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Through continual professional development, our Yorba Linda private investigation firm is the most competent and accomplished. Our sole focus is research services and on surveillance in the Yorba Linda area. Thousands of our dollars are invested each year into securing the best technology and in expanding our state-of-the-art in-house technology. We excel in providing surveillance services that no one else could even dream to offer. We understand each case is different, so we treat it as such.
Our private investigators in California surveillance are expert in providing Yorba Linda surveillance. We are better than the average private investigator firm, and we beat the competition in any other surveillance investigation firm. Our team in Yorba Linda surveillance is completely competent in its knowledge of Yorba Linda, though the investigators reside elsewhere, not in Upland. We do this because we understand the importance of discretion, and it would be unprofessional for investigators to come across a subject, knowing details of a relative stranger who might be under investigation.



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The team we have of private investigators in Yorba Linda are experienced in the area of domestic surveillance. The kind of surveillance we have done in the past has spanned months. We are acquainted with several Yorba Linda attorneys and we know the ins and outs with developing professional relationships with them. We have the skills to hand you or the attorney representing you the smoking gun to win your case! We have several unique technologies including: unique radio communication, motion detecting cameras, cameras that are unmanned, and drone aerial surveillance.



Oftentimes, we will use methods that are creative in order to save you money and time. One of these methods that we use a lot is called unmanned surveillance. Because of our close associations in Yorba Linda, we are able to set up, in many Yorba Linda locations, unmanned cameras. This saves you money as 5 to 10 days of unmanned surveillance is equal to one complete day of surveillance, financially speaking.




O&O Investigations INC conducts private investigations not only in Yorba Linda, but also in the entire California state. If you find yourself needing a private investigator, one who will help you discreetly in your confidential investigation, simply fill out the PI “Assign a Case” document. We are completely committed in providing reliable, affordable Upland service. We will report what we find promptly and efficiently. To start your case, please contact us now.  CA License #28111.


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Official Website of Yorba Linda

Website: http://www.ci.yorba-linda.ca.us/

California Association of Licensed Investigators

Website: http://www.cali-pi.org/

Professional Investigators of California

Website: http://www.pica-association.org/

The State of California Official Website

Website: http://www.ca.gov/

California Department of Consumer Affiars

Website: http://www.bsis.ca.gov/

California Legislative Information

Website: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/

California Code of Regulations

Website: http://ccr.oal.ca.gov/



Just outside gorgeous Santa Ana, California, and a short jaunt from Los Angeles, Yorba Linda is Orange County’s best destination for golf and equestrian pursuits and features beautiful landscapes and views of Catalina Island and Newport Beach Coast. Yorba Linda is also surrounded by Anaheim, Brea, Corona and Placentia. Chino Hills State Park, the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains, also borders Yorba Linda with unspoiled wilderness to the north. Yorba Linda features a number of beautiful hiking, biking and horse riding paths – a total of some 100 miles – with a connection to the Upper Santa Ana River Trail. The equestrian community and Yorba Linda‘s commitment to that community though three arenas, and sets Yorba Linda apart from other local communities.


Yorba Linda‘s Black Gold Golf Club isn’t just an Orange County favorite, it’s been ranked one of the Best Places to play with 4.5 stars from Golf Digest. Black Gold Golf Club is also a premier wedding destination for Orange County and Yorba Linda residents. Disneyland and Anaheim Stadium are also nearby. For a taste of the historical, Yorba Linda is also home to the Richard Nixon Library and Museum.


Yorba Linda was first established by Bernardo Yorba when he was granted the area land by José Figueroa, the Mexican Governor. The Yorba family retained the land even through the Mexican American War. After an unsuccessful attempt to found a town based on agriculture in the early 1890’s, the Yorba family sold the area in 1907, and development of Yorba Linda started in 1909. Although agriculture bloomed with lemon and orange groves, Yorba Linda was developed by the Janss Co. as a family oriented community.


That’s a tradition that’s continued with Yorba Linda High School. The newest high school in the area, Yorba Linda has already ranked fourth on the Academic Performance Index in California public schools and sends 96 percent of its students to two- or four-year colleges. This is in no small part due to the prosperity of Yorba Linda families; Yorba Linda median household incomes (2011) and estimated home values (2000) are double the state medians. More than 1,000 business serve Yorba Linda, via several anchor shopping centers, and more out of Yorba Linda homes.


Yorba Linda has also been ranked by CNN as the 21st best places to live in the nation (2005). Similarly, the U.S. Census Bureau named Yorba Linda one of the richest cities in the country (2006) thanks to its median household income, which is more than any other city that year.


A five seat city council governs Yorba Linda, along with a city manager and a city treasurer. Yorba Linda contracts police services via the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Brea Police Department, and the city is home to a number of attorney offices. The Orange County Fire Department provides Yorba Linda‘s fire services. As the city continues to grow, emergency services, attorneys, private investigators and all sorts of businesses will also expand, continuing Yorba Linda‘s history of excellence and family friendliness.

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