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Who We Are

Specializing In Open-Source Intelligence & Surveillance Investigations

Our core philosophy is simple: we don’t succeed until you do. It is what drives us to be the best and most professional private investigative firm. Our technology, experience, diversity, imagination – and above all, our passion – is what distinguishes us from other firms.




O&O Investigations offers a wide-range of research based investigations to obtain information with respect to locating and uncovering hidden assets – both individual and corporate. We utilize multiple forms of investigation from Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) to extensive records research. Moreover, our firm maintains a team of superior surveillance investigators, each of whom have a minimum of 8 years of full-time experience, to conduct extensive field-based investigations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

There are risks involved in acquiring a new business or merging companies. Our firm conducts extensive corporate research including examining a company’s marketability and competition to provide an accurate picture of a company’s productivity and profitability.

Background Investigations

Our firm performs extensive background investigations which include performing a full civil and criminal records check as well as comprehensive social media and deep web research – obtaining critical evidence that would otherwise be unavailable to our clients.

Jury Screening

Aaccurate and relevant results within minutes – thereby, providing the attorney with the support necessary to give their client’s the best chance of success at trial.

Open-Source Intelligence

Our firm’s social media forensics and deep web research has provided our clients with key evidence to win their cases; whether it was a damning photograph, a telling post, or a seemingly unimportant comment. We will take the time to review everything.

Asset Investigations

O&O Investigations has located millions of dollars in hidden assets concealed by individuals involved in family law and business litigation. For example, we located hidden assets and shell corporations being used to conceal profits globally.

Surveillance Experts

Our firm invests thousands of dollars each year into developing in-house surveillance and unmanned surveillance technology, which allows us to conduct surveillance that other firms cannot and to tailor the surveillance to the unique specifications of your case.

Our Firm

O&O Investigation's investigative team is comprised of investigators who have had years of experience honing their natural ability to tirelessly pursue a subject and all possible leads - whether online, in paper, or in person. This natural ability is not something that can be taught. Our elite investigators truly distinguish O&O Investigations from other private investigative firms.

Our Investigators

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Client Reviews

  • “ I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with Oleg. As other reviewers, have mentioned, Oleg does go above and beyond for his clients. What makes Oleg's work truly unique is his honesty. I believe, that there is nothing more integral in a private investigator than an honest and open relationship with his/her clients. The cases I (and others) have worked with Oleg, generally involve individuals who are vulnerable and insecure. And where others would take advantage of such vulnerability and merely tell their clients ”what they want to hear”, Oleg provides his clients with something that few people offer - sincere guidance and advise. I believe this alone, aside from his brilliant investigative skills, sets Oleg apart from others in his profession.”

    – A.S.,Mid-City West, Los Angeles, CA –

  • “I highly recommend Oleg and his company! Very fast with help on my query! He was efficient and thorough. I am more than pleased and will definitely recommend him over any of the other companies.”

    – Magan.C-

  • “ On several occasions, I have dealt with O&O Investigations. Under the ”hands on” leadership of it's CEO, Oleg Flaksman, the company produces a excellent product and responsive service, all at a reasonable price. The company's integrity is unquestionable. O&O Investigations' innovative approaches insures the job is done quickly and effectively, tailoring the solution to your specific situation, rather than doing things ”the way we've always done it”. I have already specifically recommended O&O Investigations to several of my associates.”

    – Cary Cavalieri-

  • “I highly recommend O and O investigations to anyone that needs private investigation services. I had used different services and none compares to O and O. What make the difference is Oleg. He is fair passionate and compassionate. He will not nickel and dime you like other places will. He answers his phone and responds to email quick as long as he is not busy. Oleg has come through for me during a very rough time. Answered all my questions and has been very patient with me. You will not find many people like Oleg out there. Everyone wants to make money off their clients. Hopefully no one out there requires investigative services. If you do don't trial and error. I have done it. Oleg is the man and there is no one more passionate and fair.”


  • “Oleg is most reliable and thorough PI you'll ever meet. He takes care of every issue no matter how big or small with utmost diligence and professionalism. Pleasure to work with and gets the job done! Highly recommend to use O&O for all your investigation and other needs.”

    – Maven LawFirm –

  • “In my experience most private investigators specialize in one or two areas. What ever your Investigative needs are, Oleg can do it ALL!”

    -Jerel Diviesti-

  • “Oleg responded very promptly to both my initial request and the follow-up. The information he provided was extremely helpful and he was both professional and reasonable (other companies wanted to charge me an unbelievably high fee for the information I was seeking. Oleg did not). I highly recommend O & O Investigations.”

    – Kim T –

  • “Oleg's staff responded very quickly to my request for help in locating my travelling veteran partner. They helped do some quick searches to attempt to locate a recent phone and gave other recommendations for contacting Kaleb. Sending this private investigation service a check is the best investment I have in getting accurate information after spending months trying the online databases with out of date data. Feel free to become a friend if you want more details of this great business experience.”

    – Noel G –

  • “I needed a PI so I went to Yelp to find a highly rated PI. O&O was highly rated and now I know why! From the first e-mail and phone call, it was obvious Oleg was professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and offered great customer service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend O&O to anyone needing a PI.”

    – Josh F –

  • “I would give Oleg and his team 10 stars if it was possible on here. He's truly the BEST. He's honest, trustworthy, and gets you results FAST. I wouldn't work with anyone else.”

    – Daniela C –

  • “They were very professional and answered all my messages very quickly. I appreciate all the hard work they did helping us find lost family members!”

    – Aylla T –

  • “ Oleg and his entire staff are beyond brilliant and amazing. He is Incredibly intelligent (smartest guy l've ever met), extremely resourceful, and dedicated to helping us. He and his partner were here for us during the hardest and darkest times of our lives... working day and night to solve our case! His investigative report is as professionally organized and comprehensive as can be. He deeply cared about my family and what we were going through. His compassion really touched our hearts. Without their support/guidance/incredible investigation and surveillance effort throughout, we would've completely crumpled and fallen... thank you ... thank you ... thank you from the bottom of our hearts. In this past few weeks when we lost all faith in this world and people, Oleg and his partner brought us hope and strength to go on... Bowing down to you again... thank you thank you thank you .......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd also like to say thanks for the many other families you've helped while you were working on our case. It was the best decision ever when we called you. We appreciate all the time and hard work you invested into helping us. You changed our lives. I think words just cannot describe our gratitude. We are truly impressed with Oleg and his entire team! Thank you Oleg.....”

    – Jasmine W –

  • “I have relied on O&&O on several different matters, and they have exceeded my expectations each and every time. Ashely and her team's quality of work, efficiency, and strategic approach to obtaining information is incredible. They are highly skilled and intelligent in so many different topics, and it is illustrated in their work. What is even more impressive about them is their ability to make me feel as if I am their only client. No matter what day of the week or time of day, they take time to address any questions or concerns I may have. Having a reputable, professional and trustworthy investigations firm working on your behalf is a huge relief so I can concentrate on other things. If you or anyone you know is looking for a professional, intelligent PIs to find answers and deliver superior product, call Ashley at O&O Investigations!”

    – Maki K –

  • “If you need highly professional, transparent and trustful private investigation services, O&O your best choice! No hidden costs, clear understandable reports, always on-time. I've communicated with Oleg and his professional staff. They not only provided best investigation services, but also provided different alternative options trying to make a cost savings for me. Many other companies were offering me most expensive solutions with unnecessary information for my case. When I discussed my case with Oleg, he right away proposed different ways to go and recommends best combination of the options, price and value of the information. Best ever experience. If I can give 10 starts, I'll definitely will. O&O, Oleg and his staff are best of the best in the private investigation field. Oleg, thank you for your continued support and service. This is how PI services should be provided to customers. Outstanding service and experience!”

    – Tim N –

  • “Great company. Very helpful and detailed. Have used them several times for various things.”

    – Michelle R –

  • “I called a few different private investigators in Beverly Hills and realized this firm had it together. They texted me right back and answered any questions that I had. I found their prices reasonable, compared to the other ones in the city.”

    -Felix Holman-

  • “If you are looking for an experienced private investigator in Beverly Hills then you've found it. These P.I.'s know what they are doing. I look forward for the same commitment level in future from these guys.”

    -Kevin Scott-

  • “Private Investigator Beverly Hills is what I put in google maps and it lead me to O & O Investigations. I gave them all the stars because they really came to the rescue with my investigation. I saved thousands in court fees because of the evidence they collected.”

    -Lorenzo Green-

  • “Whenever I need a surveillance done! Oleg is my only call. He is a professional and gets results every single time. I have used him on several occasions and am always happy with his professionalism and commitment to get the job done. If you are looking for a professional Investigator that gets results, look no further. You found him!”

    -Luis Solares-

  • “Thorough, discrete, fast and professional service on every assignment. Oleg is very knowledgeable and responsive. Would not use another agency for my or my clients' needs.”

    -Debi Graboff-

  • “This is my first time dealing with a private investigator, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the level of service provided. I was VERY impressed with Oleg's professionalism and dedication to my case. There was constant communication between us while working on my case and there was an extremely thorough and detailed report written for me at the conclusions of the investigation. Also, included in the report (which had pictures in it) was a DVD with very helpful footage. I cannot thank Oleg enough for his dedication to my case. If I didn't already know how successful/busy Oleg was, I would've assumed that I was his only customer at the time, due to the level of care given to my specific case. I would EASILY recommend Oleg to anyone.”

    -Odyc Mboden-

  • “O&O Investigations is an absolute professional company and such a great pleasure to deal with. Helped tremendously with my complicated case, which was granted in my favor. Very trusted and reliable. I got so many useful advices for the future!!! Will definitely recommend this superb service to everyone!!! Once again, Thank You very much for your outstanding service!!!”

    -Irina KS-

  • “I have dealt with many Private Investigators and this one is the finest I've ever dealt with. When I needed the information in a timely fashion, they acted immediately and the information was pertinent and a life-saver.They provided a professionally-written report at the conclusion of the investigation.”

    -Mike Adams-

  • “I am a Family Law Attorney, who has worked with O & O Investigations on several cases. O & O Investigations is highly professional and meticulous, but also deeply caring, often going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of its clients. I would absolutely recommend O & O Investigations to any client in need of personal investigation services.”

    – Sarah I., Beverly Hills –

  • “I highly recommend O and O investigations to anyone that needs private investigation services. I had used different services and none compares to O and O. What makes the difference is Oleg. He is fair professional passionate and compassionate. He went above and beyond to help me without charging me extra. You will not find many people like Oleg out there. Everyone wants to make money off their clients.
    Hopefully no one out there requires investigative services. If you do don't trial and error. I have done it. Don't search no more Oleg is the man and there is no one more passionate and fair.”

    – Daniel L., Stockton, CA –

  • “I have to say, Oleg is the best. I was trying to find a person's current address in order to serve small claim court paper to him. I did some quote in different companies and Oleg turns out to be the best and totally great. He did not charge me but ran some info for me, then he send me the result he found and suggest me to attempt serving first, if it is not working, then ask his firm to verify the information with very reasonable price. If I ever need any investigation service, I will go to Oleg with no doubt.!”

    – Joyce T., Los Angeles, CA –

  • “Very kind, professional, resourceful and knowledgeable. Oleg took his time with me and treated me with kindness and respect, I never felt rushed or pressured. He was able to uncover pertinent information immediately. He gets the job done and knows exactly how to do it correctly and efficiently. I will definitely be back! Highly recommended!”

    – Laura M., Los Angeles, CA –

  • “After searching for years for my nephew and getting nowhere O & O Investigations was able to get me the answers within couple of hours. I found Oleg to be totally professional and understanding. I would recommend to anyone who needed any type of investigative services to contact Oleg before wasting their time and money anywhere else.”

    – Maggie D., Atlanta, GA –

  • “We needed help tracking down a dirty contractor. Oleg and his team were fast and very professional. Two other document serving companies could not track him down. O&O Investigations were creative and got it done in just 1 day. They sent me all the proof I needed and even a photo of the con artist. I would recommend them to anyone!”

    – Gary D., Mira Loma, CA –

  • “I, personally, cannot recommend O&O enough for the services they performed for me, personally. My, personal, customer experience, was great. O&O provides a variety of services that can be very helpful to both individuals and attorneys ( I am of the latter group). I recently relocated to Oregon, but when I was living in California, O&O provided great research assistance. I worked at a legal contractor for other law firms or for small companies that weren't big enough to have in house attorneys. That meant I was often overwhelmed and O&O happily took some of my work off my plate by completing research tasks for me so I could focus on the main point of my job. I can't afford to have access to all the databases that O&O uses in the background research and investigation so it was great having them use their knowledge and access to find information I would otherwise not have known.”

    – Cordelia D., Hillsboro, OR –

  • “I am a litigation lawyer in Los Angeles. I needed help figuring out the identity and location of a defendant in a very serious personal injury matter. I had spent well over a month trying to track down the defendant through online research and calling city offices that might have records to no avail. It took one phone call to Ashley and Oleg to get all of the information that I needed. The O&O team get highest marks. I recommend them without hesitation to anyone in need of private investigation services.”

    – Elliot R., Los Angeles, CA –

  • “I honestly couldn't be happier. I have been looking for someone for 6 months now and within a couple days of contacting Oleg I was able to get an address. I'm hoping for it to be correct but the fact they were able to do it within a couple of days was AMAZING! I recommend them to anyone!”

    – Kristina G., La Habra Heights, CA –

  • “Oleg responded to my message within minutes and found what I needed within the hour of contacting him. His service was prompt and polite, two qualities I would say are very important within his line of work but most of all, the info I received was correct. I am very grateful; thank you so much :)”

    – Brittany H., Porter Ranch, CA –

  • “We had a difficult out of state case and Oleg and his staff made the process almost effortless. The advice and service we received was excellent. I would highly recommend this business. Their fees were reasonable, and the results were exactly what we were looking for.”

    – Catherine S., Deerfield, IL –

  • “I contacted Oleg for an investigation request and found his service very professional and timely. Oleg responded to my request in a very short time and took care of the issue. I know who to turn to for any PI issue I have in the future. Highly recommended.”

    – German L., Carson, CA –

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Oleg on several cases. His professionalism, drive and dedication are some of his traits he uses to get the results we needs on a constant basis. If you want an investigator who will not sugar coat anything and tell it to you how it is while offering different courses of action--then look no further. Oleg will get you the information you require.”

    – MYSTEREX X., Los Angeles, CA-

  • “Best. My 6 or 7th and the very FIRST that used a skill and research before redoing the same work previously done. Which has cost over $35K over years. He has a fresh new approach, skill and patience...working with me on an extremely strange case and unusual circumstances. Just being near him I feel a confidence that. ...he'll get this done.

    – Cindy C., Calimesa, CA-

  • “I am a Family Law Attorney, who has worked with O & O Investigations on several cases. O & O Investigations is highly professional and meticulous, but also deeply caring, often going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of its clients. I would absolutely recommend O & O Investigations to any client in need of personal investigation services.”

    – Sarah I., Beverly Hills, CA –

  • “i have never used an investigating firm before but I’m glad I chose o and o. I needed surveillance done on property of mine that someone was vandalizing late at night. long story short not only did they get me the person who was doing it, but they also obtained really detailed imagery and proper evidence to nab him. in the long run saved me money and they did the legwork I would have found stressful and scary regarding a possibly violent individual. thank you.”

    – Mike A., Los Angeles, CA –

  • “Very discrete and professional, would recommend highly and would use again. The owner is flexible and responds quickly to emails/ txts. Reasonable rates.”

    – Anita K., Chino, CA –

  • “I was delighted by the speed and quality of response and the ultimate resolution. Oleg was professional, knowledgeable, honest and highly accommodating. I definitely recommend O&O Investigations and will certainly utilize them for future services. Thanks Oleg!”

    – Medy S., Los Angeles, CA –

  • “O&O investigations really helped me find a friend whom i haven't been able to locate in years and within a day I had several leads. I would highly recommend using Oleg and his team again. O&O investigations has my business!!!”

    – Josh M., Cheyenne, WY –

  • “I contacted O&O investigations to find a possible relation to my cousin that had passed away out of state. I wasted time & money online myself trying to locate this person with a common first & last name. I should have started my search with the O & O team from the get-go. They wasted no time & found him right away. Thanks O & O and Ashley too. They get top marks from me and I recommend them highly for issues small and large.”

    – Cheri S., Tustin, CA –

  • “Great private investigation company in Beverly Hills to work with!”

    – Alina R., Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY –

  • “I've used Oleg when I had a matter that needed to be handled quickly and professionally. He was very knowledgeable and forthcoming about the issue. Best of all, he got results within hours! If you need information and you want someone reliable, hire O and O investigations! Best service for the money.”

    – Joe W., Los Angeles, CA –

  • “I own a professional investigations business in Maine. One of the investigations I was handling resulted in requiring surveillance investigation in California. After researching options, I decided to go with Oleg Flaksman and O and O Investigations… I am so glad I found him and he was able to assist me. He worked on the assignment twice and both days obtained useful information to the case. His reports were professional and timely and his photo/video images were so clear, I followed up and asked him what he was using for equipment.”

    – Thomas S., Brunswick, ME –

  • “I use surveillance investigators all over the State of California, as well as across the nation. Oleg is, by far, the most knowledgeable and tenacious surveillance investigator I have worked with. Investigators must be outside the box thinkers. Oleg is a perfect example of just that.

    – Brad P., Modesto, CA –

  • “O & O investigations is so quick and efficient at getting you accurate and immediate information. I'm in a really bad child support case where the other party hides their income and assets. Oleg is so fast and accessing information and giving the proper guidance to know what your best options are. I will be using him in the future and referring him to anybody who is seeking these type of services. I have no critiques or negative feedback. I interviewed many PI's but I've only used him and will continue to only use his service.”

    – Damian D., Lake Forest, CA –

  • “Oleg is a true professional. My husband located him via referral from a cop friend of his and he played a vital role in resolving a pressing family issue. He was direct, honest and his fees were very reasonable. My husband really appreciated his no BS approach and the way he cuts to the chase. He truly wanted to help and we found that he was not just out to make a buck; he actually cares about his client and he did everything he could to find out what we needed to know in the fastest, most cost effective manner possible. Thanks Oleg!”

    – Shawna K., Diamond Bar, CA –

  • “Investigator Oleg was great. I was really in a bind, and needed to have someone served with a subpoena at the very last minute. I didn't have an address for this person, and Oleg was able to help me out, and find a current address immediately. I highly recommend this company.”

    – Erina K., Calabasas, CA –

  • “I recently had a case that need quick attention so I contacted O&O Investigations. Oleg Flaksman was very knowledgeable and professional and was able to get the job despite my time constrains. He did an outstanding job handling my matter. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs investigative work done!”

    – Jonathan F., Beverly Hills, CA –

  • “Oleg has been tremendously helpful and quick in assisting me dealing with a personal issue. Super professional, highly recommended if you need any research work both for personal and business.”

    – Billy S., Manhattan, NY –

  • “I would highly recommend O & O Investigations for any job. We have used them for both business and personal cases, and each time they were highly professional. There communication with us was excellent. We were told what they were doing each step of the way. They were also great about returning calls or emails whenever we had a question on the case. I would use them again should the need arose! Tom and Jaena”

    – Jaena I., Orange, CA –

  • “I contacted O & O Investigations last week to obtain the address of an individual so that service of process could be made. My contact was handled very professionally and promptly, and useful information was obtained. I would certainly recommend this company.”

    – Patricia C., Altadena, CA-

  • “O&O Investigations were referred to our Law Offices by our California client. We have used other investigators before and were looking for a dependable and professional investigative organization to provide us with the high level of services expected from us by our private clientele. We were not disappointed. On the contrary, we consistently received timely and accurate reports from O&O Investigations and its principal Mr. Oleg Flaksman has been invariably meeting and exceeding our highest expectations. We are satisfied and confidant with O&O work to the point that we send it's reports directly to our clients unaudited and with limited comments from our attorneys. Our clients are happy and our legal fees are getting paid and that is all we can hope for when hiring investigators on special cases. We are pleased to recommend Mr. Flaksman and his outfit to you without reservations. A.Keifitz, Manager
    For The Firm”

    – Alla K., Miami, FL –

  • “I have never used an investigating firm before but i’m glad i chose O and O. I needed surveillance done on property of mine that someone was vandalizing late at night. Long story short not only did they get me the person who was doing it, but they also obtained really detailed imagery and proper evidence to nab him. In the long run saved me money and they did the legwork i would have found stressful and scary regarding a possibly violent individual. Thank you.”

    – Mike A., Los Angeles –

  • “This is the team you want on YOUR side! From the very beginning, Ashley was incredible with her patience and professionalism. She was very clever and detailed also. Then, I got to speak with Oleg and he blew me away. Oleg is a powerful resource. He KNOWS his stuff and was able to give me homework “to do” and guided me where I needed it the most. His advice was spot on. I can’t say enough positive things about this team. They are superb!”

    – Evelynn M., Culver Ciry –

  • “I’ve used O&O Investigations when I had a case that needed to be handled quickly. Oleg was very professional and knowledgeable. His video and report were much better than I could have expected. I recommend him to all of my friends.”

    – Jonathan F., Beverly Hills –

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Sample Videos

Please note, these are actual surveillance cases that we have conducted. We were granted permission to post these videos online. We would never post a video online without permission. Even though permission was granted, we still took steps to hide the identity of the subject. As such, we apologize for some blurred modifications to these videos.

Personal Injury


Zoom Sample


Unmanned Surveillance – Time Lapse

Unmanned Surveillance

Personal Injury Surveillance


Personal Injury – Lethargic And Sick


Asset Investigations


Personal Injury – Leg Injury


Personal Injury – Indoors


Workers Compensation Surveillance


Unmanned Surveillance – Fire Alarm

Unmanned Surveillance

Personal Injury – Wrist Injury


Background Report Sample

Sample Reports

Our Technology

We take great pride in the equipment that we use in our field investigations. In addition to our fieldwork, we guarantee that the software and databases utilized for our investigative work is of the highest caliber. To provide our clients with the best results our firm has access to a wealth of information otherwise inaccessible to the public.


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