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Through continual professional development, our Whittier private investigation firm is the most competent and accomplished. Our sole focus is research services and on surveillance in the Whittier area. Thousands of our dollars are invested each year into securing the best technology and in expanding our state-of-the-art in-house technology. We excel in providing surveillance services that no one else could even dream to offer. We understand each case is different, so we treat it as such.
Our private investigators in California surveillance are expert in providing Whittier surveillance. We are better than the average private investigator firm, and we beat the competition in any other surveillance investigation firm. Our team in Whittier surveillance is completely competent in its knowledge of Whittier, though the investigators reside elsewhere, not in Upland. We do this because we understand the importance of discretion, and it would be unprofessional for investigators to come across a subject, knowing details of a relative stranger who might be under investigation.






The team we have of private investigators in Whittier are experienced in the area of domestic surveillance. The kind of surveillance we have done in the past has spanned months. We are acquainted with several Whittier attorneys and we know the ins and outs with developing professional relationships with them. We have the skills to hand you or the attorney representing you the smoking gun to win your case! We have several unique technologies including: unique radio communication, motion detecting cameras, cameras that are unmanned, and drone aerial surveillance.



Oftentimes, we will use methods that are creative in order to save you money and time. One of these methods that we use a lot is called unmanned surveillance. Because of our close associations in Whittier, we are able to set up, in many Whittier locations, unmanned cameras. This saves you money as 5 to 10 days of unmanned surveillance is equal to one complete day of surveillance, financially speaking.




O&O Investigations INC conducts private investigations not only in Whittier, but also in the entire California state. If you find yourself needing a private investigator, one who will help you discreetly in your confidential investigation, simply fill out the PI “Assign a Case” document. We are completely committed in providing reliable, affordable Upland service. We will report what we find promptly and efficiently. To start your case, please contact us now.  CA License #28111.


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Official Website of Whittier

Website: http://www.cityofwhittier.org/

California Association of Licensed Investigators

Website: http://www.cali-pi.org/

Professional Investigators of California

Website: http://www.pica-association.org/

The State of California Official Website

Website: http://www.ca.gov/

California Department of Consumer Affiars

Website: http://www.bsis.ca.gov/

California Legislative Information

Website: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/

California Code of Regulations

Website: http://ccr.oal.ca.gov/



Whittier is part of Southern California’s “Gateway Cities,” a grouping of about 25 municipalities that includes Huntington Park, Santa Fe Springs, Bellflower, Lakewood, and Norwalk. Interestingly enough though, because part of Whittier is situated below the Puento Hills, it is also considered part of the San Gabriel Valley region, an area that includes Montebello. Those skilled in geography, such as private investigators, can help determine which section your Whittier residence or employment falls under.
Not only does Whittier have a dual physical background, but a double historical influence as well. The city was named after John Greenleaf Whittier, a Quaker poet, whose “My Name I Give to Thee” is a dedication to the place he actually never resided in. (Founders were of the Quaker faith, so they wanted the city to have a notable Quaker moniker). Whittier also has Mexican and Spanish roots through Pio de Jesus Pico IV, the former California governor who owned a majority of the land in the 1800s. His adobe house stills exists today, as the main feature of the Pio Pico State Historic Park.
Botany plays an important part in Whittier. The Paradox Hybrid Walnut Tree stands tall and regal in town, planted in 1907, and evoking Whittier’s past agricultural bounty of walnuts (Whittier also was a leader in the pampas grass and citrus businesses). A trio of trees also symbolizes the relationship with China’s sister city, Changshu. Popular places to visit are the nearby Los Angeles County Arboretum Botanic Garden, and the Fullerton Arboretum,  where amazing displays of Victorian themed and exotic flora bloom. A keen eye, such as that belonging to a private investigator, can identify the various flowers, shrubs, and plants that populate Whittier and its surrounding region. Speaking of flowers, Whittier promotes its official flower, the Friendship Rose!
Another focus full of pride in Whittier is historical preservation.  The Earlham, College Hills, Hadley-Greenleaf, and Central Park neighborhoods are districts renowned for their age and architecture. Tudor, Spanish Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Victorian, Dutch Colonial Revival, and California styles represent some of the distinctive properties in Whittier. Earlham homes were favored real estate of college administration; College Hills still has the street steps built in the early 1900s to make pedestrian traveling easier; white picket fences in Hadley-Greenleaf bring to mind old world Whittier charm; and outdoor concerts, the annual Whittier Founder’s Day Celebration, and a statue of the city’s namesake are a smattering of honorings in Central Park. Driving, cycling, jogging, or walking through town provides many opportunities for a step back into time, and a brief insight into the past.
Whittier College and Whittier Law School (in Costa Mesa) are convenient locations for pursuing more advanced studies and earning degrees. A lot of people return to classes to remain current on newly developed knowledge, or to refresh techniques; because attorneys and private investigators often have dialogues together, it’s a good idea for them to stay up to date about evidentiary protocols.
Social venues, retailers, and dining establishments make up Uptown Whittier. Pamper your animal companion, shop at the farmers’ market, and enjoy what your business community presents to its compadres. Like many neighborhood associations, several retailers in Uptown Whittier offer incentives and rewards for being loyal patrons.
Everyone, from stay at home parents to third shifters, from private investigators to baristas, need down time, and Whittier has plenty of reasons to take in the scenery.  The “Taps and Tapas” Craft Beer and Food Festival, Uptown Whittier Car Show, holiday parades, and Whittier College’s Sportsfest are annual guarantees for fun and camaraderie. Cities looking for inspiration for what to do with inactive or outdated machinery or operations should look to Whittier: the Greenway Trail is hiking, dog walking, baby strolling, and biking delights, turning old railroad tracks into five miles of calm and exercise. Historical cemeteries are another source of reflection. North America’s largest cemetery, the Rose Hills Memorial Park, which includes the well known Pageant of Roses Garden, is located in Whittier, along with Founders’ Memorial Park.


Whittier loves to display public art! Visitors and residents are sure to recognize work including “The Storyteller,” “Rocket Robin,” “Welcome Friends,” “Red Rascal,” and “Crab Louis” sculptures, and “The Arch” mural. Ranging from the abstract to the literal, of cultural, fanciful, and critical themes, and incorporating multi-varied colors and materials, Whittier’s art pieces  are well loved and admired.
Kids and teenagers can participate in lawn bowling, junior ranger and lifeguard, fencing, soccer, and golf instructions and meets at parks in and around Whittier.  Horseback riding, bird watching, flag football, fishing, and kayaking are other lively activities for families, friends, and couples to do, during Whittier play time.
Key people look after the safe, secure, and comfortable atmosphere in Whittier. Local police advise and work with neighborhood watch groups, and partner with the community through volunteer programs. Teens between the ages of 12-15, and young adults between the ages of 16-21 can join the Junior Explorers and Explorers programs respectively, where they help with desk work and public events. Whittier adults over the age of 21 can volunteer with the police department, assisting with traffic co-ordinations, public events, crime research and reporting, and patrolling. These are all great opportunities to further interest in a possible career as a private investigator or an attorney.
Becoming a member of Whittier law enforcement is a generous way to give back to the community. Being familiar with the landscape of the city, and knowledgeable of its occupants greatly helps with investigations, and upholding order. Private investigators know first hand how important it is to pick up on details, and be able to detect whenever and wherever there may be discrepancies.
In addition to relations with China, Los Angeles County’s Whittier is sister city to Whittier, Alaska. It is a city that not surprisingly, embraces everything and everyone that shares its open-hearted ideals and nature.  The past mixed with the present, and progressively moving forward into the future, Whittier keeps attracting generations to continue the warm and welcoming spirit it embodies.

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