and protest by the LGBT community against Police treatment in New York City. This single event marks the beginning of the Gay Liberation Movement. The Frontrunners LGBT Pride Run is held each year in the morning before the parade. Also in June, there is a LGBT Arts festival called One City One Pride and each fall the city holds the West Hollywood Book Fair. The annual Oscar’s in nearby Hollywood also brings a large number of visitors because many of the after parties are held at the numerous historical landmarks within the West Hollywood city limits.


Throughout the year, the city holds several pet appreciation events that include various activities like an animal walk, pet psychics, and other dog activities. Of these pet appreciation events, the one held in October, one week before Halloween, includes a pet costume contest.


The politics of West Hollywood are the same as any city of its size in the United States with the unique attribute that it had the first majority openly gay City Council. Unique municipal actions put into place within the city include its being the second city in the nation to change the phrase “pet owner” to “pet guardian” in all of the city’s codes and West Hollywood was first city in the nation to outlaw the declawing of felines.


Public safety is contracted with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department who operate city law enforcement services out of their station in West Hollywood. Fire protection is contracted with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, which operates a station within the city limits.


The city’s schools are all within the Los Angeles Unified School District. The elementary schools in the city are Gardner Street Elementary, Laurel Elementary, Rosewood Elementary, Melrose Elementary and West Hollywood Elementary. Bancroft Middle School, John Burroughs Middle School and Emerson Middle School all serve West Hollywood residents and the two high schools that serve the city are Fairfax High School and Hollywood High School. There is one private school in West Hollywood, the Pacific Hills School. The Pacific Hills School serves students from grades six through twelve with a rigid college preparatory curriculum.


West Hollywood includes many races; 77.9 percent of the population is non-Hispanic White, 10.5 percent is Hispanic or Latino, 5.4 percent Asian, and 3.2 percent of the population is African American. None of the West Hollywood population is institutionalized, 99.7 percent live in organized households and 0.3 percent live in group type homes.  Of the 22,511 households, 22.1 percent live in owner occupied residences with the remainder in rental housing.


Employment within the city is spread amongst a wide variety of small businesses with only one employer, Ticketmaster, employing more than 1,000 people. The six employers that have more than 200 employees are the Mondrain Hotel, London West Hollywood, Gordon Ramsay at the London, House of Blues, Dailey and Associates and the City of West Hollywood. The city also includes specialty service businesses from florists to private investigator firms as well as professional offices where residents can find a medical specialist, an attorney, Realtor, or any other type of service that is typical to all urban areas.


Some of the distinctive places within the city that add to its atmosphere and attracts tourists are the Sunset Marquis Hotel with its Whisky Bar and Recording Studio in the basement, Melrose Avenue, Fountain Avenue, and the Sunset Tower. Built on five acres, The Sunset Marquis Hotel has a traditional Mediterranean style design and atmosphere with rooms called bungalows, many of which contain a personal spa or grand piano. The Whisky Bar in the hotel is famous for its past clientele including Robbie Williams, John Mayer, Eminem, U2, and the Rolling Stones. To cater to and attract this musician clientele, the Sunset Marquis has a recording studio in the basement.


The stretch of Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood is known for its cutting edge and trendy shopping, restaurants, antique retailers, and interior design offices. The area on the western portion of Melrose Avenue within the city is well known for its concentration of high end exclusive and luxury furniture stores. Fountain Avenue is known for its architecture, including the Sunset Tower. The Sunset Tower has had numerous famous residents including the Gabor sisters, Howard Hughes, Errol Flynn, Frank Sinatra, and John Wayne.


Other businesses that have elements of notoriety within West Hollywood are the Schindler House, the Pacific Design Center, 9200 Sunset, Westlake Recording Studios, Plummer Park, the Comedy Store, Sierra Towers, and the West Hollywood Gateway Project. Famous California architect Rudolf Schindler marked a turn in California architecture when he designed the Schindler House. With its lack of a traditional floor plan, the home serves as more of a live and work studio with its expansive areas and glass walls that integrate the outdoors with the interior. This style floor plan and design is in stark juxtaposition to the demarcation between outside and inside that is dominant in other forms of architecture. The Pacific Design Center is a 1.2 million square foot building built in 1975 that is showcase to top interior designers and furniture makers. With 130 different showrooms and over two thousand interior design product lines, the Center is a destination in itself for anyone involved in interior design, architecture, or development.


The buildings referred to as 9200 Sunset make up the area formerly known as Luckman Plaza. The actual addresses for the buildings are 9220 and 9200 Sunset Boulevard. Famous architect, Charles Luckman who had an illustrious career, designed the buildings. Luckman’s career included President of Lever Brothers, serving President Truman, and as a world-renowned architect. His architecture is found across the nation, the most famous of his designs is the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Theme Building. This building is iconic in its synonymous identification with Los Angeles. The 9200 Sunset building is headquarters for top companies in entertainment including Ford Models, Atlas Entertainment and Media Talent Group, Mosaic Los Angeles, and Abrams Artists. In the penthouse, formerly Charles Luckman’s personal residence, there is a private club called the SoHo House West Hollywood.


Westlake Recording Studios is famous for its innovation in standardizing acoustic rooms and for the list of musicians and singers that have recorded in its “Westlake Style” studios. The list includes Aaliyah, Britney Spears, Shakira, Slayer, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Quincy Jones, and Justin Timberlake. One of the most famous songs recorded at Westlake Recording Studios was Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


Plummer Park is a California State Historic Landmark and is the location of the West Hollywood Farmers’ Market and a new community center facility. The park was originally a property owned by Colonel Eugenio Plummer. Plummer sold the area to Los Angeles County Parks Department in 1937. The historic residence of Plummer is now the headquarters for the Los Angeles Audubon Society.


The Comedy Store, on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood is in the same building as the historic Ciro’s Nightclub. It was at Ciro’s, in 1964, that the Byrds were first discovered. The Comedy Store opened its doors in 1972 and its stages have seen names such as Johnny Carson, Jim Carrey, John Belushi, Joe Rogan, Pauly Shore, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams and Steve Martin. The complete list of famous comedians to perform at the Comedy Store contains nearly every top comedian of the past several decades.


Sierra Towers is a 31 story high residential tower built in 1965 and located at 9255 Doheny Road. Though not the tallest building in Los Angeles, it is in fact the highest building in the area due to its location at the base of a hill. Famous residents of the Sierra Towers over the years have included Joan Collins, Cher, Fred Durst, Sidney Potier, Courteney Cox, Elton John, and Lindsay Lohan. The name Sierra Towers is misleading because the development has only one tower. This misnomer dates back to the original development plans that included two towers at the site.


The West Hollywood gateway Project is an outdoor shopping center that first opened in 2004. The two-floor center has two anchor tenants, eighteen other stores, and eight restaurants. One of these restaurants is the Formosa Café at 7156 Santa Monica Boulevard. The Formosa Café first opened in 1925 and has had a rich history of celebrity patrons including Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Nicolas Cage, Brad Pitt, John Wayne, Bugsy Siegel, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Johnny Depp. The Formosa has made an appearance in many films and television series including The Majestic, Still Breathing, and Frasier.

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